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R&B star Ne-Yo has confirmed that he and girlfriend Monyetta Shaw are expecting their first child.

The singer/producer, who has been dating the actress since the start of the year, made the announcement in a magazine interview as part of the promotion for his latest album.

'I am 30 and I do have my first child on the way, and I’m very, very, very excited about that. It’s a New Year’s baby and I’m just in a really good place right now.'

The Miss Independent singer, whose latest abum, Libra Scale, is due out in September, flew back home to Atlanta from his promotional tour for his girlfriend's first ultrasound.

The sex of the child is yet to be determined due to its position in the womb. Ne-Yo joked that the baby was 'stubborn' but 'didn’t get that one from me!'

Ije hits cinemas in Nigeria July 30th

The eagerly anticipated movie featuring Omosexy and Genevieve will hit cinemas July 30th in Nigeria.

First Wife, Laide Speak On Romance With Wole Soyinka.

One thing that has not been written about Wole Soyinka is the woman/women in this life even a Lagos based newspaper that had advertised a story to celebrate his 70th birthday   never published the story.
Wole Soyinka remains the first Blackman to receive the prestigious Nobel Laurel in this discipline.
“Don’t ask me about Wole Soyinka,” Laide Soyinka said with a note of finality. “I am not going to talk about Wole Soyinka. Or, am I Wole Soyinka? If you want a story about Wole Soyinkia, go to Wole Soyinka and interview him. As for me, no way! I am not going to say a word. I won’t talk about Wole Soyinka.”
She recalled her encounter with Dele Momodu (Publisher of Ovation magazine), who as an editor with Weekend Concord, Nigeria’s highly successful first Saturday newspaper, cornered the lady for a world-exclusive interview. “Dele Momodu told me he wanted to do an interview on me as a woman of substance,” said Chief Laide Soyinka, “but, he ended up doing such an elaborate thing on me and Wole Soyinka. No, I won’t allow you do the same thing this time around. You won’t get me like Dele Momodu did.
If you want to do a story on Wole Soyinka, go to Wole Soyinka and interview him. As for me, I am not ready and I am not going to talk about Wole Soyinka.”
Ask her how she feels about the Nobel Laureate, and her response comes tumbling out with the speed of light. “Of course, I love him,” she said. “How do you marry somebody you don’t love? Indeed, I love him. I admire him. It was this affection between us that led to the marriage. How could I have married someone I don’t admire?”
If there was one moment when Soyinka’s elderly wife ever felt proud of her husband, it was when the famous professor received the celebrated Nobel Laurel award in Stockholm, Sweden, 1986, just when an equally famous Nigerian journalist, Dele Giwa, first Editor-In-Chief of Newswatch magazine, was bombed out of life through the infamous letter bomb. “That was the crowning glory of his literary achievements,” said Chief (Mrs.) Laide Soyinka. “That was the international stamp of authority that he is the King of Literature in Africa, indeed, in the Black World.”
She then traced the genesis of the romance between her and the Nobel Laureate to the good old days in the University College, Ibadan, UCI, where they met for the first time. “We met at the University College, Ibadan,” she said. “I had been admitted to read Arts.”
She explained that Professor Soyinka was a contemporary of the late Health Minister, Professor Olikoye Ransome-Kuti, both of whom were years ahead of her in the academia. She also related that her husband didn’t finish his Bachelors programme at UCI, since the college had not been upgraded to the level of a full-fledged university at that time. “University College, Ibadan had facilities for intermediate and not full degree,” she continued. “So, Wole didn’t complete his full degree programme at Ibadan, he went over to Leeds to do that.”
Along with academic pursuits, there was a flourish of romance at the premier university, where a good number of successful Nigerians met their spouses. For instance, she said, Professor Chinua Achebe got his heartthrob, Christiana, from the University College, Ibadan, just when Professor Wole Soyinka was wooing her. “Christy (Achebe) and I were colleagues at U.I.,” she said. “We both resided at Queen Elizabeth Hall. Christy was a lovely girl, very pretty girl and my good friend.
“All the people who later became important in Nigeria had attended the University College, Ibadan at that time. One of such people is Gamaliel Onasode, who read Classics, and Emeka Anyaokwu, I think, he also read Classics. So, also did late (Chief) Bola Ige. At that time, Onasode was boyfriend to Bimpe (Aboyade). Although Onasode didn’t end up marrying Bimpe because he dumped her for another girl from his hometown. It was later that late Professor Ojetunji Aboyade came. She found Professor Aboyade agreeable and got married to him.
“So, it was a community where the who’s who in Nigeria today blossomed in romance of undergraduate days. There was also Emmanuel Ifeajuna, who was eventually killed in the coup affairs. His own girlfriend was Rose. There was this gentleman who was killed by Ogoni people, whose wife was a sister to Ken Saro-Wiwa’s wife. He was Edward Kobani. He was fondly called Eddy. They were all there. Although, they were my seniors, they were my brother’s colleagues, Olu Akaraogun. So, a whole lot of notable Nigerians picked their future partners from the University College, Ibadan. So, Wole and I were also caught in this fever of romance.”
She noted that Professors Soyinka and the late Olikoye Ransome-Kuti were cousins and enjoyed some kind of intimate relationship, which rubbed off on the rapport, which their families enjoyed. “My grandchildren would call him Uncle Koye, because of the familiarity,” she further revealed. “But, he didn’t mind, although this would not be tolerated in Yoruba culture.”
Wole’s marriage to Laide was truncated by the former’s incarceration, which put the onerous responsibility of keeping the home front on the shoulders of the latter. It was a tough time, though. There was a risky incident during the Nigerian civil war, when Chief Laide Soyinka had a close shave when she was involved in an encounter with a drunken soldier. Unknown to the errant soldier, Jimi Johnson, one of Wole Soyinka’s loyalists was nearby, and he came to the rescue of the woman. “Do you want to kill her?” Johnson asked, daring the gun-trotting soldier. “Don’t you know she is my master’s wife?” Such was Jimi Johnson’s loyalty to Wole Soyinka that he was easily recognised as a member of the Soyinka family.
When Soyinka picked a professorial job at the then University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife), it fell on Laide’s lot, once again, to take total care of the home front, and Professor Olumide Awe, Soyinka’s school days’ friend and colleague in Pyrates’ Fraternity, remarked in his book: Before My Very Eyes, that the credit for Soyinka’s phenomenal literary genius that earned him the Nobel Laurel should go to Laide who took the domestic burden totally off Wole’s shoulders.
It is equally important to note that while Soyinka was conquering the literary world, Laide, his wife, took care of all Soyinka’s children, an attribute which–in the eyes of close observers–won her the title of “Unsung Heroine.”
Although Chief (Mrs.) Laide Soyinka was more into university administration than traditional affairs, she was adorned with the chieftaincy title of Iyalode of Omu-Ijebu. “It is an honour,” she said. “Being adorned the Iyalode is an honour. After all, Iyalode is Oba Obirin (a female equivalent of a king.).
She mentioned that in this capacity, she is given the task of taking care of the female folks, representing them before the Oba, and taking care of developments in the town. Of course, she had been outstanding in contributing to the growth and progress of her people on the platform of Omu-Ijebu Community Development Council. More importantly, she had taken active interest in the affairs of indigenes of Omu-Ijebu while serving as Librarian to Ogun State University (now Olabisi Onabanjo University). “One took care of interests of natives from Omu-Ijebu, taking care of their admission and academic progress,” she said. “It is the totality of these contributions that influenced the honour of traditional chieftaincy title.” It would be recalled that Chief (Mrs.) Laide Soyinka served both University of Ibadan and Olabisi Onabanjo University for a total of 36 years.
By Omololu Kassim, The Spectator.

M.I. On His BET Awards Best International Act Nomination.

M.I. higher
M.I. spoke to and yesterday he was quoted to have said “This has been an amazing ride,” he says, before going on to talk about his BET nomination. “The BET Awards is an amazing experience. It’s also my first time in LA. I haven’t been to Hollywood yet, but to be here and be able to see how things are run, that has been the greatest experience,” he says.
He went on to talk about his career: “I realized that I’ve been preparing for music my whole life and it’s been the greatest love of my life. I’m really blessed to be able to do what I love, to make a good living, to be able to travel, and I’m so grateful,” says M.I.
Talking about the influence of the American culture he said:  “We’ve learned from this culture, and it will be sad if we don’t build bridges and connect. That being said, when you do get to meet someone [from the States], they are pretty good people and the stories are very similar to ours,”
“I think it’s a big step for BET to include Africa in this year’s nominees.” He concluded.
Dizzy Rascal own the international category and the award ceremony would be televised on BET on the 3rd of July 2010.

50 Cent’s back in fighting shape — and his new feud is with fat

50 Cent.
Call him “Fitty” Cent! Fighting childhood obesity and keeping kids physically active is a cause that literally hits home for rapper Curtis “50 Cent“ Jackson. “My little boy has got a little weight on him, so now’s he got a personal trainer — but he wouldn’t have a personal trainer if I wasn’t in the financial space that I was in,” 50 told In Touch at his nonprofit youth group G-Unity Foundation’s “Forever Young Day” in Baisley Pond Park in his hometown of Jamaica, Queens, New York. “But It just make me more conscious of it. I think it’s just the times: The technology is making them more comfortable sitting there playing video games and watching television. They should do things that more physical. They should go out and meet people instead of going on a social network all the time. They’re conditioned to look at a photograph and say ‘Make me your friend.’” Interestingly, the rapper’s fitness mission comes at a time when he’s trying to put on weight, after losing 54 pounds in nine weeks after going on a liquid diet to play a football player diagnosed with cancer in Things Fall Apart. “I just want to get the weight back and I’ve got to do it all the way right. I’m eating everything comfortably because I had just went through a process of nine weeks of of depriving myself of even the basic foods. So I wanted a lot of different things — like Mexican food and burritos — that I had an urge for. “ The results are starting to show, as the rapper is rapidly adding muscle following his drastic drop from 214 pounds to 160. “I’m back training, so I work out for like 45 minutes at the gym, four times a week. I do different kinds of work, some plyometrics, a lot of weight training now because I’m trying to put weight back on. I’m pretty fit, because your appearance is a big part of staying interesting to people.” His startling appearance after his weight loss was certainly interesting, making headlines on behalf of Things Fall Apart, an upcoming movie which which is another passionate cause for 50. “It’s more personal than other project I’ve been involved with because my best friend growing up died of cancer,” he reveals. “One out of eight people in the world die of cancer. If not me and you, somebody we know will die of cancer. Considering that cancer tops HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis together, I think it’s very relevant.” – In Touch Weekly

Sex Trade AT The World Cup Host City

A few miles from the soccer stadiums and tourist-packed hotels, Caroline Misavas is spending the World Cup selling her body. She stands among clusters of a half-dozen girls in the heart of Johannesburg’s decaying Central Business District. Sex costs as little as $5. A night is $50. Ms. Misavas wears a female condom to protect against HIV.
The prediction that 40,000 prostitutes would move to South Africa for the World Cup has been widely discredited by statisticians and activists. Even if the numbers aren’t as high as projected, some have still come.
Their stories show how the razzle-dazzle of international sports can spark big dreams in the minds of a few people who are down on their luck, especially in a place as poor as Africa.
Established prostitutes who live in a city full-time no longer need a sidewalk. They have newspaper ads, websites and a network of cell-phone contacts. But foreign women who don’t know their way around South Africa have no choice but to walk the streets.
Ms. Misavas, a 28-year-old grade school teacher, fled a violent husband and Zimbabwe’s wrecked economy. Her friend told her about the World Cup. She got on a bus.
A car passes a prostitute standing on a curb in April in the city of Durban in South Africa.
“It was the situation that forced me to do this,” she said on a recent night, over a dinner of chicken burgers and fries. “I had never done this before.”
She hopes to earn enough money, around $10,000, to go back home and open a clothing store, she said. A man she called her boyfriend pays her rent of $45 a week. Her take so far: around $2,000.
She has three kids, two who live with her mother in Zimbabwe, one who stays with her in Johannesburg. She isn’t sure yet what she’ll do when the World Cup is over.
Once in a while, the police come to arrest some of the girls. They fine them $30. Ms. Misavas hasn’t yet been arrested. Activists say prostitution should be legal in South Africa, so they can work with women to prevent the spread of HIV and help some escape prostitution.
Lirato Nare, a friend of Ms. Misavas who moved here from Zimbabwe in 2006, said immigrant prostitutes represent many African countries. “There’s a block for the Tanzanians, a block for the Congolese, a block for the Zimbabweans,” she said.
Business on the streets has been up since visitors started arriving for the World Cup, but only a little bit. During games, Ms. Misavas noted, “there are fewer customers.”
Write to John W. Miller at

Emeka Ike’s Wife Speak On His Affair With Muma Gee.

The Gulder Ultimate Celebrity Show has ended and in addition to news of Emeka Ike emerging the ultimate man, there was rumour of carnal relation between Emeka Ike and Muma Gee. They were both accused by fellow celeb participants  Chioma Chukwuka, Funke Akindele and comedianne Princess – and they have both denied their allegations.
The rumour caused Emeka Ike no friction in his marriage as his wife Suzanne Rero Ike says she had a hand in all that transpired between her husband and Muma Gee, She was called and informed about the stunt..
Suzanne informed she pressurized the actor to participate in the show. She said when he was called to be a part of it – he declined and still didn’t make up his mind till the very day they left for camp. “Everything he did had my blessings. It was all drama.” , she said. The wife, graduate of English language. and school proprietress claims Emeka was her first boyfriend and doesn’t bother herself with thoughts of Emeka Ike cheating on her or not.
Emeka and Suzanne are parents to three boys. Emeka and Suzanne met at an audition at Tade Ogidan’s office where they spoke and exchanged home address then going to ask her to marry him just after she finished from secondary school, Suzanne turned him down but right after wards she got the keys to his place and never had to announce her intentions when she was coming over for visit.
About the alleged affair between Emeka Ike and Muma Gee in the camp, she said: “They called me when I was at a friend’s place and told me this is what they want to do, just to give people the impression that something was going on, as if they have something together and I said, ‘You can go ahead, but don’t go all the way. Don’t do things that will be silly and all that.’ I spoke with Muma Gee. I still speak with her fiancé as well. So, they just did it so that people can speculate about something, not that I don’t know what was going on. They did it with my full blessing and support.”

Pres. Goodluck Jonathan Joins Facebook.

Pres. Gooluck On FB.
President Goodluck Jonathan has kept his promise to create a page on Facebook which he made on the 15th of May at the University Of Port Harcourt’s convocation ceremony.
The Facebook fan page was created on the 28th of June. He also assured that he would personally manage the account.
The Fan grew to over 5,000 within 24 hours and the Page has a total of 7,373 fans as at 11:30Pm, Tuesday June 29,2010 and Nigerians are getting very active on his page as his first status had feedback from 1388 fans.
“My life has always been about service. I am focused on serving my Creator, family and my country to the best of my ability and with your help I aim to be better at doing that”, He wrote about himself.
What do you think of President Goodluck Jonathan on Facebook?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Itemised 10 billion naira Budget Proposal for 50 years celebration.

The government of President Goodluck Jonathan sent a budget proposal of 10 billion Naira to the Nigerian National Assembly. The money is not for the maintenance of roads or to equip hospitals in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, neither is any significant portion of it to help the underprivileged or the educational sector - it is a budget meant for the celebration of Nigeria ’s 50th Independence anniversary on the 1st of October 2010.
1. Anniversary parade including march past, fleet review and aerial display - N950 million.
2. National unity torch tour - N350 million.
* Special visit to special homes, orphanages, prisons and hospitals - N50 million
3. Special session of the National Children Parliament - N20 million
4. Party for 1000 children - N20 million
5. Presidential banquet - N40 million
6. Calisthenics performance - N50 million
7. Cultural, historical and military exhibitions N310 million
8. Food week - N40 million
9. Secretariat equipment, accommodation, logistics and utilities - N320 million
10. Designing and unveiling of the 50th anniversary logo - N30 million
11. Special reports on Nigeria in both local and international media - N1.2 billion
12. Jingles, adverts, billboards, documentary and publicity - N320 million
13. Accommodation and Transportation of guests - N700 million
14. Production of branded souvenirs and gift items for foreign heads of state and erection of a coat of arms on Aso Rock - N450 million
15. Variety gala night and fireworks - N210 million
16. International friendly football match and local competition - N200 million
17. Event managers and producers - N120 million naira.
18. Designing and publication of a compendium on Nigeria - N400 million,
19. Compendium on the legislature - N150 million
20. Compendium on the judiciary - N50 million.
21. Commissioning of the golden jubilee plaza - N10 million naira;
22. Designing, construction and mounting of Tower of Unity in the 36 states of the Federation - N540 million.
23. Debates, essays, conferences, lectures, and a colloquium - N150 million;
24. Musical concerts and carnivals in the 6 geo-political zones - N60 million;
25. Durbar, masquerades and cultural dances - N100 million and
26. Designing and construction of 10 monuments of the founding fathers - N80 million.
27. A memory stone at the Tafawa Balewa Square , Lagos will consume - N40 million,
28. Security and protocol - N500 million
29. Medicals - N25 million
30. Miscellaneous - N105 Million.

WTF? Why do we all just sit back and watch things like this happen in our country? Isn't there a way we can stop this reckless spending? 10 billion for a 1day event? Party for 1000 children - 20 million? Oh dear, what a country!

Kelly Writes Kennis

Is Mr Hansome really sorry, or just following a game plan?
We have just obtained a copy of the press release Kelly Hansome issued this week, apologising to his former label Kennis Music.
As we reported earlier, the singer is neck-deep into reconcilation discussions with the label, and part of the conditions, we are told, is that he offers a full retraction and apology for all his past statements against the label.
And, as the document below shows, Kelly is cooperating so far…
Bromide of Kelly Hansome's press release
Will he be doing the same for Mohits records, Terry G and MI?

Pricing: Omotola, Ruggedman, Others Follow 2face’s Lead

Idibia's new CD could change Nigeria's music pricing structure
It’s still early to tell whether 2face’s radical decision to issue his new CD ‘The Unstoppable Int’L Edition’ at N1000 recommended retail price is working or not.
But while the critics are waiting and watching, eager to see if 2face – who’s regarded as the leader of this present generation of artistes- will score another first, or burn his fingers, the musician’s colleauges are giving him thumbs up and borrowing a leaf from his bold step.
Encouraged by his mangement company Now Muzik (led by Efe Omorogbe and Tony ‘Don T’ Anifite), Idibia reissued his Unstoppable album last May, with a pricing that shocked many. For nearly a decade, CDs in Nigeria have been sold at about N45 wholesale price, and anything from N100 to N150 on retail. The CDs are produced cheaply, and packaged in poor quality carton jackets. All over the world, CDs are presented in Jewel casings, with multi-page sleeves containing album notes, lyrics and credits. And, Idibia, who’s eyeing an international break, and hoping to move his career to the next level, was determined to dare the marketers; dare the pirates, the conservatives - dare all market forces.
So, when ‘The Unstoppable Int’l Edition’ was released on May 21, it came in Jewel boxes, with a mini booklet and multimedia options. The CDs were made in South Africa, and sold for a minimum of N1000.
To some, Idibia had shot himself in the foot – especially seeing that his last album was not exactly a commercial success. But to others, especially those who can’t wait for the music system in Nigeria to be overhauled, the move by Mr Idibia and his team, is timely, daring, and worthy of emulation.
Omorogbe, who has been at the forefront of recent changes in Nigeria’s copyright system and collective rights administration, says apart from settling the issue of inappropriate pricing once-and-for-all, the move will also curb piracy and restore value to the quality of talent contained in individual CDs.
Not surprisingly, Idibia’s colleauges are praising him already, and promising to jack up their CD prices to a thousand bucks. Rapper Ruggedman, who drops his pre-retirement album in a few weeks, told his friends last week he’s following Idibia’s lead. And he’s not the only one. Industry sources have told us reliably, that Omotola, Sunny Neji and TWO , who all have albums pencilled for next quarter, have instructed their managers to follow the new pricing system.
‘It’s just a matter of time. More people will follow, especially with the kind of success 2face’s album is recording’ Anifite tells us in a brief chat.
And, with Yes Records (who’s distributing ‘The Unstoppable Int’l Edition) and Soforte Entertainment solidifying and expanding their national distribution networks, it wont be long before piracy-haven Alaba -which, expectedly, is frowning at the new possible pricing regime – becomes history (if the guys there don’t quickly align, that is).

Sound Sultan Drops New Single

Sound Sultan has officially released two new singles off his forthcoming album. He has released 'One' featuring 2face and 'Orobo', and both tracks are currently burning up radio play, and internet playlists. The two tracks are reportedly the last two tracks he will release before dropping the album onto the market. The new album will be titled '20 Ten'.


The true story is not exactly clear sure but Kelly Hansome, who has placed several allegations on the doorsteps of Kennis music, is all of a sudden flipping the script.

Sources at the label reveal that an apologetic Kelly is making desperate moves to reconcile with Kennis Music bosses Keke and D1

On Tuesday, a post on Kelly’s Facebook status read, ‘with respect to our new understanding, I, Kelly Hansome, sincerely apologise to Kennis music and Primetime and Mr Kenny Ogungbe aka Baba Keke for any comment, write up, publication or interview by me, directly or indirectly, that may have shown disrespect or put a hole on their reputation and respectable status…'


Optima Media Group has been named licensees of the first-ever “Nigerian Idols.” According to a statement released by BlackHouse Media, PR team of Nigerian Idol, “Optima Media Group (OMG) has acquired the license from Fremantle Media UK to deliver the Idol experience in Nigeria”.

Just like the premise of the original show Pop Idol, Nigerian Idol is a television reality show with a nation-wide search for Nigeria’s next solo superstar, which will offer one young hopeful the opportunity that raw talented singers have until now, only dreamed of.

Nigerian Idol aims to find the best singer in the country who can be defined as the “National” singer, and International Artiste. One contestant will win an top quality management deal and a recording contract with an international record label, setting them on the path to stardom.

In July of this year, applications will be made available to talented singers across Nigeria, aged between 16 and 27 to audition for the chance to be the next 2face Idibia, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Asa or Neyo.

A panel of four judges, made up of some of the music industry’s most influential experts, will be faced with the daunting prospect of choosing 50 talented singers to face the viewing public who will decide, in a series of live shows, who most deserves the chance of stardom. This 50 hopefuls will be set tasks to prove that they have got the musical talent to make it in one of the world’s most competitive industries. The Winner will be chosen after a live show in which the final two contestants sing to the nation in the hope of clinching the prize that will change their lives forever.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Marriage and Love

Sam Adeyemi
Ephesians 5:25-27

According to bible scholars, there are three dimensions to love - eros, phileo and agape. Eros or romantic love is linked to sexual attraction and chemistry. It is an integral part of marriage but eros cannot sustain a marriage relationship because it could wane or fade with time. Phileo is brotherly love, love between friends with mutual interests. Phileo sustains a marriage in the long term, especially as regards sharing challenges and blessings; but even phileo, sometimes, can become insufficient in marriage because over time people could change as a result of tough circumstances. Agape love is unconditional love. It's the ultimate kind of love and God expects us to love one another with agape love.

God loves us unconditionally; it is His nature to love; God is love. For God so loved the world that He sacrificed His only begotten Son, Jesus, to redeem undeserving mankind. Therefore, as God's children, we have got to be like Him. Love is the greatest commandment, on it hangs all the laws and the prophets. Love is the fulfilment of the law. When you walk in love, you automatically fulfil all the commandments. If you love your neighbour, you won't commit adultery, steal or covet your neighbour's goods.

In a marriage, two people from two totally different backgrounds, with different values, likes and dislikes come to live together. This proximity causes inevitable hurts but we must learn to overlook and forgive. Love gives and love forgives. Love does not keep a record of hurt. Sometimes, we are so hurt that it's hard to let go of certain issues like betrayal and infidelity; it's at such times we need to seek help from the Holy Spirit, He will take the pain away and heal us.

A final word  - unmarried people have got to prepare for marriage with the right mind-set. Most singles crave the eros kind of love and feel being married is a licence to erotic love; therefore they rush blindly into marriage. Love manifests through self control. Do not disregard the wrong signals from a prospective partner. Do not go into marriage with selfish motives; always think of what you can give and the value you can add. Love solves all relationship problems, let us love the God way.

Remembering Michael!!!

michael jackson thriller
One year ago today the entire world mourned the loss of the King of Pop! Pop the hood for more.
On June 25th, 2009 a nation of billions all held their breath, only to let out a cry of despair and tears of lost when it was announced that Michael Jackson had died. Now one year later it is still hard to imagine that a man who pretty much changed the game in the music business is no longer here. He is the epitome of what a superstar is and should be. Many so-called superstars have taken, mimicked or paid tribute to the man. But none of them could never match or surpass him. Despite his idiosyncrasy as a man his talent will never be denied nor challenged. So rock your glittered glove and fedora today for MJ! And moonwalk to the beat of ‘Billie Jean’ to show your love for him!

Whatever folks may have to say about Michael Joseph Jackson, in a negative light it will never cast a shadow on all of the joy and light he brought to lives around the world. Even in death MJ continues to touch (no pun) people and gather new fans. His music is timeless and will live forever just like his spirit!


Kelly Rowland: “Mathew Knowles… Ho Sit Down!!! You Have No Right To Speak On Behalf Of Destiny’s Child…”

Matthew Knowles Destiny's Child Kelly Rowland may be trying to find her place in the music world as a solo artist but one thing she definitely knows is that… Mathew Knowles has no right to speak on anything regarding Destiny’s Child. A few weeks ago, Mathew stated that there would be NO Destiny’s Child Reunion
Kelly Rowland Didn’t Like That So, Pop the Top for her Thoughts


Sources close to the artiste have leaked it to us that Bez has shot the video for the song 'More You'. The soul singer reportedly shot the video for the single very recently and is currently in the works for a near release date. The video was reportedly shot by Kemi Adetiba and will act as precursor to the release of new material and a debut album.

Nneka and Teeto Packed In The New Soundcity Blast.

This month’s edition of Soundcity Blast is with a cover story on singer Nneka – The interview is said to be in depth.The Cover girl Nneka would be performing at the Glastonbury festival tomorrow, the 25th of June. Also performing at the festival taking place at Worthy Farm Pilton in Somerset are Gorillaz, Dizzee Rascal, Vampire Weekend, Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Corinne Bailey Rae, Femi Kuti to mention a few.

Blast - Nneka
The 45 stage Festival is said to be currently sold out. ALso available to buyers of Soundcity Blast is a mixtape CD from rap artiste Teeto titled ‘Da Freshness’ courtesy Freshboy Entertainment.
Listen to ‘
you’re not my girl’ off the mixtape feat. Beazy

Teeto - Da Freshness
The mixtape features hit bound singles like ‘I’m Ill’ ,’You are not my girl Ft Beazy’, ‘Finest ft Vector’,'I Got This’ ft Ghetto P.  Sound city Blast would be available for purchase on Monday the 28th
Listen to ‘you’re not my girl’ off the mixtape feat. Beazy

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Randy Jackson, brother of the late pop legend Michael Jackson, was hospitalized Tuesday in Southern California.

Jackson, 48, experienced chest pains around noon on Tuesday and was taken to Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, where he is currently awaiting the outcome of tests, a source close to the Jackson family who spoke only on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly said.

The source told The Associated Press that doctors at the hospital think it was a mild heart attack, but this has not yet been confirmed.

Randy Jackson was in court with his family for a hearing in the involuntary manslaughter case of Dr. Conrad Murray who is accused in connection with
Michael Jackson's death. Randy Jackson arrived after everyone else and stopped to hug his parents, his brothers and sister LaToya before the hearing began.
He made an appearance on CNN's "Newsroom" and expressed the opinion that Murray should be charged with first-degree murder. He also said he thought others were implicated in Michael's death.In a series of posts on Twitter in the last few weeks,

Randy Jackson said he had succeeded in stopping an unapproved tribute show to Michael in Rome which had been scheduled on June 25, the anniversary of his death. He said he also had been talking to officials at Forest Lawn Glendale in an effort to have fans admitted to the area near Jackson's tomb on the anniversary.

He said in his posts that the fans had been a great source of comfort to him.

"At times, I'm sad & broken," he tweeted. "But ur supprt helps 2 encourage me and fuel my motivation 2 continue this fight 4 truth&justice."


Billionaire media mogul Oprah Winfrey has given staff at her magazine $10,000 each and an iPad.

“As a thank you for their hard work and dedication, Oprah Winfrey surprised the staff of O, The Oprah Magazine, with an Apple iPad and a check for $10,000, to commemorate the magazine’s 10th anniversary,” a magazine spokeswoman said.

The total number of staff members who received the gifts was not made immediately available.
The popular US television talk show host plans to end

“The Oprah Winfrey Show” in 2011 after 25 years to set up her own cable TV network. The top-rated daytime show is broadcast from Chicago on ABC television stations across the United States and in more than 140 countries.

It has helped Winfrey amass a fortune estimated by Forbes magazine at $2,3 billion.



Nollywood mega superstar actress, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde is putting up finishing touches her 2nd studio album which should be released in October of 2010.

The 31 year-old mother-of-four has teamed up with Now Muzik and a Lagos-based PR firm to restart her music career. The album titled "Feel Alright," also features tracks "Through the barren land," "Get Busy" as well as already released, "Feel Alright."

"I’m giving music a lot of time now. More dedication, because it demands a lot" - Omotola.

We wish her the best in her project, and although there have been mixed reviews about her last single, she seems to be willing to put in the work to put out a solid album.

Jackie Appiah Present A Year’s Worth Of Scholarship To Two Students.

J. Appiah
GHANA – Ghanaian Star actress, Jackie Appiah Pays A Year’s Worth Of Tuition For Two Students. Jackie Appiah presented a year’s worth of scholarship to two finalists, who are self confessed fans of hers at the maiden edition of TV3’s Talented Kids.
She later stopped at the Ebenezer Methodist School where one of the finalist Cassandra Susuasey is a pupil where she made the payment to cover tuition fee, studies fee and purchase stationery for the pupil for a year then headed to Fountain School where the second pupil Jephta received funds to take care of her studies for a year
Jephta’s Dad was present when the actress came around and thanked Jackie for her kindness.
Jackie also gave the ten finalist hampers to take home

Charly Boy, Dele Momodu, Jesse Jagz, Tyeng Gang For BLING CELEBRI-TOUR In UNIABUJA.

BLING CELEBRI-TOUR is a nationwide campus outreach designed to help inspire the spirit of enterprise among Nigerian youths by bringing distinguished Nigerians, most of them celebrities, in a face-to-face interaction with their fans and followers in the campuses”, said Fi’ammari Zoaka, President, BLING Entertainment and Events.
These celebrities will share life experiences of their rise from zero to hero level with the youths.
According to Ferdinand Adimefe, Head of Media Division at BLING, “There will be robust interactions with the undergraduates mixed with autographs, photo sessions and a session where young people ask the celebrities questions on a wide range of issues from family, education, career to fashion, among others. The event is not a party.”
The featured celebrities for this maiden edition which holds at the University of Abuja on Thursday 24th June, 2010 by 3pm at the Atlas Hotel, include, Tyeng Gang, Jesse Jagz, Charly Boy and Chief Dele Momodu.
The event is organised in collaboration with AIESEC, University of Abuja chapter and with support from Chocolate City Music, CHARLYBOY Magazine, OVATION International and The Integrity Organization, University of Abuja.
Copies of Jesse Jagz’s new album – Jag of All Trades, CharlyBoy Magazine and OVATION International will be handed out to participants.
As the BLING CELEBRI-TOUR kicks off on this exciting tempo, future editions promise to be mind-blowing!

[PICTURES] Nigerian Legislators In BLOODY Physical Fight Over Bankole’s Impeachment.

Outcome of fight - Mr. Dino
Members of the Federal House of Representatives today engaged in a free -for-all fight[Violence and assault] on the floor of the house as the Progressives led by Mr. Dino Melaye opposed to the embattled speaker of the house, Dimeji Bankole, tried to introduce a motion for his impeachment. They were suspended until the end of this legislative session and a fight ensued between ‘honourable members’.
Mr. Austin Nwachukwu who belongs to the progressives entered into the chambers with tear gas canisters and was severely beaten, while Mr. Igwe, a supporter of Bankole had his hand dislocated.

Mr. Dino too was not free from the beating as his clothes were torn in shreds, while a member Ms. Doris Uboh collapsed in the confusion as Mr. Independence Ogunewe escaped through the back door of the chambers for fear of manhandling by Bankole supporters.
Courtesy The Will and Sahara Reporters.

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya Speaks On Late Wife, Pastor Bimbo, New Wife and New Life.

An hurricane of sorrow and grief swept through Nigeria, indeed, the African continent, on Saturday, December 10, 2005, when a Sosoliso DC 10 aircraft slammed its belly on the runway of the Port Harcourt International Airport, yielding more than 100 deaths, including many holidaying students of the prestigious Loyola Jesuit School, Abuja. There was even more wailing when news filtered that sultry Pastor Bimbo Odukoya, Nigeria’s leading female televangelist at the time, and the charismatic wife of the Rev. Taiwo Odukoya, senior pastor of the Fountain of Life Church, Ilupeju, Lagos, had died in the crash.
Christendom mourned. Even the heavens shed hot tears of agony over the huge calamity that had befallen the church and country. Devastating as it was, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya bore his pains with the strength of Christ on the way to Golgotha and continued the great work that the Lord committed into his hands.
However, four years down the line, God, whom he has faithfully served, wiped away his tears, and he found love again. By some divine arrangement, he met a South African beauty, former Miss. Rosemary Simangele Zulu and the two lovebirds hit it off in a whirlwind romance that culminated in marriage on January 5, 2010. The marriage had the unalloyed blessing of his three children with the late Pastor Bimbo.
If the news that filtered into the press last week is to be held sacrosanct, then, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, a petroleum engineer, will soon become a father again. His wife, we reliably learnt, is pregnant.
Recently, Pastor Odukoya sat down with me for about two hours in his Ikeja GRA residence and granted The Spectator his most comprehensive and most revealing interview ever.
He started with his days as one of the big boys on the University of Ibadan (UI) campus, and ran through his running battle with God, before he finally surrendered at the point of imminent death, occasioned by food poisoning, and spoke for the first time on his meeting and steaming romance with the late Bimbo at UI, who was then a final year student of History/Archaeology, revealing how he had to abandon his relatively new car on Agege Motor Road, Mushin, Lagos, on his wedding day, and climbed a rickety taxi cab to beat time for the marriage service. The interview is the stuff legendary love stories are made. Enjoy.
Let’s start from the very beginning. How was your childhood, life growing up and the kind of family you came from?
I actually will say that I came from an average, lower-middle level family (laughs). My dad was a chief clerk in the civil service. So, you can imagine: he was a junior staff; he was just getting to senior cadre when he retired.
He retired after how many years?
He was in the army, then he left the army after the Second World War. And thereafter, he joined the public service. And then he had to volunteer to go to the North because then they were just starting the Northern public service. But the politics of Nigeria had been on then, and of all his working years, he got only two promotions and retired as a chief clerk! That was the politics of Nigeria, which today, I want to believe, is a little much better because we have states that have commissioners of people who are not the states’ indigenes. Even as late as 1974, when I was leaving secondary school, I could not attend any tertiary institution in the North.
One reason, because I wasn’t an indigene. Then, the argument that I was advancing was that I was born in Kaduna. Still, ABU (Ahmadu Bello University) will not take me to their School of Basic Studies though I had a Grade 1 (WASC) at the time. Then, I tried the College of Arts and Science, which was just starting at the time in Zaria, but they still wouldn’t take me for no reason.
On account of you being Yoruba?
Yeah, on account of the fact that I wasn’t a northerner even though I was born in Kaduna. I think the politics then was if I was taken I would be put on a scholarship and they were not ready to do that to non-indigenes. So, the summary of it all was that I could not get into a tertiary institution in Kaduna, in the north.
So, your parents had to relocate to the south?
Of course, and I’m going to quote my dad’s exact words here (in Yoruba): ‘Gbe apoti e ki o kori si isale!’ Meaning: ‘Pack your baggage and head down south’. Go and compete with your colleagues in the south. Then, I came, and as God would have it, I gained admission into School of Basic Studies, Ibadan Polytechnic. From there, I went to the then University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) where they gave me Chemical Engineering, which I didn’t enjoy. I didn’t enjoy life in Ife at all because it was initially rough. We had nowhere to stay, no allocation into any hall of residence. So, I just opted for UI (University of Ibadan) for Petroleum Engineering.
When did you graduate?
I graduated in 1981.
That kind of experience you had very early in life was nothing but discrimination…
(Cuts in…)Yes, it was. Even in my school, there was a lot of discrimination. Then, it was Saint Paul’s College, Zaria. It was an Anglican school. But when we were in form three, the government took over and it became Kofena College. Now, it’s a tertiary institution. When government took over, by the time we got to form five, a lot of indigenes of the state were encouraged to go to school. They poured into the school, which was perfectly okay. At a time, government will pay the students some pocket money just to make them stay in school but they will not stay! So, we will be told to make sure they were in school. So, you have to go all out and persuade them to come back to school.
I want to praise the government of that time because they were trying to make them understand the importance of schooling. And I think now that we have many more states in the northern part of the country, government should put in a lot more efforts to make them stay because it will benefit all of us. But I will say, by and large, the situation in northern Nigeria today is much better. But it is still there.
Okay, as a child, how did that register in your mind?
At the time, I didn’t like it. But I wouldn’t say I was bitter. I wasn’t particularly happy about it but at the time, maybe because of the home I came from, I was determined that if I had the opportunity I would correct it. And so, all my life, growing up, I thought I would end up in politics. I thought I would end up in the military. In fact, I had ventured into the military but my dad did not allow me. In fact, that was what created some of my problems because I thought I would go first go to NMS (Nigerian Military School), then head straight to NDA (Nigerian Defence Academy). In fact, I got the admission but my dad said ‘NO’!
Why did he say no?
Because he was in the army and he didn’t like it there. He didn’t like the army at the time.
But you going in there as a learned person it would have been a different ball game; he didn’t see it that way?
Well, like the Bible says, authorities over you, sometimes, say something that you don’t know why they are saying what they are saying. But you just obey because God has ordained it to be. My very good friend, his name was Amosun; he was from Lagos state and he went through NMS, and we were going to NDA. He was a year my senior but he was delayed, so, we were going to NDA at the same time. By the time he got commissioned after NDA, his first assignment was Bakassi. He was the young officer that was killed in Bakassi. He was a year or two older than me at the time but at that time, he was already married with a set of twins! And I was 16. So, when that happened, I just told myself, ‘Oh, my goodness, that could have been me!’ It could have been anybody.
You said you didn’t feel any bitterness?
I didn’t but I was a bit discouraged, though, that such a thing could happen. But then, there was a determination in me that one day I would have an opportunity to correct it. That is why I do the best I can today to create awareness.
So, how would you have corrected it?
If I had the opportunity, if I would be in a position to disallow such a thing, I would. I would continue to preach that ‘look, let everybody be free to be part of this great country. This country has a great future, so let everybody be able to be part of the country. Be a part of at least where you were born, contribute your quota, and live peacefully with everyone. Our strength is our diversity. I think that is where the greatness of this country lies. Our greatness is in our diversity. So, our unity must be fostered in such a way that our diversity is given the opportunity to display itself because that is our strength.
You also mentioned that you wanted to veer into politics, why did you want to do that?
I wanted to. I had thought maybe the only way to do it would be via politics or being in the military. That is what I knew at the time. So, when I met Bimbo at the time and she was asking me questions about my future, I said ‘I don’t know’. I said I guess I might be going to into politics some time in the future. And she said: ‘What!’ I said because I want to influence people in a way that will give hope to many. That was behind my mind all my life but I never knew that I would become a pastor. It was the last thing I ever dreamt of.
The last thing you ever dreamt of was being a pastor?
Oh no, I didn’t want to be a pastor.
Why did you not want to be a pastor? Their frugal way of living? Their Mungo Park jackets in those days?
(Laughs…) No, not necessarily. Amazingly, I very admired and so much appreciated our Pastor in the North, the Rev. Akingbola. Papa lived up to almost 100 and something years before he died. But then his lifestyle was just fantastic. I admired him. But I never wanted to be a pastor. As I grew up, leaving the North, coming South, I realized that quite a number were respected and others not respected. And I realized that the moment you say you are a pastor you put your self on a pedestal for public scrutiny.
As if you weren’t a human being…
That’s right. So, you are not allowed the normal privileges of a normal human being anymore. And I thought, ‘no, I like to live my life privately. I like to take care of my children but I will like to influence people as much as I could’. Now, marrying those two sounded impossible but today it’s okay.
Did your late wife, Pastor Bimbo, influence your becoming a Christian? Becoming a pastor?
No. I was a Christian before I met her though I had backslided.
So, when did you become born again the first time?
Ah, that is an interesting question! Well, at age 11, I knew what born again was, being a Baptist. I was born a Baptist; my dad was a Deacon at the First Baptist Church, Kaduna.
Sorry, you have not even told us where you came from?
I am from Ogogo in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State. My dad is from Ogogo my mum is from Erunwon, also in Ijebu-Ode.
And you were born when?
I was born on June 15, 1956.
How many children did your parents have?
We were 10-five men and five women. I am number five. My twin sister and I are number five. We are in the middle.
Were you over pampered because of the peculiarity of your birth? Being twins?
No. I tell you why because my immediate younger ones were triplets!
So, you have a history of that in your family. So, do you have a set of twins?
No. I just have three children. Two girls and a boy. Incidentally, none of us has multiple births.
Back to our question: did meeting Pastor Bimbo influence your becoming a pastor?
I was a backslidden Christian when we met. At age 11, I was born again and live continued. But I was born again as a Baptist, and you know, Baptists are strong on the Word, very serious about Christian living. But it’s the power living that we don’t pay attention to. Because, we will tell you that the days of healings are over. We will tell you that speaking in tongue was not for us.
I was in the Baptist church too in the early 1980s till early 1990s, and at that time, you couldn’t even clap as rigorous as we do these days!
Oh yes, we just sang our hymns. But we attended Sunday School, Christian Union, Royal Ambassadors, etc. There were so many programmes where people were really grounded in the Word. I was from that kind of background. Then, I came down south, and I was in The Polytechnic, Ibadan, at the time. I was in the SBS (School of Basic Studies). And we were a group of young people from secondary schools across the south and some of us from the North. So, it was really my first time from daddy and mummy. Eh! So, we ran into trouble. At that point it was like you had to prove you were born again and prove your life all over. Even then, life continued until I got into UI in 1975, and in 1976, my Christian life was kind of being watered down with all these our friends in the Polytechnic.
You went partying?
Occasionally, I used to party but you still go to church.
And girls?
Well, not too much of the girls. My Word life was a little bit holding on me; you know…not smoking, not drinking. But girls? Yes, we had a lot of girls here and there but… So, in 1976, I was like that. But in UI, I saw one of my seniors who invited me to the fellowship. So I went for fellowship and I saw good looking boys, good looking girls, good ministration, good music…Oh my God! And suddenly, it hit me that my Christianity still had a lot left to tackle.
So, when they made the altar call, I went out. So, what they were telling me was not particularly new to what I had heard. But now, it made much, more impact on me. Now, that I was making my decision, everything became clear to me. So, I gave my life. So, I got born again. So, life continued. But one thing was different…they were speaking in tongues. I didn’t think I must speak in tongue. So, we had another programme like a Christian get-together. So, all of us that were born again were asked to come out for the filling of the Holy Spirit. We all knelt down and almost everybody began to speak in tongues but I didn’t speak. I tried but I didn’t speak. I tried again, but I didn’t speak. It was a bit discouraging. The fellowship ended, we all left. So, I was questioning: why didn’t I speak when I really wanted to speak?
And they didn’t set you aside for special ministration?
They did. Well, they explained and did everything. Okay, Iife continued again, but it didn’t disturb me from coming to fellowship. But my friend, with whom we went, gave his life, spoke in tongues, and so himself and some other people were constantly on my neck. They said, ‘Taiwo, say something.’ And I will say: ‘I like the way that man is dressed.’ And they laughed. One day, a song was playing on their radio, I didn’t know what language it was, and I didn’t understand what they were saying. But I was humming along and my friend said I could say that. This was going to about two months, and I said no, no, no, I couldn’t just be saying something I don’t know.
I think this is one of the problems of Pentecostalism. Now, don’t tell me what to do, what to say, what not to do, what not to say again. Please back off. I told them ‘I’m not attending your fellowship again if your idea of Christianity or being born again is what you are doing, disturbing everybody, judging everybody, trying to control what I say and what I don’t say. Please when you see me, stay clear. So, I left them and walked to go ease myself in the toilet. By the time I came back to the room, they were all going for tutorials. I refused to go with them. Funny enough, I was a squatter. I still jumped on one of their beds and I was relaxing. And I felt into a trance right there.
You see that sculpture in Maryland (Lagos) with some people holding Nigeria up so it won’t fall. That is how I saw Nigeria. It was scattered with black darkness. I didn’t understand. Then, I saw spots of light around some parts of the south, and I recognized I was at the bottom. Then I heard a voice, then a big beam of light was coming down from above, and the voice said ‘the reason you are standing there, scared, is because you are standing at a spot. Now lift up your eyes’. I did. I now saw a spot of light scattered down but more around the south. He said I have work for you to do.
At that point I heard a lady’s voice that said: “We are doing well here, I’m coming to reinforce you”. I didn’t understand. She was dashing across. I want to believe that that was Bimbo then. I didn’t know her. I didn’t know she existed then. But it was a lady’s voice. That was 1976. From that day, I became a rascal.
How do you mean?
I mean I behaved like I was not a Christian because I had made up my mind that I wasn’t going to be a Christian. Then, God came to meet me there on the bed. But I still went ahead and backslided. Ah! I was a rascal.
What were the things you did as a rascal?
I started trying to smoke cigarettes but I wasn’t good at it. I will smoke and cough. When you see ladies, you puff the smoke and, then, you cough. Then, I will drink and drink and will go somewhere and start vomiting because it wasn’t me. But I was a tough guy. Then, of course, everyday, women. Everywhere, women.
Then, some strange things happened. I will be with guys, and being a petroleum engineer trainee, we will go to the field. We will spend three, six months in the field. I was a federal scholar and they were paying. The oil field was very rough with the issue of women and drink; black or white they came from everywhere, and so on. The women will charter boats to go meet the oil workers on the high sea, in the creeks. Oh yes, it was really a rough life.
So, I was a backslider, and life was going that way. I would be with a group of men and women in impossible places. Yet, I will see light. The light will come bam, bam, bam. It has a way it will come. By the time it will stop right around my head, it will explode and I will see that vision again. Now, all the people there will be wondering what was going on. But I was seeing what they weren’t seeing; I was hearing what they weren’t hearing. It happened for four years. I would freeze when I see it. And anytime the voice came, it will ask me the same question: ‘Is this where you are going? For four years!
When the last one happened, I had been broke. Within a month when school resumed, we were broke because we would have spent money on parties upon parties, and all that. Then, on that day, I went to buy fried fish, Geisha, dried paper, and a little garri to cook in school. So, I did the food but the fish was already bad, so, I got poisoned. I was in trouble. I ran to Jaja Hall that is our hospital in UI. I was given some injections, but they said I must take something. So, I rushed back to the room the following morning to take something, I fell unconscious. I knew it was the end. I was unconscious on the floor; my mouth was filled with fluid I had taken in the hospital. It had filled my mouth, my nose, and I couldn’t breathe. I was now saying inside: God, please, have mercy on me.
I was saying: ‘You have been patient with me for four years. You have followed me all the way, have mercy on me. Have mercy on me. I was helpless. I didn’t know what happened but I just felt something like a slap on my face. And at that instant, and the liquid in my mouth went off. Suddenly, I could breath again. So, I crawled to my bed and lay down. For three days, I wasn’t normal. I would see people like shadows. I could not communicate. The way I came out too was miraculous.
How did this happen?
One day, my two roommates were friends, and they were saying: ‘If this boy dies here we will be in trouble. Let’s go and report to the authorities now o. They moved towards the door, but before they could open the door, and turned the knob, I regained my voice. I said: ‘Come back guys’. I began to talk. They said I was mad, that I had been pretending. I said no. That was how I came back. When I came back, I knew that it was a second chance and I wasn’t going to blow it in Jesus name. So I took my Bible the following fellowship day, a Tuesday, and that was where I began to get close to Pastor Bimbo.
What was Pastor Bimbo doing?
She just came in to UI towards 1979 ending. She read History/Archeology, a combined course. I had seen her with the friend who was one of those guys that was giving me trouble at the time, the Christians. So, I said to him (in Yoruba): ‘Ah, so, this is the fine girl that you are carrying about?’ He said: ‘No, she is my sister’. That was it. But now that I was back in fellowship, I saw her from a distance and she recognized me and said ‘oh, you are in fellowship’. I said yes. And we got talking. And we later became very good friends.
For how long were you ‘very good friends’?
I was in my last year in UI when she was coming. But amazingly, I had to go back for one semester and I didn’t like it because I really shouldn’t have. I was kind of victimized. I was careless in those four years but I was good enough to go. But we had the head of department that was the god of the university. So, he disturbed me and I didn’t like it. It was to be my worst semester but that was also when I had the golden opportunity to be closer to Bimbo. That was when we got closer.
How long did that initial friendship last before you told her your mind?
Well, from that moment, were friends. We were just going on. Our friendship continued. Then, I was to go on holidays and she asked: ‘Where do you live in Lagos?’ I told her and we realized we were actually living the next street to each other. My sister and my brother-in-law were using Bimbo’s mummy’s daycare for their children in Papa Ajao in Mushin. They were in 40 Olasunde Street, off Ladipo, Palm Avenue. And, occasionally, I will stop by there, during the holidays, and say ‘hello’ and will run away. Their daddy, had girls-Lara, Biola, Bimbo; it was the last two that were boys. So, the men…eh! Then, Bimbo went back to school. I was lucky, I did my youth corps in Lagos. We were friends for four-and-a-half years before we got married.
At what point did you propose to her?
Just by the time she was in her final year. That was 1981 since she did direct entry. Before the end of 1981, was when we got talking. Strangely enough, we didn’t even talk marriage. I did not formally propose. It just happened. It was like ‘suppose this,’ ‘suppose that,’ ‘suppose if we get married…’ Ah, ha… She said that was something to be prayed about o. So, I said, ‘let’s pray about it then.’ We did and that was it. We never got to say ‘no’, or ‘yes’. No special ceremony.
Did you at any point, at that initial stage, feel intimidated or that there could have been some other guys around the corner also eyeing her?
Did I? Maybe because of my kind of experience, I didn’t. Of course, they were guys who were eyeing her but it didn’t distract me. Maybe probably because…
Maybe you gave her close marking…
Maybe, I did unconsciously. I guess so.
So, tell me about your big day, wedding day.
When we got married, I was going to be 28 and she was going to be 24. I drove my car on my wedding day. My best man didn’t come on time, so we agreed to meet in Bimbo’s house. So, my younger brother came in the car with me. When we got to Agege Motor Road my car that I bought brand new and was just 10 months old, started jerking! I said: ‘Iwo car yii, oo mo nkan kan.’ Transliterated, it means: ‘You this car, you don’t know anything’. I jumped out of it. I left my car on that spot and got a taxi and went to church to wait for her. By the time I could look up, my brother had driven the car there.
What brand of car was it?
It was a Passat.
Did you sweat when it was jerking?
Well, I didn’t expect that. So, it was a surprise. But I didn’t allow that to destabilise me because that wasn’t the car we were going to use anyway. It was just to drop me in church, then, my brother will take the car home. It parked up at Mushin Oloosa. Anyway, it was a glorious programme. I remember one of her friends, Akunna; she is based in London now. Then, she said she will sing: ‘O Perfect Love’. There is a place in the service where we will kneel down and the church will stand up to sing. As they were about to sing, a sheet of paper got to the minister and he said someone would sing a special number. So, she went up and sang the solo. It was so anointed. I heard God clearly. I was weeping there because of the presence of God. And I heard God say to me clearly three times that “in blessing, I have blessed you.” Then, I said to my wife that I heard God. And she said: “I heard him too.” Oh, it was glorious. We entertained guests in the evenings etc.

Jesse Jagz Puts Out An Anthem As Tosyn Bucknor Dreams In New Video.

Choc Boyz
Chocolate City release a new video for ‘Nobody Test Me’ off Jesse Jagz’s Jag Of All Trade album. It parades the entire team – Ice prince and M.I. – It shot by Clarence Peters. This is the video where M.I. purportedly responded to Kelly Hansome – “Only one Kelly that I know…. Kelly Rowland!” M.I. rapped.

Radio OAP, Blogger/writer and recording artiste – Tosyn Bucknor debuts a video for ‘dreams (places to go)’. The singing persona for Tosyn Bucknor is called CON.tra.diction.

Ghana Kick GLObacom Out Of Her Country.

M. Adenuga
Nigeria – Mike Adenuga’s Telecommunication, Globacom is currently getting unpleasant treatment in Ghana as things are not looking rosy for the newly set up telecommunication. The firm who began operations in Ghana in December 2009 has been facing willful damage and sabotage of her advertisement structures like billboards, light boxes and others as well as restrictions on erection of masts. Its quite obvious that the reason for the vandalization is one-fold; to make Globacom quit. And the unanswered question is; who are those behind this unmitigated vandalization?.
The speculations around is that, some Telecom operators with less subscribers in Ghana must have been scared of losing them out to the newly set up telecoms, Globacom. This act of vandalization has intensified, as it has been confirmed that the saboteurs gets kickback for their actions. As a result of these, Glo had sensed that the sabotage is a foretaste of what was to come, and the best decision is to withdraw her operation in Ghana when one of her senior officials disclosed “the frustrations are getting out of control. We have considered pulling out”.
Glo’s exit might be a big loss both ways to the country and Wale Adenuga as Globacom already has set up offices around the country and some of these are fully furnished. It would not be in the interest of Glo to pull out of Ghana at this stage. So far, Glo had pumped millions of dollar into Ghana’s local football league, which is tagged “Glo premier league”, Glo then followed it up with sponsoring and supporting Ghana national team as well as the Ghana national supporters union. It was revealed that the Ghanaian government had never received such level of support from any of the existing telecom operators.
So far, these were some of the problems faced by Globacom Ghana; The national communication authority’s encroachment on the frequency allocated to Glo, The sabotage of Globacom’s billboards, light boxes, lamp post signs geared towards launching of the company’s full operation. As at February 2010, more than 12 light boxes placed around the airport traffic light median were destroyed. Last month, more than 14 light boxes were destroyed in accra. The Ghanaian government had done nothing to protect the telecoms from these unlawful acts.
The late approval of the GSM licence to be awarded to Glo by the national communications authority (NCA).
The National environmental protection agency placed ban on the erection of mast in some major areas, which affected Glo adversely since Glo is the only newly set up telecom operator in the country.
Globacom Ghana, the sixth telecom in the country is competing with other telecom operators such as MTN, Tigo, Vodafone, Zain and Kasapa (arranged based on the number of subscribers). None of the old telecom operators experienced such kind of Glo-like problems.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Boy Alinco Is Jealous Of His Replacement?

Being replaced is one activity no one likes even almost-there stars like Bayo Bankole, that you would best know as the first Boy Alinco in the WAP TV comedy drama -Papa Ajasco and company. The producer felt a need for a new cast and sent the previous into the unemployment market and they are yet to secure a gig as rewarding and buzz generating as WAP TV drama even after bragging about moving on to bigger and better offers. Bayo recently confessed things have been hard since he left the WAP set: “God has been faithful. It might not be as expected, but I know that with time, things will take care of itself.”
Bayo still doesn’t want to say he regrets been fired as he still prays for Wale Adenuga to call him back.“God knows best.“, he said. Yes, can you believe a character like his going church?
Here’s his take on his successor:  “It’s either they see him over reacting or they see him down playing. But I had a good impression of him the first time I saw him.”
It doesn’t end there as He has big, big dreams: “I want to see myself on the top of a big movie dynasty. I want to sit on top of a conglomerate that deals with everything movie. I want to have the biggest studio”