Friday, August 15, 2014

Tears.. Let it roll

Photo Credit: Reuters

Been a while I posted on here... but its been a tad-busy.. Well, I could not help but write this because my heart aches for what is going wrong. What happened to us all? I mean the whole of humanity has gone topsy-turvy.

So much suffferings, in Borno - my native Nigeria, in Palestine.. yet still some selfish and retarded comments on these global issues are still being posted on several social media sites... Warring in the name of religion, oppression and maiming of defenceless individuals in the name of equity which is clouded by religion? What happened to us all? Being keyboard warriors to prove your intellectual capacity and opinions that would create no resolutions to these issues is nothing but FOOLISH.

I am typing this and the tune "wild horses" plays on ... a line says "Faith has been broken, tears must be cried ...let's do some living after we die" ... Many have died in the name of religion.. kids have been maimed in the name of oppression and justification of who is right and wrong in many global conflictts. Can we at least do some living and not let them die in vain?  Can we stop being smart and highly opinionated without any evidential arts to create a resolution to these issues? Their memories and vanities that came with their living should not remain what the world seems to want it to be - vanities.

My heart does sincerely ache.. and every single day. What has happened to us all?!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Where is our Humanity

You have possibly seen the images, read several news on wars and killings, adoption of children in Nigeria by terrorists, human rights violations in China, Egypt and Syria. Have you however heard shallow statements from individuals and groups such as the BNP iterating opinions with headlines like "Syria, not our war" citing economic reasons?

It is quite obvious that the world has lost its humanity. Three teenagers were murdered in Israel and the response from the Israeli government was a massive attack on teenage Palestine youth leading to the murder of sixteen year old Mohammed Abu Khdeir, whose body after autopsy revealed ninety percent burns, as well as incarceration of many others for protesting against human rights abuse (two wrongs dont make a right).

We wake up in our comfortable beds and all we think of is how fun the next friday outing is going to be; we think of our designer shoes and flashy gadgets and cannot empathise with the world around us. Some individuals from what I describe as gutters of mouths make statements like "They are muslims - its not our business" - really!! Is that how shallow you are? Religious sentiments for a humane cause?


Think on these things - these pictures - They are people around the world; they need our help; in Syria, Palestine, Nigeria etc. You do not necessarily have to go on a plane and become the superhero of the day but you can at least empathise with the world - sign petitions, that beggar on the street - do not just walk by, stop and give that last pound, dollar or at least speak to them like another human being.

We are humans and should start acting that way - Peace!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Best Friend is Arab & I am a Bookworm who works as a bouncer....

Often times, we try to create stereotypes and judgement about people from the first impressions of what society has deemed acceptable or not. Breaking News#: Society and the way it portrays its perception of a specific kind of people is usually driven by the media in all of its falsettos. Just pick up a copy of the Daily Mail, the UK's most widely read paper and you will understand what I mean ... Immigrants accused of stealing jobs hence the un-pronounced hatred of immigrants by people who are caught in the web of these deceits and so much more.

I used to be one of these people... the ignorant bunch if i may call them that. Oh, he has a tattoo... hence he must be a gangster... He smokes hence he is condemned to lung cancer... He drinks.. he must be going through a depressed state and bound to end up with kidney diseases or the cirrhosis of the liver..

How foolish of anyone out there to think all Arabs are dangerous and a plague to be avoided or imagine that the dread-lock wearing man, smoking a roll-up has nothing to offer society. How foolish to think that because someone has what society terms "social ills", they have nothing to offer the world. Working as a security agent, I did not wear my "geek" glasses to work because society would see me as weak for the sector in which I worked in... This doesn't mean I would not kick "society's butt" if it deemed necessary (six years self defense training ain't sh*t)...

Everyone has a place in this world, a knowledge to offer, a story to tell and learn from... the drug users, the pregnant teenagers, the taxi drivers, the Arabs and Africans alike (we have a whole lot)... Everyone indeed!

We all should look beyond what society terms as acceptable or not... and I also make this reference to Christians because I identify with being Christian. How can we judge and love at the same time when the bible itself asks us not to judge but love and open our hearts to EVERYONE.. not just the "lovable"..

My best friend is Arab... and I am a bookworm who works security... If you still choose to be ignorant after this, what else can I say... C'est la vie.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Are We Still Not Upset? #Nigeria

#BokoHaram #WhereIsOurMoney #Nigeria #RenoOmokri

Yesterday,Reno Omokri alleged "Lover of God" and Special Assistant to President Jonathan on New Media said a load of crap on twitter that should incite vexations by Nigerians or at least those who care about Nigeria. Before I continue, I find his bio on twitter which includes "lover of God" as rather bothersome because if he really is, then he should note what the bible does say about liars - Well, I do.

Yesterday, this supposed Personal assistant to the President of Nigeria came on twitter and said "people who think they are making a statement when they insult the presidet are right. They are making a statement about their upbringing".  hahaha..  Find this funny and not still upsetting - the way the polished, mighty and haughty still feel untouchable in this day and age?

Wake up Reno (I should not add Mr. while addressing you because your speech and conversations thus far about Nigerians who speak out are rather demeaning for your age and position). Are you saying that Nigerians should not speak out after $20 billion or $10 billion (like it would look smaller by taking out another $10 billion) as claimed by the Minister of Finance dissapeared from the NNPC, or we should smile and give Mr. president a pat on the back for the death of over 400 Nigerians (and thats a meagre figure of those that have lost their lives in recent terrorism attacks so far - 42 as claimed by press sources two days ago).

Mr. Reno says we should be happy or smile like nothing happened after our president because of his busy itenary could not visit the site of massacare of more than 40 students at a school in Yobe - Northern Nigeria (thats the image he presented to the people by sending another of his twitter dogs to deliver his "it is well" messages to Nigerians after the attacks).

I think the presidential media advisers all need firing - you on the front list - and Mr president has to stop focusing on the 2015 election and on creating stability in the northern regions. I also believe Mr president also has to find better lines like "Let the world not judge us by how many times we have stumbled but how many times we have risen when we have faltered".

For how long do you think we Nigerians without proper upbringing as your statements insinuate will keep quiet? I along with those who care about Nigeria will continue making a statement about our upbringings and speaking what we feel about Nigeria - which usually tends to be unbiased by the way and drawn by our passion for the country's development. By the way we have freedom of speech and expression as provided by the constitution or do we?


Sunday, February 23, 2014


Imagine some a few years back when everyone had to go to a photographer to take a picture.... now fast forward and we all have cameras on our gadgets... phones, tablets, laptops.. virtually everything... and now everyone (not just the girls) takes what we term as selfies..

Most guys would want to "man -up" and deny that they do take selfies as it does make us seem silly and less"manly" to take selfies.... but stop lying to yourself.. we like it.. the vanity of taking pictures of our "best facial-sides" .. sometimes one-too-many pictures.. to make sure we have the best pose and look before deleting and trying another one... and wait for it ..... the newly adopted  chat application - SNAP CHAT, which I find to be amazing to be honest... (I even have snap chat-besties.. lol... thats how I kill boredom when I am not in the library or at work.. take silly pictures of myself and send out by a tap on the virtual screen of my phone).

Whether its snap chat, instagram, facebooking and sometimes twitter (I wonder who does selfies on twitter though)... Selfies are here to stay.. at least for the next bit of a while with even the pope and President Obama taking part in the new trend.

Places I however find should be a total NO! on the selfie campaign includes toilets and the gym (lol.. ladies taking selfies of themselves in the mirror thinking their hips got bigger after two squats - No it didn't!). Aside from that, go on, take a selfie - you know you want to :p :p


Saturday, February 15, 2014

New Music: ENGRAVEN - Olan

This a new song by music director,vocalist and instrumentalist Olan. Its called "Engraven"... Have a listen and enjoy some feel good music :) ...

Cheers People!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ramblings and Musings

Friday fast approaches, stores and mega retailers putting up their best deals for flowers, chocolates, sweets and all that good stuff.. Then I ask myself, is that what constitutes love or rather proof of love in whatever form?
We sit in our comfort zones cheering to a beer and like my good friend Joel pointed out "watching and voting on x-factor" - not that I am against the show in anyway, forgetting what constitutes happiness albeit love in the world.. It has sadly become "normal" to see bigger headlines of celebrities having a fight in bar than that of starving children in war-torn countries. It seems our minds/hearts have been re-programmed to be stone hearted not to care about these people because they are not our "family".

I once met someone who would never give a penny to a beggar at the train stations.. For his excuse "he's a druggie and will keep asking everyone"... In my own opinion, give the "druggie" if you can spare.. or try to talk to them like another human being at least... They might not even be a druggie...

While we go on our roses spending spree for friday, eating exquisite meals and drinking the finest chardonay, dont forget the world because you live in a "comfort zone".. Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Somalia etc.

Think of these and say a little prayer at least.. In Arabic.. Khlast ... meaning "thats it".. My little piece of ramblings and thoughts for now.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Time and Tide

Its a rainy, albeit windy morning in Treforest where I live; my mind not at rest, thoughts of exams and assesment deadlines as well as work and work-out schedule (yeah, i'm vain like that - lost 40Kg in 3 months to buffer my point of being vain).
Anyway, I came across a blog of a new friend, I met from work where I volunteer and I recalled my blog as well (not that I forgot about it anyway)... I however over the next few months will be keeping a personal diary of this "new found land", video recording of my adventures in mountain climbing as well as sky-diving ... hehehe.. (I'm brave like that).... and my quest to learn to speak Arabic and Chinese.
I will also try not to forget to talk about politics in Nigeria (I follow closely - as I have political ambitions as well) ...
Keep following guys, TT's blog is not dying anytime soonest :)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It only gets better.....

 Its been very difficult through the past few months, new job, new city, culture shock... but what can I say... living the jand dream like most people back home would call it. Its been exciting but really been an educational journey thus far. I can for sure say I have surprised myself, done things that I would not have considered previously... I will term these misdemnors as developing the professional in me... more like expanding my horizons etc...

Not to bore you or make you seem jealous with these nice pictures... but c'est la vie... thats been my life over this past few quarters. For those of my followers who have been mailing me asking for my return to blogging and writing, I quite appreciate the support... @TT_SOURCE will not die... been in hibernation mode, trying to cope with working, schooling and all the madness therein... Love y'all to bits....

Projects in the works... New look also... lol.. BE VERY AFRAID!!!