Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ramblings and Musings

Friday fast approaches, stores and mega retailers putting up their best deals for flowers, chocolates, sweets and all that good stuff.. Then I ask myself, is that what constitutes love or rather proof of love in whatever form?
We sit in our comfort zones cheering to a beer and like my good friend Joel pointed out "watching and voting on x-factor" - not that I am against the show in anyway, forgetting what constitutes happiness albeit love in the world.. It has sadly become "normal" to see bigger headlines of celebrities having a fight in bar than that of starving children in war-torn countries. It seems our minds/hearts have been re-programmed to be stone hearted not to care about these people because they are not our "family".

I once met someone who would never give a penny to a beggar at the train stations.. For his excuse "he's a druggie and will keep asking everyone"... In my own opinion, give the "druggie" if you can spare.. or try to talk to them like another human being at least... They might not even be a druggie...

While we go on our roses spending spree for friday, eating exquisite meals and drinking the finest chardonay, dont forget the world because you live in a "comfort zone".. Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Somalia etc.

Think of these and say a little prayer at least.. In Arabic.. Khlast ... meaning "thats it".. My little piece of ramblings and thoughts for now.

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