Sunday, February 9, 2014

Time and Tide

Its a rainy, albeit windy morning in Treforest where I live; my mind not at rest, thoughts of exams and assesment deadlines as well as work and work-out schedule (yeah, i'm vain like that - lost 40Kg in 3 months to buffer my point of being vain).
Anyway, I came across a blog of a new friend, I met from work where I volunteer and I recalled my blog as well (not that I forgot about it anyway)... I however over the next few months will be keeping a personal diary of this "new found land", video recording of my adventures in mountain climbing as well as sky-diving ... hehehe.. (I'm brave like that).... and my quest to learn to speak Arabic and Chinese.
I will also try not to forget to talk about politics in Nigeria (I follow closely - as I have political ambitions as well) ...
Keep following guys, TT's blog is not dying anytime soonest :)

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