Thursday, February 27, 2014

Are We Still Not Upset? #Nigeria

#BokoHaram #WhereIsOurMoney #Nigeria #RenoOmokri

Yesterday,Reno Omokri alleged "Lover of God" and Special Assistant to President Jonathan on New Media said a load of crap on twitter that should incite vexations by Nigerians or at least those who care about Nigeria. Before I continue, I find his bio on twitter which includes "lover of God" as rather bothersome because if he really is, then he should note what the bible does say about liars - Well, I do.

Yesterday, this supposed Personal assistant to the President of Nigeria came on twitter and said "people who think they are making a statement when they insult the presidet are right. They are making a statement about their upbringing".  hahaha..  Find this funny and not still upsetting - the way the polished, mighty and haughty still feel untouchable in this day and age?

Wake up Reno (I should not add Mr. while addressing you because your speech and conversations thus far about Nigerians who speak out are rather demeaning for your age and position). Are you saying that Nigerians should not speak out after $20 billion or $10 billion (like it would look smaller by taking out another $10 billion) as claimed by the Minister of Finance dissapeared from the NNPC, or we should smile and give Mr. president a pat on the back for the death of over 400 Nigerians (and thats a meagre figure of those that have lost their lives in recent terrorism attacks so far - 42 as claimed by press sources two days ago).

Mr. Reno says we should be happy or smile like nothing happened after our president because of his busy itenary could not visit the site of massacare of more than 40 students at a school in Yobe - Northern Nigeria (thats the image he presented to the people by sending another of his twitter dogs to deliver his "it is well" messages to Nigerians after the attacks).

I think the presidential media advisers all need firing - you on the front list - and Mr president has to stop focusing on the 2015 election and on creating stability in the northern regions. I also believe Mr president also has to find better lines like "Let the world not judge us by how many times we have stumbled but how many times we have risen when we have faltered".

For how long do you think we Nigerians without proper upbringing as your statements insinuate will keep quiet? I along with those who care about Nigeria will continue making a statement about our upbringings and speaking what we feel about Nigeria - which usually tends to be unbiased by the way and drawn by our passion for the country's development. By the way we have freedom of speech and expression as provided by the constitution or do we?



  1. Sigh! Everything don tire person. So depressing

  2. Sigh! Everything don tire person. So depressing

  3. The reality in our home country is say the least

  4. This country is full of surprises, people come out to say what they quite bad