Friday, April 17, 2009

First heartbreak

I had my first heartbreak a year ago. She was elegant, beautiful, pretty and the best thing that ever happened to me - at that moment. From the much I had learnt via the TV and the internet about romance, I sent her those text messages, called her, wrote poems and worst of all sang for her and sent the live production of my piece of music declaring my love for her to her cellphone via the Multimedia messaging system. Looking back at those moments, I ask myself '' What were you thinking? ''. Romantic moves in the hustle and bustle of todays Nigeria and Lagos in particular, ''dream on brother'', I yelled to myself. Most ladies, including Lagos girls want you to tantalize them with meals from restaurants like Tfc, Debonaires, Mr Biggs, just to mention a few and spoil them silly with money. Before I am grossly criticized, notice I used the word 'most'. Its still possible that a figment of my imagination still hopes on playing Romeo for my dream Juliet or Prince Charming with a brave heart for my pretty damsel in distress. LOL!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Facebook and me

One site that has no doubt invaded the privacy of so many including my 50 year old aunt is facebook. For me its been an addiction. When I cook, my status on facebook states it. When i'm ecstatic its know by family and friends world over. My craze for this application nearly took my life when I was crossing the road, checking my mobile internet device for my beloved facebook and not observing the on-coming vehicle. Suddenly I heard screeching brakes and the driver cursing into the air. I thank God for saving my life and also teaching me to face my book rather than FACEBOOK. Ciao.

C'est la vie

..And thats life. I lay on my bed thinking... gosh, what am i doing? I am a physics major student at the University of Lagos in his final semester and honestly I know I was not born for Physics. I love music, art, drama, writing, economics, management... But physics?? Anyway, whats done is done and as my theme says ''ces't la vie'' - and thats life!