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Pics from the Hip Hop world awards nominee party (

Alicia Keys pregnant with her 1st child, to marry

Alicia Keys is in a motherhood state of mind: She's pregnant with her first child.
The Grammy Award-winning R&B singer has been dating producer Swizz Beatz, who has written hits for Beyonce (bee-AHN'-say), Jay-Z and others. They're engaged to be married at a private ceremony later this year.
Representatives for the couple confirmed the news Thursday night.
Keys last year teamed up with Jay-Z for a hit song about New York called "Empire State of Mind." She's among a string of international artists slated to perform at a June 10 concert to mark the start of the World Cup soccer tournament in South Africa.
Beatz has been married before and has two sons.

SHOCKING PHOTO: 50 Cent Loses 50 Lbs.

SHOCKING PHOTO: 50 Cent Loses 50 Lbs. | 50 Cent
50 Cent
Courtesy 50Cent/Facebook

50 Cent sure is taking his new acting gig seriously.

Not only has the rapper, 34, removed his tattoos for his upcoming flicks, he also reportedly dropped more than 50 lbs. – slimming down from 214 to 160 – in order to play a cancer-stricken football player in Things Fall Apart, due out next year.

Photos posted on show a gaunt 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, with sunken cheeks, a result a liquid diet and strict exercise regimen for more than two months.

In addition to Things Fall Apart, the rapper is costarring with Chace Crawford in the drama Twelve and will be kicking off his U.S. tour Friday in Cleveland


For concert goers at Metro Park in Jacksonville, Florida, the hottest ticket at the annual Funk Fest wasn't the performance by '90s girl group SWV or the line for fruity refreshments as temperatures climbed into the 90s. It was watching singer Bobby Brown propose to his girlfriend of nearly three years, manager Alicia Etheridge.

Holding their 11-month-old son Cassius, Etheridge joined Brown on stage as he got down on one knee and presented her with a ring. The crowd roared its approval as a beaming Etheridge kissed Brown, who remained kneeling.

Brown, who had a troubled 15-year marriage to Whitney Houston and most recently appeared on Celebrity Fit Club, seemed elated to have the audience in his corner.

Fans Frown At NGN1,000 Price Tag For Tuface’s Unstoppable II Album.

Tuface’s new CD was announced to be a history making and game changing initiative considering the amount of work and money to put into an album project. The former price of a hundred and fifty naira was said to be in no way profitable.
Hence, Tuface and his management as we exclusive reported months back  would have the international edition for his ‘Unstoppable’ album which is on sale now sell for a thousand naira. The CD in addition to audio tracks would have video, pictures and wallpaper.
We are tired of pirates selling our intellectual properties at ridiculous prices.” Tuface’s manager reportedly gave as reasons for the new prison.
There are indications that fans are not adjusting to the new price and expressing their displeasure over the CD’s price. In some situation, abusive.
“The question remains is hiking the price a solution? An average fan doesn’t not see the problem of CD pricing and pirates. Hence the frown at the one thousand naira price but we would just have to wait and see what happens at the end and I see a low price version of the CD coming”, a radio commentator said.
Fans who are not happy about the ‘high’ price are also operating a Facebook group called Nigerians say NO to Tuface Idibia selling his album for N1,000. The reason for the group as stated is “ to make an awareness, concerning the outrageous decision by a popular artist in Nigeria called 2face selling his latest Album for 1000 Naira, considering the hardship in Nigeria, and knowing full well an average Nigerian cannot afford to buy it, what becomes of them?
What becomes of people who can’t afford to buy Tuface’s album for 1, 000? An insider inform that more artistes would be following suit and the question again is: Is N1, 000 not too expensive for an album? or the artistes and labels would consider a low price edition months after release of the deluxe version?

Diff'rent Strokes Star Gary Coleman Dies at 42

Diff'rent Strokes Star Gary Coleman Dies at 42 | Gary Coleman
Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman, who by age 11 had skyrocketed to become TV's brightest star but as an adult could never quite land on solid footing, has died after suffering a brain hemorrhage. He was 42.

Coleman died at 12:05 p.m. at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo, Utah, where he had been in a coma.

"He was removed from life support; soon thereafter, he passed quickly and peacefully," his manager John Alcantar says. "By Gary’s bedside were his wife and other close family members."

The actor suffered an intracranial hemorrhage at his Utah home on Wednesday night. On Thursday, he was "conscious and lucid," the hospital says in a statement, "but by early afternoon that same day, Mr. Coleman was slipping in and out of consciousness and his condition worsened."

Precocious Child

Despite congenital health problems which led to his never growing taller than 4'8," Coleman experienced a towering achievement at the start of his career.

As Arnold Jackson, the plucky Harlem boy adopted into a wealthy white household on Diff'rent Strokes from 1978-86 – with his much-mimicked catchphrase of, "What'choo talkin' 'bout, Willis?" – Coleman was pulling down as much as $100,000 per episode, though it was later reported that three-quarters of the money ended up being shelled out to his parents, advisers, lawyers and the IRS.

At the pinnacle of his fame in 1979 PEOPLE reported that Coleman had grown up in Zion, Ill., north of Chicago, with nephritis, a potentially fatal kidney defect.

He underwent two transplants before the age of 14. At one stage in his life, he underwent dialysis four times a day in order to survive.

"The reason I survived is that I had a kidney that wouldn't give up," he once said. "Now I got a Greek kidney donated from a kid who was hit by a car."

"His talent," said his mother, Sue, "may be God's way of compensating him for what he's been through, and the fact that he'll never have the physical size of other boys."

Coleman's father, Willie, worked for a pharmaceutical company near Chicago, where Gary started modeling at age 5 after he wrote a brazen pitch letter to Montgomery Ward. (He could read at 3½.)

That led to commercials for McDonald's and Hallmark cards before producer Norman Lear cast him in a pilot remake of The Little Rascals, which didn't get picked up, en route to Diff'rent Strokes.

Troubled Lives

As has been chronicled, the three children on the series grew up into troubled lives. Dana Plato, 34, died of a drug overdose in 1999. (Plato's son, Tyler Lambert, never came to terms with his mother's death, and committed suicide on May 6, 2010. He was 25.)

The show's Willis, actor Todd Bridges, now 45, was first arrested in 1994 after allegedly ramming someone's car during an argument, He also has owned up to serious drug habit, which he struggled to beat.

By 1999, Coleman also faced troubles of his own. Long gone from Diff'rent Strokes, he had gone broke. His string of misadventures and humiliations included a bitter lawsuit that fractured his family, reports of erratic behavior (his father claimed Gary tried to run him over with a car during an argument in 1986) and a stint in 1998 as a security guard on a movie set.

All told, Coleman had amassed and lost an estimated $18 million fortune. Although he argued that his parents had a huge role in dissipating his wealth, he makes no apologies for having spent like a star. "I have lifestyle requirements," he said at the time. "Photos, meetings, lunches, dinners, facial care, tooth care. It requires an exorbitant amount of money."

Also in 1999, Coleman pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace after he punched a female autograph-seeker in California, for which he claimed self-defense. The previous year, he was again in the headlines, after allegedly hitting a pedestrian with his truck after arguing with him in a Salt Lake City bowling alley. In 2007, there was an incident involving a public argument with a female companion.

Married at 40

Diff'rent Strokes Star Gary Coleman Dies at 42| Gary Coleman
Shannon and Gary Coleman
Inside Edition
At times, there appeared to be turnarounds in his fortunes. In February 2008 – at the age of 40 – Coleman married for the first time. He'd met his bride, Shannon Price, on a movie set the previous August. She was 22.

Coleman admitted that Price was the first woman in his life. "I never got the opportunity to be romantic or feel romantic with anyone," he said. "I wasn't saving myself, she just happened to be the one.

Their relationship, they both admitted, was often rocky. "We may go a week and not speak to each other," he said, while she claimed, "He lets his anger conquer him sometimes … He throws things around, and sometimes he throws it in my direction." Still, they remained together, and Price survives him.

In recent months, Coleman suffered a series of medical problems. He had been admitted to hospitals three times this year: in January, for reasons that were not disclosed; in February, when he suffered a seizure on the set of TV's The Insider; and again on May 26.

"Thanks to everyone for their well wishing and support during this tragic time," his manager says. "Now that Gary has passed, we know he will be missed because of all the love and support shown in the past couple of days. Gary is now at peace and his memory will be kept in the hearts of those who were entertained by him throughout the years.”

Airis Debuts With A Video

Wondering what an Egyptian / Nigerian would sound if she sang? Airis it is then. She is a singer, songwriter, and a 3-fold entertainer in a time when her kind come few and far in between. Just after parting ways and leaving Eldee the don’s Trybe records. She premiered her video today.
Here’s her new video – Without you

Born to an Egyptian Mother and Nigerian Father, Airis discovered her interest in singing and songwriting in her teens while growing up in Lagos Nigeria. In 2002, Airis relocated to the US, where she began pursuing up her singing/songwriting career.
Airis has etched her own artistic niche into the candy-coated world of pop. Her voice, soft and strong all at once is canvassed onto energetic tracks with hard- hitting beats that make her sound so universal, so elastic with an inventive personality.

Airis at the video shoot
AiRis is working on her album “TAP – The Airis Project”; which introduces a multicultural genre of music to the industry and characterizes her diverse cultural background.


Stephenie Okereke’s ‘Through The Glass’ Was Screened At The Cannes Festival [Pictures].

Steph at Cannes, Paris

Stephenie Okereke
Actress Stephenie Okereke was at the Cannes Film Festival that took place from 12nd to 23rd of May for the screening of her movie – Through The Glass. The screening at the The 63rd International Film Festival of Cannes was made possible through the partnership between her company Next Page Productions and ID Communication, Canada.
The movie was screened to a very diverse audience on Monday May 17th.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

D’Banj Plays It Safe On New Single

Size doesn’t matter; it’s the ‘motion in the ocean’ that counts. Don’t bother telling that to D’Banj though, tales of his ‘Anaconda’ have brought the Mo Hits front man bucket loads of fame and Ghana-must-goes full of fortune; and if it ain’t broke, why fix it?
Over the years, the man from Ogun who’s managed to get the rest of Africa fixated on the size of his *ahem* continues to feed the legend right under the nose of the notoriously trigger-happy NBC.  Now personally, and for obvious reasons, my curiosity ends exactly where D’Banj’s music stops and reality begins. I’ll let ladies’ minds do the wandering from there.
On the new single, Mr. Endowed, off his upcoming junior album of the same title, D’Banj describes what an endowed individual looks like, feels like and lives like, and I’m sorry to disappoint the perverted amongst us (by that I’m referring to you by the way), that it’s not all about his virility; the ‘Endowment’ is an all-encompassing lifestyle. A term he officially introduced on his now infamous (un-credited) guest verse on Banky W’s Lagos Party (Remix), ‘Endowed’ is yet another word for D’Banj’s long-time fans to add to their ‘kokobulary’.
With his sidekick Don Jazzy shuffling between production and backup singing duties, Mr Endowed doesn’t exactly cover any new ground sonically. The typical D’Banj lead single has that instant replay value, unfortunately Endowed’s fast-paced production has ‘grower’ written all over it. On his last album, Entertainer, D’Banj showed versatility, experimenting with new sounds, song themes and concepts; Mr Endowed is a much more ‘safer’ single, with the pop star sticking to his comfort zone.
D’Banj recently made headlines when reports began circulating that he‘s close to inking a major record deal abroad. While its unclear where his new single would fall in the bigger picture, you can be rest assured that if this record does become successful, D’Banj will milk his new name and brand for what its worth.
Oh and one last thing, just in case you were wondering, all my articles are ‘endowed’. Thank you.

Smart BasketMouth Escapes Branson Push

Bright and Branson inside the pool at Golden Tulip, Accra
You wouldn’t  believe what happened yesterday, at a brief event to celebrate Virgin Atalntic’s inaugural flight into Ghana.
At the well-attended event by the pool side of the Golden Tulip hotel, billionaire businessman Richard Branson, who’s the boss of VA, attempted to push comedian Basketmouth into the pool. We’re told Branson is used to pulling surprising stunts on guests at his events; and that he has pushed many of his friends into swimming pools at different parties.
But, yesterday in Accra, Nigerian comedian Basketmouth saw Branson coming. And he pulled a fast one – landing Branson in the pool.
Guests were shocked. And for a second, some thought the billionaire or his aides would take offence. But Mr Branson only reached out to Basket, inviting him to join him in the pool. ‘Wait a minute’, Basket seemed to say, as he took off his wrist watch, and dropped his mobile phone. Then he jumped into the pool where he posed for pictures with Branson.
‘It was so unbelievable; but ended up being very interesting, and one of the high points of the night’, an amused guest told NET.
‘He cracked Richard Branson up after that, and he got the man laughing non-stop. I was proud to be a Nigerian’, said our source.

Richard Branson couldn’t stop laughing to Basketmouth’s jokes

Lira Scored A Movie Role

SOUTH AFRICAN Talented songbird Lira has landed a dramatic acting role in a full-length feature film.

For those of you who were wondering what Lira was up to in Cape Town recently, tweeting about the glorious weather – we can now reveal that she was starring in a joint Italian/South African collaboration that was shot in the Mother City.

“The director Antonio Falduto spotted my picture on the cover of a magazine and he said ‘I want her to portray a particular character in my movie’, which just happened to be the supporting lead role,” said Lira.

“I was really attracted to the story when I read the script – it is beautiful.

“The movie, ‘The Italian Consul’, in which I feature alongside Italian actress Giulianna de Sio, follows the dramatic journey of two women and briefly touches on the subject of human trafficking.

“My character gets lured into human trafficking through modelling.

“That is one of the ways that they do it – they find destitute girls who have a certain look and they then trap them into lives of sex slaves and domestic workers. My character becomes a prostitute.

“I was so shocked whilst researching for my role. I learnt so much about human trafficking and what it really involves.

“It really opened my eyes to this problem. It could happen to anyone’s child, daughter or mother.”

Lira added: “To me, the movie has a cinema nouveau feel – It has a very serious and dramatic tone. So I am guessing that the film will do the rounds on the European movie circuit and hit Cannes before it is released in South Africa”.

So fans will have to wait well into 2011 before we get to see Lira on the big screen. But now you know what to schedule into your diary for next year…

Bode George’s Health Worsens In Prison…

Bode George
Convicted and Ex Chairman Nigerian Port Authority health is deteriorating in kirikiri. The former deputy chairman of political party PDP, Bode George who was shamefully convicted of fraud alongside  five others by a Lagos State High Court over contract scams is ailing. Before he was convicted, it was common knowledge that Bode George and a few others had health problems. Prison sources inform that ALhaji AMinu Dabo received treatment at a public hospital in Lagos while a former director at NPA is still receiving treatment for urinary stricture, a condition where there is abnormal narrowing of the urinary tracts.
Bode George’s health is said to have worsens in prison and fellow inmate, Gbenga Abidoye has been transported on several occasions outside the prisons for medical treatment under very tight security.

Hanks Anuku Abandons Movies To Be Uduaghan’s Aide

While wondering the reason for actor Hank’s absence has he has not been a regular recently in movies because he is taking the RMD route where actors make use of their fame to get political appointments. RMD went absent from the movie scene and reappeared as a special adviser to Governor Uduaghan and went ahead to be a commissioner for Tourism. Just recently, sources informed that hunk actor, Hanks Anuku’s absence from the movie scene is due to his present appointment as a special aide to the Delta State Government. ‘He is special adviser to Uduaghan for tourism and entertainment taking after the footsteps of Mofe Damijo’, source said.
Hank is also informed to have abandoned his hobby of riding power bike for his political officeholder  in addition to losing his casual and gangster dress sense for a suit, T Shirt and trouser.

Funmi Iyanda’s Ex, Segun Odegbami Marries New Wife Without Dissolving Previous Marriage.

Segun and new wife, Oyindamola
Ace footballer, Segun Odegbami has performed the traditional family introduction to the Adeyemi family to request their daughter’s hand -  Oyindamola Adeyemi n marriage who he met at an event he put together for his NGO.  Segun dated top Talk show star Presenter and mother of his daughter – Morenike, Funmi Iyanda.
Segun and Oyindamola were spotted cuddling at the burial ceremony for the deputy chairman, Ondo State House Committee on Sport Hon Gbenga Elegbeleye’s father but it seem Segun is going ahead with his marriage plans to marry a new wife without dissolving marriage to first wife.
The Introduction
In an effort to confirm if his marriage to London based lover has been formally dissolved, Segun would rather ignore calls to clarify and would rather ‘want to face what his at hand on present’.
Source informs that there’s no court paper stating the separation between Segun and his first wife. ‘There’s no court paper saying he [Segun] had separated from his [first] wife but I believe they have an understanding‘, source said.

Theodora Odinenu And Minjin Lawson Are The First Black High School Musical’s Troy and Gabrielle

High School Musical - Theodora Odinenu And Minjin Lawson
Nigeria’s Troy and Gabrielle, Theodora Odinenu and Minjin Adewale Lawson. They are the world’s first black Troy and Gabrielle. The team at Kidztrust headed by Sheila Okonji Ashinze is in charge of making the event a success, and we learnt the team’s ready to do all it takes to make the Nigerian edition of HSM of international standard.
To start with, the organizers will be flying in American  singer Young Lloyd from his base in Atlanta for the first time. The young singer’s drop where he made known his intentions to visit Lagos, Nigeria for the highly publicized High School Musical hit the internet sometime last week, and it’s left a lot of kids, teenagers and young adults eagerly anticipating
The show will be anchored by three talented Nigerian superstars MI, AY and Stella Damasus.
Damasus and AY will guide guests through the event on May 27, 2010 in Lagos at the New Expo Hall, Eko Hotel while MI will do the same with the Abuja audience on May 30, 2010 at the Congress Hall, Transcorp Hilton.
The Cast.

Uche Jumbo And Ramsey Noah Are Shameless BB Addicts Too!

Let’s add our displeasure to the addiction of young Africans to blackberry. You get addicted to drugs, chocolate, sex and some including your righteous celebs are chronic addicts to the Blackberry device.
Uche Jumbo and Ramsey Are Addicts!
Uche Jumbo and Ramsey Noah.
Ramsey is a certified BB addict
Here is another blackberry addicted celeb culprit:
Another Culprit, BBing from a village setting.


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Message of the Week: Power for Service

Sam Adeyemi
Acts 10:38
Survival is the main drive of human existence. Even our national systems are tailored towards man's survival. The highest levels of fulfillment we will ever obtain, however, will be from by meeting other people's needs and not just our own. Jesus instructed us not to fret about our mundane needs in life because they will be taken care of, provided our focus is on establishing God's values and principles on earth. The investments of God in our lives are too enormous for us to expend all of them on ourselves, we need to use them to serve other people and generally add value to this world.
Jesus exemplified God's system of living on the earth by raising the dead, healing sicknesses, providing food, imparting knowledge and revelation etc. He further admonished that it is more blessed to give than to receive. We can choose either to be self-centered or to add value to people's lives by solving their problems. Our world will always be imperfect and troubles will remain as long as the devil is around but with the Holy Spirit resident in us; we have capacity to solve these problems for people.
Luke 4:17-19 highlights the purpose for Jesus' anointing, which was to meet needs and solve problems and not just for Himself. He was different from today’s Christians in our nation who want to be anointed only to get their needs met. The essence of the anointing is solely for solving problems with supernatural ability. The anointing and selfishness don't go together. Problem solving is the quickest route to leadership. Our rewards are determined by the problems we can solve. Promotion is a reward for solving problems. Matthew 6:33 portrays the rewards as benefits and not the main thing to expend the anointing on.
Being anointed frees you from being a liability to anyone; instead, you become the one addressing their challenges and adding value to them. Having the Holy Spirit bestows us with extraordinary capacity but our thinking needs to be transformed by the renewing of our minds as well. When we recognized that we are assets to God, all we need to fulfill God's bidding will be provided.
1 Corinthians 12:4-9 lists the gifts of the Holy Spirit which are given to us for the common good of all; they include the Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge, Faith, Healing, Working of Miracles, Prophecy, Discerning of spirits, Different kinds of Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues. The Holy Spirit determines what gift to give each person. With the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we will not function below capacity. It is, however, necessary to:
1. Recognize your gifts i.e. what works effortlessly for you.
2. Use your gifts; take advantage of every opportunity to solve a problem for someone.  
3. More importantly, let love be your motivation to solve problems. Don't seek the power of God for selfish purposes; the anointing gives us the power to serve others beyond our human ability.

The Anointed of the Destinys... Michelle Williams

Think you’ve got Michelle Williams all figured out? Think again. On her third recording, the multi-talented artist delivers an important message: Expect the “Unexpected.”
The sparkling, groove-laden “Unexpected” shows Michelle as she has never been seen before – as a saucy club vixen unleashing this season’s ultimate party soundtrack. For fans of her subtle and smooth work as one-third of the world-renowned Destiny’s Child, as well as her soul-stirring spiritual solo work, this is a brand-new Michelle Williams.
Or is it?
“This is simply another facet of who I have always been,” Michelle says with a smile. “I think there have been minor misperceptions of me. Yes, I take my work seriously. I’m a serious performer, and I’m an actress, and I’m a person of faith. But I’m also a girl who likes to cut loose. I like to hit the dance floor with my friends and party and laugh. This album is about that side of me.”
In truth, this project is about far more than that. “Unexpected” crackles with confidence and creativity. Michelle Williams does more than merely get her twirl on. She forges a fresh and innovative new sound that is destined to be emulated for years to come.
“I didn’t want to just follow trends with these songs,” she says. “I wanted to create new ones. I wanted to bring something different and exciting to the table.”
To accomplish this impressive feat, Michelle joined forces with rhythm renegade Rico Love to formulate a sound that merges muscular urban-funk with Euro-sweetened pop. “I’d been working on songs for this album, and it was going well,” the singer recalls. “But then I met Rico and everything changed. We had instant chemistry. We inspired each other. And the sound of this album was born.”
“Unexpected” begins its radio life with the hit-bound first single “We Break The Dawn,” Wayne Wilkins/Andrew Frampton/Solange Knowles composition that pops with a kinetic contrast of tribal drums and pillowy, synth-executed melody. “It captures that sensation of being with your people, the folks you love, and taking it from night to day with true celebration,” Williams says. “It’s a song of pure euphoria.”
Even when Michelle is exploring the rigors of romance on “Unexpected,” she does so with a splash of euphoria, as evidenced on the uniquely anthemic “Hello Heartbreak.” Michelle’s yearning, yet assured vocals are surrounded by cascading keyboards and thumping, disco-flavored beats.
“What can I say? I’m a woman who loves hard and who loves deep,” Michelle says with a smile. “But even when it goes wrong, I know that I will love again. My heart is big and open to life’s possibilities.”
The immeasurable breadth of life’s possibilities pervades “Unexpected,” whether it be in the exhileration of “Private Party” or in the intense emotional commitment of “Til The End Of The World.”
In addtion to Michelle’s fruitful primary musical union with Rico Love, she found electricity in collaborations with StarGate on the infectious “Stop This Car,” Jackpot on the sunny “Lucky Girl,” and Jim Jonsin on the evocative “The Greatest.”
“What I loved about the experience of making this album is that there were no limitations,” Williams says. “I learned so much about myself as a singer. I learned to use my voice in so many different ways. I feel renewed by this journey. I feel like I’ve climbed and conquered a big, new mountain in life.”
And that is the way Michelle Williams has always lived her life – conquering big, new mountains that are daunting for some… but never for her.
A native of Rockford, Illinois, Williams first began singing in her church’s choir, eventually joining a vocal group called United Harmony. Despite her passion for music, she pursued a degree in criminal justice at Illinois State University. After two years of school, she felt the inner pull toward her first love – performing.
She got her first professional experience as a backing vocalist for Monica, joining Destiny’s Child in 2000. With co-horts and friends Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland, Michelle went on to become one of the best-known and beloved performers in the world, earning three Grammy Awards and a string of No. 1 singles.
Along the way, Michelle explored solo terrain by releasing two gospel recordings: the Grammy®-winning “Heart To Yours” (2002), which featured a collaboration with the legendary Shirley Ceasar, and “Do You Know” (2004).
“Those albums were so fulfilling to create,” Williams says. “I learned how to stand on my own, which can be scary, but exciting.”
In between recordings and concert tours, Michelle has conquered yet another challenging mountain as an actress. First, she took the reigns of Broadway’s “Aida” in 2003 to critical acclaim and audience raves.
Then, in 2006, she took to the television screen for hotly touted, ground-breaking multi-episode run in the popular UPN sitcom “Half & Half,” where she played the role of Naomi, a record company executive who is HIV-positive. Later that year, she was featured on FOX’s successful “Celebrity Duets” series.
In 2007, Michelle took on her greatest acting challenge to date when she joined the cast of the Broadway smash “The Color Purple” for its national tour. She dazzled in the role of Shug Avery, which she describes as “crazy-cool fun. Every night on stage was an adventure.”
But Michelle Williams’ ultimate adventure lies in “Unexpected,” an album destined to establish her as a pop music force to be reckoned with. Despite such high potential, Michelle is just happy to have the chance to keep singing.
“Every day, I wake up and give thanks for the opportunities of my life,” she says. “I never take it for granted. In fact, I celebrate my amazingly good fortune every chance I get.”

Supermodel Beef: Jessica White Banned From Blood Diamond Naomi’s Birthday Bash

Naomi campbell Jessica White Sports Illustrated
We all know that Naomi Campbell has beef with other black supermodels (remember that crazy beef with Tyra back in the day)…poor thang Jessica White is her latest victim:
Guests at Naomi Campbell’s 40th birthday party at Hotel du Cap in the South of France had a whale of a time — except for model Jessica White, who we hear was barred at the front door at the request of Campbell herself. “The door girl told her she’d lose her job if she let Jessica in,” a spy says. “Naomi’s always been jealous of her because they look similar, except Jessica is 15 years younger.” Those who made it inside included Jennifer Lopez, Denise Rich, Sarah Ferguson, and Topshop honcho Sir Philip Green. Campbell’s rep didn’t get back to us.

Nas and Kelis officially over

Nas and kelis have officially divorced. Their five year marriage was officially dissolved by the pair in court, after Kelis cited irreconcilable differences. The pair have been separated since 2009. Kelis recently gave birth to their son, Knight. Regardless though, Nas continues to plead to have the monthly payments of $10,000, reduced to a manageable amount.

Lil Kim hooks up with Jay Z

Lil Kim is reportedly ready to revive her rap career, and release a new album. The petite rapper has reportedly signed a deal with Jay Z's Roc Live Nation label, and will soon start work on a new LP. The album is to be executive produced by Jay himself, and may drop at the end of the year. Lil Kim wants to give rappers like Nikki Minaj, who has been touted as a younger version, a run for her money; whether she still has it in her, remains to be seen.



Ilorin and Abuja came to life on Thursday, May 20 and Friday, May 21 as the party train of Hip Hop World Awards stormed the two cities. Music lovers and fun seekers flooded the venues in large numbers to 'party hard' with the nominees.

The Ilorin party was held at the exquisite Orient Restaurant and Lounge, GRA and it featured nominees like Artquake, Eva, Sideone, Ibiyemi and Skuki. Holding it down on the 'ones and twos' was DJ XChris from Primetime Africa and of 'cause he dished the hottest music in the land.

Terminal 5 Lounge at Usama, Maitama was the venue of the Abuja version of the rave. Nominees like Darey, Tee-Y Mix, Banky, Omawumi, Jaywon, OD, Terry tha Rapman and Pherowshuz held it down for the Federal capital. The duo of Ice K and Adex - Artquake joined the party train from Ilorin.

Fans turned out en masse to rock the party that has haunted their eardrums for weeks. Major radio stations across both cities had alerted and forewarned listeners of the intentions of the awards organisers, telling them to fasten their belts as the train hits their town.

Talking about partying hard, Abuja and Ilorin sure gave their best as they received the nominees and awards crew with open arms.

MTN, official sponsors of Hip Hop World Awards was present at both parties to reward some of their subscribers. They gave out internet data cards and blackberry phones to lucky winners through a raffle draw.

The grand finale of the nominees' party will hold on Thursday, May 27 at Garden View, Bourdilon Road, Ikoyi, Lagos and it may interest you to know that it will be a costume party. The nominees, other artistes and guests are expected to appear in costumes that depict Power, which is one of the emblems of the "Headie Plaque".

While looking forward to the Lagos pre-awards party, remember, the biggest music event in Nigeria, Hip Hop World Awards will hold on Saturday, May 29 at the exhibition hall of Eko Hotel, Lagos.

Tickets are now selling at all Nandos outlets in Lagos.

Hip Hop World Awards 2010�.Power. Prestige. Pride

D'banj Releases new single

Dbanj has released a new single, 'Endowed', off his forthcoming album of the same name. Following the release of the video for 'Fall In Love', the entertainer extraordinaire has upped the ante with this new single. The single has an obvious international sound to it, and comes on the heels of reports of a new distribution deal with an international label.

All Star Tribute Memorial Concert For Olaitan Da Grin Olanipekun

It has been more than a month since rap artiste Olaitan ‘Da Grin’ Olanipekun. Alex Ozone, a friend and club owner in Lagos state is putting together a concert in memorial of the late rap artiste Olaitan ‘Da Grin’ Olanipekun. The event billed for 29th of May would see a line up of music heavyweights in Nigeria gathering at the Moods club at Ogunlana Drive in Surulere, Lagos.
” [fans should expect] great performance from great artistes. top celebrities has cornfirmed that they will storm the concert and we are expecting a great crowd by God’s grace” Alex informs.
Artiste like Terry G,, Durella, Cartiair, Jaywon, Klever Jay, Yemi Sax, Beanpole, Big Lo would be entertaining fans present at the all night event.

Aliko Dangote To Buy Arsenal FC.

Aliko For Arsenal
Nigeria’s Forbes list billionaire Alhaji Aliko Dangote has entered the race to purchase a 16% stake in Arsenal FC.  Checks reveal that the Kano born billionaire registered his interest in the shares that is being sold by the club’s fourth-largest investor, Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith.
Aliko is a fan of Arsenal FC – “It started in 1980 when I forged a relationship with Mr David Dein, former vice chairman of the board of Arsenal” he said.
Bracewell-Smith’s stake is currently worth 96 million pounds, but she is seeking up to 160 million pounds for the shares.
However, Dangote is not alone in the quest to acquire the shares;  the other contenders include Arsenal’s two major existing investors, American business entrepreneur Enos Stanley “Stan” Kroenke and Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov. If either Kroenke or Usmanov secure the extra 16% stake, they will automatically become the club’s largest share holders and may launch full takeover bid.
The US broker firm Blackstone is alleged to have placed Mr. Dangote on the short list to buy the Arsenal stake.
Lady Bracewell-Smith is said to be seeking £160m for her shares after she was forced to put them on sale earlier this year, following the changes within the Arsenal board due to the exit of Richard Carr.
Hear her:
“I’m in total shock and very upset about the appalling way I have been treated. The board have no manners whatsoever and my views were ignored on many occasions. I can’t understand why I have been removed in such a ruthless fashion. I have had no proper explanation as to why they wanted me out so much. It is very difficult to accept especially after what my family has done for Arsenal for so many years.” “I’ve never had a thought of selling my Arsenal shares and I still don’t.”  – Huhuonline

Nas and Damian Marley Blown Away By Nneka’s Music

Nas and Damian Marley’s Distant Relatives album has been on the 18th of this month, May and on tour with them is Nigerian/German singer Nneka. Both Nas and Marley offer nothing but praise for Nneka and her recent LP concrete jungle, with the Nas being blown away by her “Heartbeat” single. They also comment on how she is connected to the distinctively African-influenced sound heard on Distant Relatives and how it makes her a perfect choice for the album’s tour.

Nas and Damian Marley

Miss Fiona Amuzie Afora Is MBGN 2010

Fiona Amuzie Afora.
Miss Fiona Amuzie Afora has won the 2010 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria. She was crowned by 2009’s Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Glory Chukwu. The pageant’s first and second runners-up were Odaloni Ngozi from Niger, and Charity Chinenye from Ekiti, respectively. The pageant took place at Expo Hall in Eko Hotel and Suites in the commercial capital of Nigeria, Lagos. Fiona Amuzie Afora will go on to compete in the 60th Miss World pageant in Vietnam this fall. Over 120 nations will participate in the pageant.
30 contestants competed for the title. Afora, who comes from Plateau, will represent Nigeria in Miss World 2010. The first runner-up is Ngozi Odaloni from Niger and the second runner-up is Chinenye Charity from Ekiti. She is a student of the University Of Jos in the Department of Science Laboratory Technology (SLT).
Fiona and other contestant