Sunday, February 23, 2014


Imagine some a few years back when everyone had to go to a photographer to take a picture.... now fast forward and we all have cameras on our gadgets... phones, tablets, laptops.. virtually everything... and now everyone (not just the girls) takes what we term as selfies..

Most guys would want to "man -up" and deny that they do take selfies as it does make us seem silly and less"manly" to take selfies.... but stop lying to yourself.. we like it.. the vanity of taking pictures of our "best facial-sides" .. sometimes one-too-many pictures.. to make sure we have the best pose and look before deleting and trying another one... and wait for it ..... the newly adopted  chat application - SNAP CHAT, which I find to be amazing to be honest... (I even have snap chat-besties.. lol... thats how I kill boredom when I am not in the library or at work.. take silly pictures of myself and send out by a tap on the virtual screen of my phone).

Whether its snap chat, instagram, facebooking and sometimes twitter (I wonder who does selfies on twitter though)... Selfies are here to stay.. at least for the next bit of a while with even the pope and President Obama taking part in the new trend.

Places I however find should be a total NO! on the selfie campaign includes toilets and the gym (lol.. ladies taking selfies of themselves in the mirror thinking their hips got bigger after two squats - No it didn't!). Aside from that, go on, take a selfie - you know you want to :p :p


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