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Obalende Suya, Peckham, London

Are you in London and you want Suya as good as home??
Then you need not look too far. Obalende suya is The Best you can get in London, authentic, very fresh, made right in front of you.
Downside: it takes a long time before you get your order and the asaro sells out in no time at all, that is how popular and how great it is.
The restaurant has some seating but is more apropriate for waiting for your order then for eating your food.
Still: they have THE BEST take away in South London at great prices.

Success Story of Obalende Suya:
During the early days, we would move the trailer to Kennington (by the park) for the evening trading. In the summer of 1992, we opened yet another outlet on Peckham High Street. A lorry cabin was adapted into a kitchen with an industrial extractor system for the charcoal barbeque.
The Peckham outlet brought with it a different experience altogether. The difference in flavour was clear between the gas fired barbeque in E & C and lump wood charcoal in Peckham.
The Peckham spot was more strategically located on the forecourt of a car "showroom" on the High Street. The cabin was stationary this time and provided ample seating with parking at the rear. It became an instant hit with other African Nationals, Sierra Leoneians in particular. We have gradually built our reputation strongly on professional excellence and reliability. So much so that we have been labelled in many quarterly publications as the "African McDonalds".
We have won many awards with the NatWest African Innovator of the Year Award as the most prestigious.

Naija Stars Storm London for Nottinghill Carnival

This year’s edition  of the Nottinghill carnival is themed ‘Getting close-up to our motherland’ with the intent to project the best of Nigeria to the rest of the world hence the decision to include several Nollywood stars and dozens of Nigerian musicians who
will serenade the guests will 100 percent home-made music.
Sodium Brand Solutions, organisers of the Nigerian corner revealed ‘Nigeria@50 dinner part is part of activities to mark this year’s celebration and major stars from Nollywood would be in London to grace the occasion”.
The party is being packaged to bring outstanding Nigerians in the UK together and celebrate their achievements including Tunde Bayewu of the music group light house  family, songstress Sade Adu, international celebrity designer-Alexander Amosu and Nigeria British born artist Yinka Shonibare.

Last year the official Nigerian corner at the Nottinghill carnival was on Adela Street Kensal Street in London and with a recorded attendance of over 2 million tourists from different countries of the world.

Notthinghill Carnival is the second largest street carnival in the world. The carnival started in the UK as a Afro-Caribbean festival in 1965 and it has continually held annualy in the city of London since.

In 2007, there was no meeting point for Nigerian revelers at the Notthinghill Carnival in London. The first Nigerian corner debuted on August 31, 2009

Last year’s edition featured the likes of DJ Jimmy JATT, El Dee D Don, Gbenga Adeyinka, Ayo Animashaun, Kenny Ogungbe, Dayo Adeneye, Ayo Shonaiya, DJ Abass and several others on Adela Street off Kensal road end. This year, Banky W is billed to perform.

This year’s Nigerian corner is organised by Reve Entertainment and Sodium Brand Solution, and Supported by NET, Primetime Entertainment, BlackHouse Media, Digiprint and Hip-hop world Magazine

Kaffy the dancer, adds singing to her portfolio

One of Nigeria’s leading dancers and choreographers Kafayat Shafau a.k.a. Kaffy is launching her music career, after over a decade of her reign as the music industry’s number one dancer.
The gifted dancer, who won the Silverbird-Nokia Danceathon in 2006 after dancing for 55 hours and 40 minutes, told us early this week, that she’s now ready to pursue a career as an artiste, with the release of her debut singles ‘Omo Lasgidi’ and ‘What U Got’.
The singles were produced by TK and EL Emcee.
Just like DJ Jimmy JATT, who fought hard to gain recognition for DJs, Kaffy, 30,  is respected by her peers for earning the Nigerian dancer some respect. Gone are the days when the dancer was an ordinary side-kick; a side attraction. Today, many dancers and their crews are hosting performances on their own; hitting stages all over the world as independent acts, and getting paid in full. And now, Miss Shafau is taking it further – becoming one of the few in her industry to add a recording career to their portfolio.
‘Well I’m just recording for now’ Kaffy. ‘I need a lot of music for my projects – DVD, Films, and my stage performances’.
‘I’m also working with producer Sossick on other stuff’ she told us.
Kaffy is also a fitness instructor and the founder of Imagneto Dance Academy.

Cultivating the Heart of Rejoicing

Godman Akinlabi
Philippians 4: 2-5, 2 Corinthians 4: 7-10
 The power of the Holy Spirit is active in an atmosphere of rejoicing. We, therefore, must strive to maintain an attitude of joy because it's the key to prevailing over difficult circumstances or enemies. Rejoice in the Lord always because He knows we live in a turbulent world and He will always make a way for us. A gloomy heart will repel the Holy Spirit, so even though we are hard pressed, perplexed and persecuted on every side, the correct thing to do is to rejoice in the love of God.
A joyous attitude is a choice; the way we feel is under our control. When we understand the depth of the love of God, it becomes easier to be full of joy and rejoicing because then we are confident that God will always be with His own people.
Joy has got to come from the heart. Let's bear in mind that “it's not because things are bad that we are sad; rather, it's because we are sad that things are bad”. Despairing is a waste of time, as well as murmuring and complaining. When we choose to stop wallowing in sadness, our circumstances begin to change for the better; if we refuse to allow our emotions to be tossed about by physical circumstances, then, the view that God is working things together in our favour prevails.
Recorded in the bible is the story of two apostles, Paul and Silas. They cast out demons from a slave girl who was possessed with a spirit of divination and claimed to foretell the future. This greatly infuriated the crowd especially as some people were making money off her. So, they were beaten mercilessly, thrown into jail and their feet were fastened with heavy chains. The apostles, instead of despairing, prayed and sang hymns of praise to God and there was a great earthquake which shook the foundations of the prisons and the doors opened and their chains came loose. ACTS 16:16-26.
We all have to emulate the attitude of those apostles by deliberately ignoring the circumstances gnawing at us and reach
for God through rejoicing. A merry heart causes things to happen in our favour of their own accord. Rejoice! Again, I say,

Absolutely FALSE! Jim Iyke responds to vicious online rumours

Culled from
Over the last few weeks, a number of disturbing stories about superstar Nigerian actor Jim Iyke have popped up on various gossip sites online.
These allegations include speculation that Jim contracted HIV from his “married Sierra Leonean secret lover” and that she has given birth to a child fathered by Jim.
The rumour peddlers also included a photo of Jim with an elderly Caucasian woman as supposed evidence to support the fallacious story.
Sometimes we forget that celebrities are real people but this seriously crosses the line! The situation is being addressed by Jim’s Management and PR company who have contacted the police, taken legal action and just sent out a press release on the issue.
Here is the press release from Jim Iyke’s Management and PR Representatives – Face Front Concepts
Our attention has been drawn to the malicious story currently circulating the net about Nollywood Star actor, Mr. Jim Iyke. The bogus story, as with stories of its kind is fabricated and riddled with lies. The timing is intentionally designed to coincide with Mr. Iyke’s commencement of a tour to promote his new comedy “2 DOLLAZ”.
The source of the story is a Nigerian journalist who has recently earned a reputation for blackmailing entertainers in exchange for not peddling lies in the media about them. Mr. Iyke has now filed a criminal petition in Lagos, Nigeria against this unscrupulous journalist and is in the process of starting legal action in Ghana and Amsterdam against the offending websites and companies.
Mr. Iyke holds members of the press in very high esteem and has indeed enjoyed a good relationship with them. However, in this case, he is forced to legally defend his rights against journalists, websites and newspapers who insist on publishing defamatory statements about him.
Jim is thankful for the support he enjoys from well meaning people around the world despite the lies and negative campaign instituted by these people. He will go ahead with plans to release his films later this year.
For further inquiries, please contact Mr. Iyke’s management company at
It is really distressing that such malicious stories will be published without any sort of confirmation. We all love gist but disseminating slanderous unconfirmed stories such as this is utterly unethical!
On a brighter note, Jim is busy promoting his new movie “2 Dollaz“, a follow-up to the hit comedy movie “1 Dollar”.
Here are some exclusive promo photos of Jim!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Haitian hip-hop star Wyclef Jean has released a song to local radio stations criticising officials who have banned him from running for president.

The track, performed in Haitian Creole, translates as Jail for the Provisional Electoral Council and accuses President Rene Preval of engineering the singer's disqualification from the running.

"It's not Wyclef that you have expelled, it is the youth you have denied," the 40-year-old sings.

Mr Preval has not commented. His spokesman said he had been told of the song's existence.

Jean, who has also posted the song on Twitter, sings: "I know all the cards are in your hands. I voted for you to be president in 2006, why today did you reject my candidacy?"

Residency requirement: Last week, the Haitian constitution ruled Jean and 14 other contenders out.

The rules require candidates to have lived in the country for five years prior to an election.

Jean lives in the US, but says he has been a roving ambassador for Haiti.

He argues that this exempts him from the residency requirement.

The star appealed against the ruling, but an electoral council lawyer said the decision was final.

Haiti is still recovering from January's earthquake which killed an estimated 230,000 people and left more than one million homeles


Michael Jackson's parents are set to divorce after 60 years of marriage, after the King of Pop's mother Katherine became tired of her husband Joe's cruel behaviour.

The pair became estranged five years ago, and live apart, but the family matriarch reportedly decided to file for divorce after Joe, 81, suggested she was to blame for their son's shock death last year. Jackson, who was accused of abusing Michael as a child, said in June: "I begged her to go over and stay with him, but she insisted he needed his privacy." Katherine retaliated, saying through her spokesperson: "Joe Jackson's statement and conduct toward Mrs Jackson are outrageous." Referring to the abuse of their children, the spokesperson then said: "The world also knows who Joe Jackson is and he seems bent on never letting us forget." Katherine considered the attack, the final straw.

Katherine has sole custody of her late son's three children: Prince Michael, 13, Paris, 12, and Blanket, 8, in Encino, California while Joe resides in Las Vegas. Despite already being separated, Katherine was said to be reluctant to officially end the marriage because as a Jehovah's Witness she does not believe in divorce.

The couple is parents to nine children including Jackson 5 members Michael, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon, married in November 1949 and have 26 grandchildren. They put on a united front to support Michael during child abuse accusations against him and mourned side by side at his funeral after his death in June last year, aged 50. In 2007, Michael accused his father -- who he does not mention in his will -- of beating him when he was a child.


Seem like it was all publicity stunt between Genevieve and  D’banj. In a news report aired on STV’s E weekly. Apparently, D’banj lied in  the interview he granted where he informed that they were an item.  STV’s E weekly quoted Genevieve to have said ‘ D’banj is not her kind of man’ which explains why they came separately to Ita Giwa’s birthday party weeks after D’banj’s interview where  he revealed he was having an affair with the actress.

Genevieve was also quoted to have said: “It’s ridiculous, though. D’banj is not a bad guy, the fact however remains that he’s just not fit into my kind of guy”.

It would been justified to say she never directly denied the affair when she was asked earlier if she was dating D’banj because she was still basking off the euphoria of  the huge sum she was paid to play the role in the recently released ‘fall in love’ video as there’s not an explanation that works for the situation.

“The fact that Genevieve was handsomely rewarded for the role she plays in the musical video has not made her to be linked romantically with the kokomaster. As I am talking to you right now, she is not comfortable at all with the whole set up.” A friend close to her reportedly said.

YQ – EfiMile (Remix) ft. Naeto C, M.I, Banky W, eLDee, Ice Prince

The original version of this song is what brought YQ and even the late DaGrin to the lime light. Their innovative collaboration kept this song banging in people’s CDs for a while. If you watched the video for ‘Efimile‘, you saw the hunger in the young YQ during his performance and his eager anticipation to blow. Now, he has reached a respectable status in the music industry and is getting ready to drop his much anticipated ‘I AM YQ’ album under 2Koncept/Storm 360 on ground in Nigeria this weekend and online  on Monday Morning. I can personally say that I have seen YQ evolve into a stronger and more mature artiste.
As you can see, this remix here is packed with big names so you should only expect a big Tune! Listen and share your thoughts.
yq album Exclusive: YQ   EfiMile (Remix) ft. Naeto C, M.I, Banky W,
 eLDee, Ice Prince

Onyeka Onwenu Visits Project Fame

This week, the nation’s most watched music show, MTN Project Fame will be graced by the presence of none other than Nigeria’s premier entertainer, Onyeka Onwenu.
The singer will encourage contestants and help them improve their singing and performing skills. Contestants will also have the chance to ask her questions.
In honour of her immense contribution to Nigerian music, the contestants performed some of her hits yesterday. Onyeka Onwenu was present during the performances as she and the other four judges were on hand to appraise the performances of the contestants.
In this season’s edition of Project Fame, celebrities routinely visit the contestants and then go on to double as celebrity judges over the weekend but Onyeka Onwenu’s appearance this week will arguably be the icing on the cake because of the immense role she has played in the development of Nigerian music. Other celebrities that have featured in the third season of Project Fame include Asa, SaminiLagbaja and Frank Edoho. Last week, Yinka Davies was the guest/celebrity judge.
Onyeka Onwenu was born on the 17th of May, 1961 in the city of Onitsha. She originally trained as a journalist earning a Masters’ degree in America. Despite her interest in journalism, she had far greater love for music. In 1981 with the aid of late Sunny Okosun released her self-titled debut album Onyeka. With the success of her first album, she has gone on to release quite a number of albums. Onyeka Onwenu has an illustrious recording career that only most artistes dream about. Her evergreen song One Love is regarded as one of the all time great Nigerian songs.

FG Plans New NGN50 Note for Independence Anniversary – Might Replace Current Notes.

Yesterday, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation – Yayale Ahmed announced that new NGN50 notes would be released on September 29, 2010 for public use to celebrate the Nigerian independence day. The notes would have the celebration’s logo and there would also be commemorative coins  that would be handed out by the President to visitors as souvenirs.
The new note  might replace the present notes, Mr Ahmed informed.

Empress Njamah Finally Speaks On Timaya: He Is Obsessed With Me.

Empress Njamah
Empress Njamah just recently spoke about the last year  breakdown of her affair with singer Timaya – addressing all the accusations by Timaya, his sister and producer/friend K Solo. She say:
I will first correct that word, Love. I don’t think he is in love with me. I know he is obsessed with me. Anyone that is in love will not do the things he has been doing. You know what obsession means? He is obsessed with me. And talking about a second chance, you know sometimes you get into some wrong situations for Christ to actually elevate you. Everything can’t be rosy. Without events, there won’t be history. People make mistakes, but the most important thing is to correct the mistakes. I’m correcting my mistakes and that is the best I can say. I won’t go to the papers and start saying stuff that his sisters said. This time and age, you want to tarnish someone’s image and then you just go to the press and start talking rubbish. I still have the papers, talking about my diabolical approach to issues, talking about me caging their brother, talking about me having charms in my bag and then you went to my church and my pastor asked youto bring sponge. You know you could go free doing what you want to do, but don’ forget that God lives. You probably might not get your punishment now but, you know that what they do, artists. It’s easy for someone to go to the papers and say bullshit but the most important thing is that people know me. I have friends who stood by me when everything happened. I know the people, I have musicians, many of his friends, they know the truth, I know the truth. I will never go to the press and talk rubbish. I had been in the industry long before he even thought of raising a key in music. I know how it’s been. I always ask God to help me in anything I do. I just don’t make a move and regret it later…..

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thuli Sithole is Enjoying Motherhood Though it is ‘A Job With no Salary’

Thuli and Son
Thuli Sithole is Miss South Africa 2006 but in this year, she is married and with a four months old son. As Sourth Africa’s YOU! informs she has swopped her designer handbags for a baby carry-all.  The beauty queen married the Royal Highness Prince Cedza Dlamini (34), nephew of Swaziland’s King Mswati III.
The four months old prince is Chawe Thandolwethu who she says “He has his dad’s looks but his mom’s spirit”.
“When he was three months old we had his anointing ceremony in Swaziland,” Thuli tells. The ceremony was an official naming ritual and Prince Chawe (which means warrior) Thandolwethu Dlamini was introduced to everyone in the family.
Thuli is looking at getting back to work once she finds a nanny. She’s going into lifestyle management now – which will manage aspects of clients’ lives they don’t have time for.
“It’s like being a PA, although I will hire people to help me. It’s aimed at busy successful people, to help make their lives easier and more manageable.”
She doesn’t intend to miss every single moment with her song so she would be working from home.
Thuli is starting to realise motherhood is the toughest – and most rewarding – job she’ll ever do.
“It comes with no salary but the greatest joy, contentment and love. It’s like being the CEO of another human being with great perks,” she says.
Thuli admits she has always been hard on herself, pushing herself and not being entirely happy with even the best achievements. “But this is the first time I’ve given myself a pat on the back for a job well done!”

Ultima Studio Issues Statement After Fire Incident – Tell How The Fire That Burnt Down The Million Naira Studio Started.

Ultima as it burnt down.
A statement has been released following the fire that burnt down the studio that puts together the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and MTN Project Fame west Africa show. The statement issued on Monday, August 23rd read:
In spite of the mysterious fire that ravaged Ultima Studios on Sunday August 22, 2010, the company has stated that their two currently running productions WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? and MTN PROJECT FAME WEST AFRICA season 3 would continue as scheduled.
A recording for WWTBAM had just ended, when crew members noticed a minor fire, late Sunday. But what started as a little ball soon turned into huge flames as extinguishers failed to contain the fire.
Staff and contestants who were housed in the Academy were promptly evacuated. There were no injuries nor lives lost. However, both the studios for WWTBAM and MTN Project Fame West Africa were badly hit and invaluable equipment lost to the inferno.
Ultima CEO, Femi Ayeni, told reporters on the site, Sunday, “although the incident is catastrophic and the loss shattering, we’re grateful to God that no lives were lost. The contestants are safe and we are confident that the show will go on, and in no time at all we will be back on air so keep watching.”
Early visitors to the site included MTN’s GM Consumer Marketing, Kola Oyeyemi. MTN, Nigeria’s largest telecoms company, is the sole sponsor for WWTBAM and the title sponsors for Project Fame.  “This is a monumental disaster. We can’t even begin to comprehend the personal, emotional and material loss. But in all we thank God that no lives were lost. MTN is committed to enriching lives through our different services, properties and initiatives and we are already discussing with our partners at Ultima on how to make sure this tragedy does not distract us”.
Ultima is determined to take this incident in its stride and plans are on to return to full and enhanced production of WWTBAM and PFWA.
Ultima burnt to ashes.

MTV Africa Music Awards Comes to Nigeria in 2010.

Peter Okoye at the 2008 MAMAs Press briefing
MTV Networks Africa (MTVNA) and Bharti Airtel (formerly Zain) have confirmed that they will be holding the 2010 MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) in Lagos, Nigeria.   MTVNA’s jubilant celebration of contemporary African music and creativity will be held at the EKO EXPO Hall, Lagos on 11 December 2010, focusing the spotlight on Africa’s most outstanding musicians, from the heart of one of the continent’s most vibrant cities.
The 2010 MTV Africa Music Awards with Airtel will take the form of a stunning live music event and global television spectacular, featuring performances from contemporary African and international music giants and hosted by a major music celebrity. Artists from around the continent will battle to win a coveted MAMA trophy in one of twelve award categories including: Best Male, Best Female, Best Video, Best Group, Artist of the Year, Best Lusophone Act, Best Anglophone Act, Best Francophone Act, Song of the Year, Brand: New Act, Best International Act and MAMA Legend.
Commented Alex Okosi, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, MTV Networks Africa, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Airtel to bring the MTV Africa Music Awards with Airtel to Lagos for the first time and look forward to delivering the most exciting MAMA yet on 11 December.”
Said Mr. Beyers, “Airtel is proud to be at the forefront in nurturing talent in Africa and connecting the passions of millions of youth across the continent through music. Our support for the MAMA awards is founded on our commitment to empower the youth through initiatives that will help Africa to identify and celebrate talent.”
The awards celebrate contemporary African and international genres loved by the youth and young adults across sub-Saharan Africa including Hip Hop, Hip Life, R&B, Afro Pop, Afro House, Kwaito, Boomba, Bongo Flava, Coupé Décalé, Dancehall, Soul and Rock.
The inaugural MAMA was held at the Velodrome, Abuja in 2008, while October 2009 saw the awards move to Nairobi, Kenya, with performances from 2Face (Nigeria), Amani (Kenya), A.Y. (Tanzania), Blu3 (Uganda), Brickz (South Africa), Da LES (South Africa), D’Banj (Nigeria), Fally Ipupa (DRC), HHP (South Africa), Lizha James (Mozambique), M.I. (Nigeria), Mo’ Hits Allstars (Nigeria), Nameless (Kenya), Pype (Nigeria), Samini (Ghana), STL (Kenya), Lira (South Africa), Wahu (Kenya) and Zebra & Giraffe (South Africa), alongside international stars Wyclef Jean and Akon.
Past winners have included 2face (Nigeria), Nameless (Kenya), Samini (Ghana), Wahu (Kenya), HHP (South Africa), D’Banj (Nigeria) and Patricke-Stevie Moungondo (Congo Brazzaville).

Patti LaBelle to Play The Role of Fela Kuti’s Mother in Award-Winning Broadway Musical FELA

Grammy Award-winning and multi-platinum recording artist Patti LaBelle will join the cast of the award-winning Broadway musical FELA! on September 14, when she takes over the role of revered Nigerian musician Fela Kuti’s mother, Funmilayo Anikulapo-Kuti.
“I am both thrilled and honoured to be joining the cast of FELA! After seeing the show, I was struck by the choreography and work of Bill T Jones, and the passion and joy that overflows from the stage.
“Funmilayo was an inspiring woman, and I am so privileged to be able to pay tribute to her on the Broadway stage,” says LaBelle.
The Kutis were held in high esteem. Fela’s father was a reverend, while his mother was a school teacher – and the first woman to drive a car in Nigeria. A strong character, she watched her son constantly persecuted for his belief as he fearlessly attacked the government on its excesses.
A brilliant lyricist and saxophonist, Fela’s Afrobeat music remains timeless. But it’s not only his music that is a source of memory, but also his unbelievable stamina that saw him having lots of women. He made history when he married 27 women – all his backing vocalists – in one ceremony.
Women, especially courageous ones, are rarely celebrated. This musical affirms that since time immemorial African women have been strong, protecting their own fiercely.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Praise-through to Breakthrough

Godman Akinlabi
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Almighty God created the earth and everything that is in existence. He reigns supreme and maintains the earth in a perfect balance. He lives forever, and He showers us with His abundant blessings because He loves us. God is good! He has been good to us all and we can testify of His many blessings; so, He deserves our praise, worship and adoration. He requires it of us because it's the one thing He does not do for himself. Praise is our primary duty to God. We cannot do much more for Him, considering the fact that all we have was put at our disposal by God. When we give God the praise He deserves, we position ourselves for more blessings. Praise accelerates the speed with which our breakthroughs arrive. Sometimes, we erroneously think we need to labour and groan in lengthy prayers to get our needs met, but it's not so. Praise will do the trick because God inhabits the praises of His people. The kind of praise that brings breakthroughs is robust praise; the type of praise that Paul and Silas gave in jail. ACTS 16:23-26. The best thing to do when we face harsh circumstances is to praise God. Understandably, it won't be easy, but it's at such times we would be offering the sacrifice of praise. HEBREWS 13:15. With an understanding of Who God is, we should break out in praise when life deals hard blows, you'll find that He will bring new, joyful things into our lives, restore whatever we lost and make us whole again. Let's go ahead and praise God through for our breakthroughs!!  

Miss Universe 2010 – African Queens in Traditional, Evening & Swimwear – The Winner was Miss Mexico

The Miss Universe 2010 pageant took place last night with Miss Mexico emerging the winner  in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Last week, We introduced the seven African queens represented  our continent. Now, you get to see the ladies in new looks including their traditional wear and evening wear.
Based on the comments from our last feature, it seems as though Miss Ghana is the favoured African Queen. On the Miss Universe website, the African queen with the highest user rating is Miss South Africa with 2.54 points, Miss Ghana is second with 2.49. At the bottom of the pile, Miss Angola has 1.72 and Miss Nigeria is at 1.84.
We believe that their ratings are low because we don’t vote. Many countries especially in South America are seriously fanatical about voting for their beauty queens!
Then again, maybe we have more important things to worry about besides voting for beauty queens.
Anyway, its all in good fun! Check out the photos below and we will find out the final results tonight! All the best to all the girls.

Nigeria – Ngozi Odalonu

Angola – Jurema Ferraz

Botswana – Tirelo Ramasedi

Egypt -Donia Hammed

Ghana – Awurama Simpson

South Africa – Nicole Flint

Tanzania – Hellen Dausen

Zambia – Alice Musukwa


Tiwa Savage

tiwaSavage 1024x1024 Tiwa Savage (notjustOk Hype)

Tiwa Savage needs no formal introduction on . Her music was first featured o in 2007 and since then she has dropped music sparingly due to her songwriting deal she got with  Sony records. However, she is getting ready to release a full length album in 2011 and we are convinced that she is one to look out for.
One Way Ticket
As far as you can remember, how long have you been in the music business?
Since I was about 15/16.
tiwa back 300x300 Tiwa Savage (notjustOk Hype)So how did you realize that you could sing and how did you go from singing for fun to singing as a career?
I think I realized when I would hear that I could actually mimic what some singers were doing, like I could learn and copy their ad libs and runs. I got my first paid gig as a background singer for George Michael. But only after I got signed to SONY as a songwriter was when I started earning money from music alone and not needing a day job.
Wow! George Michael? How did you get that gig?
Someone heard me singing at this local talent show and recommended me to the music director for George Michael. He was looking for background singers and so I went to audition and I got it. The show was in wembley arena in front of about 80,000 people. That show changed my life and I knew in my heart that one day I would be singing on a stage like that.
That’s big; Wembley Arena and you went on to sing backup for Sting, Mary J Bige and a few others. I saw your X-Factor final performance what was you experience on the show like?
Wow that was such an amazing experience, it was also a painful experience ’cause obviously I wanted to get through to the final stage but it gave me a taste of what having great exposure is and how to work to handle it. In hindsight I am blessed to not have made it cause I would not have been blessed to sign with SONY.
Very True. Speaking of Sony how did you land that deal?

It was by the grace of God. I wrote a song that Fantasia (winner of American idol) heard, loved and recorded. I was living in NY then and my visa was about to expire, the vice president of Sony heard the song and asked me to come to his office the next day. He heard my other songs and offered me a deal. It was such a blessing from God because in one second my situation changed for the better.
Middle Passage
What inspired ‘Middle Passage’… You pretty much praised and encouraged the African Man… And how did you come up with the sound and direction of how you composed the song? Its different
Yes o, I have to balance it out because “kele kele” was kind of not on the boy’s side. lol.. No but really I admire African men so much. I see men around me like cousins, friends even my brothers and I see how hard they work just to keep up with the demands of the western world. I wanted a song to encourage them cause a lot of them hustle so hard to provide for themselves and family back home and they come against so many struggles and stigmas just being African. I wanted something just for African men ’cause as far as I have seen they are one of the most intelligent, most hardworking men in the world. Thanks for the compliment :)
tiwasavage2 Tiwa Savage (notjustOk Hype)You are now in full Artiste Mode even though you still have your writer mode on. What are your plans now as an artiste? Are you getting ready to drop an album and if so when can we expect a Tiwa Savage album?
It is so much work, I still have to write for other artists like I have a song on Fantasia’s new album called “collard greens & cornbread” I have a song with Kat Deluna featuring Akon and many others and I am writing my album too which is about 70% done. I am hoping to drop my album early 2011. I have so much music that I cant wait to share. So many styles; I am so excited and overwhelmed by the love and support that I have received thus far
We hear you also have a song recorded with the producer SoSick (DaGrin). How was it working with him in the studio and can we expect any other Nigerian producers or artistes on the album?
Sossick is soooo amazing. We had instant chemistry and the record he did for me is so unexpected. I love the song and it is featuring Leo Wonder. He is one to watch out for; his voice is so sweet. I am hoping to work with more artists and producers in Nigeria. People didn’t expect that I could do a song like Kele Kele, they thought I was just a soulful singer but now people see a different side to me. So me collaborating with someone like 9ice would not be so far fetched. I admire Nigerian artistes so much and am looking forward to working with who will work with me :)
Ife Wa Gbona ft. Leo-1der (Produced by Sossick)

Yes when I heard Kele Kele, it pleasantly surprised me. I guess it is safe to say that it is the official single off the upcoming album. When is the video coming out?
Yeah kele kele is my 1st single, it wasn’t going to be but it got out and I started getting great reviews about it. Girls loved it and so we decided to go ahead with it. The video is still in post production because it is all green screen and there are a lot of graphics to be added. It should be out early September, God willing.
Perfect! Are you currently signed to a record label in Nigeria?
Yes I am signed to 323 Entertainment. Owned by Tee billz and myself.
O yeah? How did you meet Tee Billz (Sauce Kid’s former manager)?
I met Tee Billz through a mutual friend in LA, at first he wasnt really excited because he comes across artists all the time. He eventually took a meeting, heard some songs and from then on he was fully onboard, working endless hours on this project from video, to photoshoots to studios, etc.
Nigerian National Anthem by Tiwa Savage
So you are going the solo route. I like that. Would you like to add anything else that I may have skipped?
I just wanna say a huge thank you to all who have supported me. I really appreciate the love. I wanna thank Notjustok because you guys have been amazing. I also have to say a big thank you to my close friends and family beacuse it is not easy but their love has kept me going also Tee Billz because he is more that my business partner, he is a dear friend and my mentor and none of this would have happened without him. I wanna thank God; HE is my everything.

TERRY G's Gay Look... eeeww!!

Terry G tries radical and sexy look at a photo shoot anchored by Bode Lawson. He comes nothing close to sexy – at most he poses GAY!
Terry G. Courtesy Bode Lawson
Terry G - " I must SEXY@"
Terry G tries it with shoes. how does that work?

Femi Otedola Goes On Exile

F. Otedola
The hottest news in the country right now is the purported self-exile of one of Nigeria’s richest men, Femi Otedola.
According to news reports, the billionaires travails is not unconnected to the crisis rocking oil marketing firm, African petroleum (AP) of which he is chairman.
The owner of AP’s major investor, Zenon Petroleum and Gas limited, is currently on self-exile in England, allegedly to escape avoid another attempt on his life, according to a report on Next newspaper.
Mr Otedola had alleged threats to his life last year when an elevator in his company’s headquarters malfunctioned mid-way, with him in it.
The incident with the elevator was reported to the police, with the management alleging sabotage.
A senior official of the company, Clement Aviomoh, the executive director, finance and information technology was fingered but he denied involvement, explaining how Mr. Otedola’s actions caused the incident.
“On the 5th of July 2010, there was a scheduled board meeting of AP Plc; the chairman stormed the venue with 150 armed mobile police men. He entered the lift with too many security operatives thereby overloading the lift. Thereafter the lift got stuck and we got a report from CFAO and the maintenance engineer that clearly stated that there was no foul play,” Mr. Aviomoh stated.
However, forensic examination of the lift indicates it was tampered with, sources quoted by Next said.
The AP crisis was first brought to the fore in July last year when Access Bank, one of the company’s creditors, alleging the company’s insolvency, asked a court to wind up AP following its inability to pay its debt.
“The company is insolvent and unable to pay its debts. In the circumstances, it is just and equitable that the company should be wound up,” a statement by the bank said.
Mr. Aviomoh’s problem with the management can be traced back to his claims that;
“in 2009, African Petroleum plc made a loss of about N15 Billion, this was due to the fact that the Chairman’s companies (Zenon Petroleum and Gas Company Limited, Platinum Fleet Limited and Fineshade Energy limited) started selling products to African Petroleum Plc at Higher prices than normal, at times higher than the retail pump price at gas station.”
Mr. Aviomoh’s claim earned him a suspension.
Though no statement from Mr. Otedola has been heard on the present exile story, it is hoped that the issue is less serious than it looks.
The billionaire was named by Forbes magazine as being among the world’s richest billionaires last year.


Ultima Studios, venue of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" and "MTN Project Fame" was last night burnt down to ashes.
According to the studio's spokesman Tunji Adebakin, the fire was discovered at the "MTN Project Fame" wing of the studio which houses the housemates of the TV reality show, after the studio crew finished shooting last night's edition of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" around 8pm.

"No life was lost, but we couldn't save anything", he added.

As at press time, the cause of the outbreak is yet to be identified.

The chief of the Fire Service agency on his part said they were alerted few minutes after 9pm by a passer-bye, therefore they couldn't do much to save the situation.

Kween Comes Back Home

Kween returns...
Kween Onokala is back in town, two years after abruptly leaving for London.
The sexy singer was already on her way to joining the A-list, when she got pregnant for club proprietor Dotun Omotoye, in 2008. And, before anyone could spot the bump, she was off to London- her city of refuge. London it was, that Kween gave birth to her first child Tyresse nearly 10 years ago.
She gave birth to her second boy Tyronne, in London on Saturday January 31, 2009 and even though she promised to return on time to get married (to fiancé Dotun Omotoye) resume work on her career and release her long overdue debut album, Ms Onokala remained away for two years, causing many to think she had bid Nigeria adieu for good.
Sources say Mr Omotoye spent some time in London last December; reuniting with Kween and Tyronne, and putting up solid machinery for their return.
On Thursday August 5, Kween quietly returned home with her babies. No word yet on her wedding; but a spokesperson tells us she’s finally ready to release her album Thy Kweendom Come.
She’s back for good‘, said her rep.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Terry Crews on Montana Fishburne's Porn Career: 'This Might Be A Blessing In Disguise'

With most of black Hollywood remaining silent about the career choice of Montana Fishburne, fellow dad and Lottery Ticket star Terry Crews is speaking out about the controversial subject.
“I’m not going to say it’s not a bad thing, because it is," begins Crews. "And I’m sure it’s breaking Laurence’s [Fishburne] heart.  But the thing is, Montana’s life is not over and this story is not done. People are pretty much writing the end of it right now. God has a plan. Whatever the devil is trying to destroy her with, I know for a fact that anything can be turned around—anything.”
Crews weathered his own public family storm on his reality show The Family Crews when his eldest unwed daughter, Naomi revealed she was pregnant. And he believes people are not examining what could be apart of the 19-year old Fishburne's personal journey and overall bigger picture.
“Stranger things have happened, Montana might end up in a missionary,” says The Expendables star. “She might be the one to write the book about how she got messed up, she got it wrong, went thru a phase, was reacting [to something in her life] and took the wrong path. This might be a blessing in disguise.”
Although while it’s hard to compare Naomi Crews' decision to be an unwed teenage mom to Montana’s porn career, the 42-year old actor says at the end of the day he has a lot in common with Montana’s famous father.
“I’m sure Laurence felt the same way I did when I found out my daughter was pregnant. You feel like you failed, like you didn’t do your job,” says the star of TBS sitcom, Are We There Yet. “You want to see your little girl grow up, find the man of her dreams and you see the marriage and everything [else].” Crews' final thoughts on Montana? "I hope one day she’ll know that she’s valued."—Ronke Idowu Reeves

Culled from Vibe Magazine

Expressing Ur Faith Through Praise

Sam Adeyemi
Rom 4:13-20 With God, nothing is impossible; no situation is past redemption, He raises dead bodies, dead careers, dead dreams, dead marriages and relationships; He recovers dead financial situations, He calls the things which do not exist as though they did and creates something out of nothing. If we will succeed in our faith, we must cooperate with God and call the things that do not exist as though they did and must be ready to look crazy before people as a result. When we operate at this level, we will never magnify a negative situation because we know it's temporary and secondly, we can create what we want out of nothing. With our mouth, we can create the realities we desire. Our situation cannot be hopeless when God is part of the equation, just look at Abraham! Calling the things that do not exist as though they did, entails praising God as if what we are expecting has already happened. The apparent non-existence of what we expect in the natural is no proof that it does not exist in the spiritual. The moment God says a thing, it comes into existence automatically. Therefore, expressing faith through praise means acting as if it is so, when it seems not to be so, for it to be so, because it is so! Habakkuk 3: 17-19 declares that 'Though the fig tree may not blossom, nor fruit be on the vines; though the labour of the olive may fail, and the field yield no food; though the flock may be cut off from the fold, and there be no herd in the stalls – yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation. The Lord is my strength; He will make my feet like deer's feet, He will make me walk on my high hills.' This scripture encourages us to praise God even in the worst situations of life. Examples are of Paul and Silas who were thrown into prison, but rather than sink into despair and hopelessness, they praised God as if they were free and they, indeed, became free (Acts 16: 25-40). Also, Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, when He arrived at Lazarus' tomb, instead of lamenting, He gave God praise and called Lazarus back to life; John 11: 41-44. It's time to lay our burdens on God by praising Him because He can and will alter the seeming hopeless situations of our lives for good. Praise the Lord