Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"I have no problem with my wife" - Ramsey Noah

"Of course we are together. I love my wife and kids. People say these things to sell their papers. They know that bad news sells. But let people understand this, no bad news follows me. I treat every bad news before it gets anywhere. I am a happily married man with a wife who's very enduring, understands my profession and appreciates me for who I am. I cherish everything about my wife and kids. They're the apple of my eyes." Ramsey Noah was quoted as saying, when asked if his marriage was still intact.
Source: Uche Olehi - Encomium mag

Wonder what he meant when he said he treats every bad news before it gets anywhere...
Just wondering...;)


  1. you are my favourite actor,it is good to know how lovely father and husband you are it s just prove that you are a good man.k6

  2. oh my god ramsey,im a huge fan of yours,i love you and wish the best luke for you and your family. i really wants to see you someday with mu own eyes!!!!!!!

  3. oh, ramsey what comes around goes around, problem come problem goes, keep faith

  4. wow your wife is so lucky to have you as a husband.I wish i was in her shoes.

  5. you are the best actor that ever happen to nollywood. you are so talented, natural amonge your age group. nobobdy compares to you. i get mad when val vicker who cannnot act is been compared to you. he is the least actor to be compared to you in anyway. pls dont stop acting, i want to see more of you, you make acting so real and natural.you are our super star.