Saturday, July 30, 2011

Omowunmi’s summer give away

In a bid to put smiles on faces, Most Beautiful Girl Nigeria (MBGN) 2005, Omowunmi Akinnifesi, has announced plans to shower her twit fans with loads of gift this summer.

This much was confirmed on her twitter by Showtime following the poser she threw at her fans asking her fans to name whatever they'd want as gifts for the summer.

"I'm in the mood to give out gifts……what would you guys like? It's ummer and people are smiling " was how she spelt it out.

And in response to her twit, trust Nigerians. The response was overwhelming,as bogus requests ruled the social network.

While some said wanted iphone, others said they needed Blackberries, channel bags and movie tickets.

But what we couldn't ascertain is whether the diva meant it or she was just twitting for twitting sake.
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Soulja Boy's 21 st Birthday Gift To Self - $55 Million G5 Jet

A member of Soulja's management team tells TMZ ... the kid bought himself a G5 jet as a birthday present to himself this week. The jet cost $35 mil ... but that's just the beginning. We're told the birthday boy is dropping an additional $20 million to pimp out his ride with all sorts of cool stuff ... like 12 custom Italian leather seats, flat screen TVs , 4 liquor bars, a special travertine tiled floor, and Brazilian hardwood cabinets.

We're told S.B. is also gutting the in-flight lavatory and replacing it with a giant, luxurious bathroom. Oh, he's also giving the jet a custom paint job, to include his logo.
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Jennifer Lopez And Diddy back Together Again?

Word has it that original hip hop royalty (come on we had both of them before beyonce and Jay Z came along) are back together.  According to BET......... It looks like  Jennifer Lopez  is digging into the past in order to plan her future. After  announcing her split  from husband  Marc Anthony , Lopez has fallen back into the arms of music mogul  Sean "Diddy" Combs . A source close to Diddy tells that Jennifer is "the love of his life" and he's so excited to be back with his "fantasy girl." Not everyone in Diddy's circle is happy about the reunion, though. Our source is worried that he will end up hurt, especially since she wasn't there for Diddy when he "needed Jennifer the most." Lopez, 42 , and Combs, 41 , had an intense love affair in the ' 90 s that ended shortly after the 1999 shooting at Club New York that left Diddy on trial for weapons charges (he was found not guilty). Lopez discussed her romance with Diddy on VHI's  Behind the Music . "It was very fast," she said, "but we did have a connection. We did fall in love and we were very close." A source close to Jennifer tells, "Puff wouldn't be my first choice for her, but then again he was always very supportive of her sex symbol image and never got mad when she wore sexy clothes. He actually encouraged it." And now that Jennifer and Diddy are spending time together again, our source wouldn't be surprised if they show up on a red carpet together very soon. 

This is how Mediatakeout reported it...... "Diddy came in quickly and immediately went to the private area . . . about 20 minutes later J Lo went in. I was in shock." However, given that Jennifer was also on set in Atlanta filming What To Expect the same day, it may be a bit of a stretch to envision her jetting off to NY later that evening to dine with Combs.
Keeping my fingers crossed for this one. If it is true, i wonder what will happen to Cassey?
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Bouqui Berths Open Mic Show

Bouqui's Place Entertainment is launching a new open mic show. The organisation, which is headed by female rapper, D'Attic, describes the event as an evening of fine company, networking, relaxation and appreciation of God . The event which debuts this Friday, the 29 th, is scheduled to be held every last Friday of the month. The concept is an open mic show where people just express their talent and art in a calm and relaxing atmosphere with the aim of keeping the event a purely Christian music affair.

"We discovered there are fewer opportunities for Christian artistes to express themselves and we want to provide platforms such as this", says Bouqui. To further emphasize the principles of the show, D' Attic is….with the tagline, CLEAN. CLEAN is an acronym for Creative, Lyrical, Earnest, Altering, Norms. 'Bouqui says that 'participating artistes are expected to be Creative, have strong Lyrics, must be Earnest in their expression and be ready to Alter acceptable Norms. "I am super excited about this", organiser Bouqui  says 'We planned D'Attic as an opportunity to have freestyle battles , poetry and spoken word all in a relaxed atmosphere. We are positive everyone who attends this event will enjoy it". D'Attic which debuts this Friday, the 29 th, is scheduled to be held every last Friday of the month at the Planet One, 1 Maryland Street, Ikeja, Lagos.
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Harrysong addresses fight with labelmate

Harrysong & Ego have declared their love on record over and over again as her voice coach since the release of her debut 'Omalicha' and the duet 'Thinking about you' where the artistes got really cozy. However weeks ago, a report of a fight between Harrysong and Ego broke. The fight was reported to have taken place at The Place event center which colleagues having to intervene. Speaking on the incident, Harrysong explained what happened: "I heard a story making the round that I beat up Ego and even insulted her in the public over a minor misunderstanding we had. I didn't beat her although we exchanged words, but we never insulted other". He added: "Ego is my in house student, in our recording company, QuestionMark Entertainment, we know each other very well and I have great respect for her, same she has for me and we are in love, I love her so much to the extent that nothing would make me raise my hands on her." Harrysong denies 'even slapping each other'. "What happened was that Ego when she was called to perform that day, wanted me to mount the stage with her, but I told her no because we have never rehearsed the song she wanted us to perform together, as we used to do, so that evening I happened to turn down her request and from there she picked offence, like every other woman would have done, she was pissed off, but while still boiling with anger I told her my reasons, that she should perform other songs she had because I don't want us to mess up, she [insisted] and said no and went ahead to demonstrate her anger on my excuse, while we were back stage, but at a stage she understood my reasons, we didn't fight, at all and we settled the matter amicably minutes after the drama and we are still cordial since then." Ego's new single titled 'Alcohol', produced by Password would be released in a few days.
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US singer Beyoncé is taking the clothing line House of Deréon to the UK as she plans to officially launch the ready- to-wear fashion line. Co-owned by B and her mother Tina Knowles , House of Deron which was introduced into the market in 2005 will be launched in at the Fashion Hub in September 2011 . The combination of colours, exotic prints and silhouettes make for a cohesive collection with tremendous appeal. Beyoncé and I are so proud of the line-up and we can't wait to see the consumer's response and how she makes it her own ', Tina Knowles read in a statement. The clothing line is named after Beyoncé's grandmother and Louisiana dressmaker Agnéz Deréon .
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Nigerian-American rapper and Maybach Music Group artist Wale drops his latest Nigerian influenced remake.

First we heard him on Bunny Mack's My Sweetie , then last year on Naeto C's Kini Big Deal instrumental. While we await his sophmore album Ambition enjoy his latest remake to P-square's hit No One Be Like You .
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shina Peters set to work with son, Clarence Peters on new album

The deal has not been perfected, nonetheless, inside sources are insisting and thumping their chests that when the new album of Afro Juju music creator, Sir Shina Peters, is released, some, if not all the accompanying videos, will be shot by his hitherto estranged son and ace music videos director, Clarence Peters.

Clarence is the by-product of a whirlwind romance between SSP and actress, Clarion Chukwurah, in the early 80 s. Reports suggest that both were young and starry- eyed and obviously not ready for the challenges of marriage then. SSP went on to conquer more fields, siring many kids along the way while Clarion also tried her hands on a couple of relationships. Clarence grew up without a biological father-figure in his life but time has a way of healing all wounds. It has healed Clarence's obviously. Indications that father and son would, one day, work together had been palpable considering that they are in the same line of business, especially when you also consider that they are of the Yoruba stock, which holds strongly that a productive, successful child would always be his father's, notwithstanding whether the father had abandoned the child for donkey years.

SSP was quoted as saying, "I am proud of my son and his company. His achievement gives me every reason to state here and now that he is my best gift to showbiz in Nigeria and the best gift showbiz has given to me. Just watch out, very soon, you will hear of Shina Peters and his son, Clarence, doing something unique and great together. Very soon."

Since his return to Nigeria after training as a cinematographer in South Africa a few years ago, Clarence has evolved into one of the most sought after directors with a catalogue of awards-winning music videos. He is the CEO of Capital Hill records. Clarence's ascent to the top of his career came at a time when his father had hit a rough patch in his career, which saw his rating plummet. Since the late 90 s, SSP's trajectory had lost traction. Now, he is back on the drawing board. He is back to working with his age-long producer, Laolu Akins, who worked with him on his first set of successful albums from Ace, Shinamania to Dancing Time and Experience. They are reportedly experimenting with a new variant of Juju titled Afro Juju Jungle. Clarence is the top choice for videos. SSP stresses, "There is no way Clarence won't be part of the project. Though my son is too expensive for people, that is not a problem. If I don't use Clarence, who else am I going to use?"
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Chris Brown to Tour With Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland just put out her third solo album, Here I Am, on Tuesday (July 26) , and plans for a subsequent tour are coming together nicely. The former Destiny's Child singer has announced that she will be joining Chris Brown on tour in September, along with other yet-to-be-named stars. Rowland revealed the news in an interview with New York radio personality Angie Martinez , and Brown confirmed it on Twitter. "Me and Kelly Rowland along with other incredible artists are going on tour!!!! I'll let u know who else is on later! Lol," he tweeted . Speculation that Joe Jonas — who collaborates with Brown on the song "See No More" — will also join the tour has increased since the Jonas Brother admitted he would be honored by the privilege. However the final bill shakes out, Brown, who has recently been the subject of some less than flattering stories about his home life, will likely be happy to get out of the house.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The popular TV reality show Big Brother Amplified comes to an end this weekend as the much awaited grand finale takes place on July 31 , 2011 .

M-Net , organizers of BBA have announced that African acts Wizkid, Mo'Cheddah, Fally Ipupa will grace the stage to perform some of their hit songs. Other acts on the list are South Africa's Professor, Speedy and Tanzania's Cpwaa . Joining them on stage at the Big Brother house will be all the previously evicted housemates from this seasons show including the Brother Amplified dance crew. The finale which will last for just two hours will see only two winners emerge. 'We're going all out to amplify the finale. In addition to these great performers, there's going to be one really magic moment when it becomes clear to the final housemates that this year, there are two prizes.  We know, our audiences know but the housemates competing for the big prize don't know this as yet – and I can only imagine their shock and delight when they find out that there are TWO prizes of USD 200 000 ', M-Net Africa Managing Director Biola Alabi  tells us.

The top seven housemates competing for this year's big prize are – Hanni (Ethiopia), Karen (Nigeria), Lomwe (Malawi), Luclay (South Africa), Sharon O (Uganda), Vina (Nigeria) and Wendall ( Zimbabwe).
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Kelly Rowland Goes Topless On Vibe Magazine Cover

Kelly Rowland is Vibe Magazine's August/September JUICE cover girl! The singer whose third album is in stores today posed topless for the shoot and chatted about her European fan base, her relationship with Mathew Knowles and making trips to sex shops!

The singer goes even more daring on the inside as she poses completely nude atop a cake!

On if she feels more appreciated in Europe:  No, not really. People still compare me to B over there. I said in an interview recently, 'You know, if you guys would be a little bit more intelligent and ask me about myself we'll have a much better interview.' You can't want a story from me and keep asking me about the past.

On breathing a sigh of relief after her last meeting with Mathew Knowles: I did, but I also felt like, 'Oh my God, what have I done?!' I stayed in the house for two days. I was sad. It was like a funeral. I had to deaden that situation in order to start fresh. That's a very long time to have the same manager and the same label.

On her current relationship with Mathew: Mathew sent me flowers for my birthday! It's… I respect him above anything.

On whether she ever felt Motivation would be too racy for her image: Not at all. Every woman knows what that feels like—hopefully. But everyone doesn't expect Kelly to sing about it. This is true. But I just loved the song so much. And yes, I can relate to it. I came into my sexuality while I was recording this album. I can walk into a sex shop now and not worry about what people would say if they saw me in there.

On whether she actually goes to sex shops: Yeah! With friends on the low. I go at the right time. Nighttime. 1 a.m. The really good ones are open that late.

The August/September issue of Vibe will be on newsstands August 16th and will have an alternate cover featuring Amy Winehouse.
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Ashanti Working on New Album with Lil Wayne and Dr. Dre

Things might have been quiet from Ashanti's camp the last few years, but looks like things are finally beginning to stir. The singer, whose last album The Declaration dropped in 2008, just released a new promotional photo shot by celebrity photographer Robert Ector. And word is she's been hitting the studio with Lil Wayne and Dr. Dre for her next album.

"Up in the studio with mad Haitian dudes dancin around!!!! Speakers knockin!!!! This beat is crazy!!!!!!!! SaK Paseeeeee!!! Lol!!!!" the "What's Luv?" singer tweeted.

Fans might be treated to a single this summer with an album release later this year. Tell us, are you anticipating her comeback?

Boko Haram Kills District Head And His 9-Year Old Daughter In Maiduguri

Gov. Kashim Shettima inspecting Budum market after Boko Haram insurgents attacked the market.

Suspected Boko Haram islamists  shot and killed Mohammed Ali Lawal, the district head of Bulabulin in Maiduguri around 8: am today in Maiduguri. Alhaji Ali's attackers numbering 3 also shot and killed his 9 year old daughter. A neighbor's daughter was also caught in the cross fire. Family sources claimed she  sustained serious injuries. 

Since its resurgence about a year ago, the northeasatern Nigeria based islamist sect has targetted and killed several districts heads, islamic scholars, local officials and security agents in a campaign of violence.
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Ciara Steps Out In St. Tropez, Talks New Label And ‘Wedding Bells’

Ciara was spotted rocking out in a black mesh dress last night while performing at the VIP Room in St. Tropez, France.  On a recent tour stop, she sat down with This Day Live , and spoke on her new label situation as well as her excitement for her closest friends Monica, Lala and Kim Kardashian's weddings and whether they've inspired her to 'tie the knot'

On the Rumors She Will Be Joining L.A. Reid at Epic:

I think you have to ask L.A. kinda what's going on. I can't really comment on what's happening and the system. I can't really say too much. I don't really know too much about the breakdown of everything. I know a lot of times I speak to my fans [via Twitter] like, "Today was so great," or "Oh my god, I can't believe this is happening right now." There's things I' ve been saying so I can't wait to share those things with my fans.

On Her Friends' 'Wedding Bells' and Whether She's Inspired To Get Married Soon:

Whenever you see any woman, in particularly your friends and family that are really close to you, get to have that moment in their lives, I get so excited for them. The way that I look at it, I come from a background of marriage. My grandparents were married for 51 years now, it is. My mother and father are going on 30 years, so that's something that's very traditional within my family. The way that I look at it, I'm so lost in the zone right now of what I'm doing that when that happens in my life, I believe that it'll happen at the perfect time. You can't put a time marker on anything like that and you can't say exactly when you want to do it; it just kinda falls in place. That's something I definitely look forward to because in my career, you do sacrifice a lot by just putting so much time and effort into it, but I do believe when that moment happens it's going to be amazing. I have a whole breakdown of how I see it. I' m not rushing the idea of it. That part is so emotional, like I cried when I saw La[La] get married , and even when I saw Monica. I've known Monica for years, like she's my family to me. And of course, La La is my best, best friend so it's really cool. And then for Kim, it's always great to see a woman experience a moment like that in their lives.
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Darey’s UK Album still has no release date!

Darey Art Alade has had his eye on a UK release of his last album, DoubleDare with the lead single 'The Way You are' featuring American rap artiste, Chamillionaire for quite a while now. In a recent statement that accompanied the new track 'Sisi Eko (remix)' featuring Flavour Nabania, It read that no date has been fixed for the anticipated album but 'His UK album, to be self-titled, is due later this year.' A release would have come sooner if not for the demise of the foreign based record label executive. In related news, On June 16 , he landed at No 2 on the prestigious Billboard (next big sound) chart. He was number 25 only few days earlier. 'Sisi eko' remix was produced by Del B [who produced more than half of the tracks on Harrysong's debut album - Testify] and the singer. 'Sisi Eko (remix)' which Darey is quoted as saying "We did this for the Ladies again" is a perusal to the another remix album in the works by the Singer, the remix album would come before the international album this summer..
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Kaffy keeps mum on pregnancy tales

We gather that the Guiness Book of World Record holder, Kaffy is in her trimester of pregnancy for boyfriend Joseph also known as Papa.. Joseph is one of the band boys of P-Square and a drummer. Before his present gig with P Square, He was a former member of Sammie Okposo's band. However, The dancer and sought after choreographer has refused to make a comment. "I don't like to discuss my private life at any level," She quoted as saying. Kaffy isZebra Dancers Group proprietress, a name after the dance group that made it into the Guinness Book of World Records in 2006 for dancing for an amazing 53 hours, 30 minutes, non-stop.
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Christopher Schwarzenegger , the 13 -year-old son of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger was released from the UCLA hospital after he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) following a collapsed lung and broken ribs in a boogie boarding accident. ' Blessed to be able to take Christopher out of the hospital last night ', Shriver tweeted last night. ' What a feeling of relief to know that he's going to be fine ', she continued. And Arnold, the scandalized former Governor also used Twitter to express his feelings. ' I knew Christopher couldn't be stopped!' he tweeted this morning. ' Big thanks to all the doctors, nurses & staff at UCLA that helped him recover '. In May 2011 , Hollywood actor and former Governor of the State of California Arnold Schwarzenegger separated with his wife and niece of President John F. kennedy , Maria Shiver. At a time when the family is in trauma and the older Schwarzeneggers are finalizing divorces plans, it was a breather for all parties.
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Rita Dominic in Kenya to shoot a film

The actress is right now in Nairobi to shoot a film, titled 'Shattered', which is produced by Carol Nguta for Dream House Productions. Production begins on August 1, 2011 and she will be there for a couple of weeks.
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Lauryn Hill issues a statement regarding her and Rohan Marley's relationship

They have 5 children together, not six. So Rohan ain't the baby daddy.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TTnewMusic: Tiwa Savage - Leave Slow (Prod. by Oak)

Some new goodness from the one they call Tiwa Savage  titled "Leave Slow". Now I don't mind what Ms. Savage is doing going down the "Naija Music" route, "Kele Kele Love" is actually my JAM but this right here? This right here is that HOT SAUCE.

Download: Tiwa Savage - Leave Slow (Prod. by Oak) by Clicking on the link:
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Meet Sunday Adelaja, Ukraine's Evangelical Fire

Sunday, thousands of worshipers crowd into an arena here for a rollicking evangelical Christian service. A choir and rock band belt out gospel tunes in Russian. People sing along and clap and shimmy in the aisles. They dash up to the stage for a chance to grab the microphone and declare how their new faith has changed their lives. It is as if a Sunbelt megachurch had been transplanted to Kiev, birthplace of Slavic Orthodoxy, land of onion-domed cathedrals and incense- shrouded icons. But the preacher at the podium has little if any connection to the United States. Could there be a more unlikely success story in the former Soviet Union than the Rev. Sunday Adelaja, an immigrant from Nigeria who has developed an ardent — and enormous — following across Ukraine ? From his start with a prayer group in a ramshackle apartment soon after the Soviet collapse two decades ago, Mr. Adelaja has built a vast religious organization under the banner of his church, Embassy of God . He has become one of Ukraine's best known public figures, advocating a Christianity that pairs evangelical tenets with an up-from-the-bootstraps philosophy found in religiously oriented self-help books. (Several of which Mr. Adelaja has published.) He has throngs of admirers, but is also reviled by some in the Ukrainian establishment who resent a black man from Africa luring white Slavs away from their religious traditions. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church calls him a cult leader, and law enforcement officials have repeatedly investigated him, once accusing him of involvement in a pyramid scheme. Around Kiev, it is not hard to find racial caricatures of him. The Russian government, too, has taken offense, barring him from entering the country, though he has a growing number of adherents in Russia.

Mr. Adelaja said he believed that he was declared persona non grata because he was a staunch supporter of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, the pro-Western uprising in 2004 that the Kremlin opposed. MR. Adelaja, who has a boisterous laugh and a relentlessly sunny personality, tries to brush aside the insults. He said his church's popularity showed that Ukrainians were on a spiritual quest after having weathered the state-mandated atheism of the Soviet era. He said that more than 100 ,000 people attended services regularly at the main arena in Kiev or his affiliates across Ukraine, which has a population of 46 million. "I came to this country disadvantaged as a black person," he said in an interview, adding that he was blistered with slurs and epithets. "But still, with all my disadvantages, with my accented Russian language, I went out and said, 'Hey, this will help you.' And people have responded to it." Mr. Adelaja, 43 , arrived in the Soviet Union in 1986 as a college student, then stayed after the Soviet collapse in 1991 , later moving to Kiev. His wife, Bose, is also Nigerian and often conducts services at the church. They speak fluent Russian, which is the native language for many here and is understood by most speakers of Ukrainian, the country's other main language. Embassy of God has sprouted affiliates throughout the world, and Mr. Adelaja has been praised by some American evangelicals for bringing their brand of Christianity to the former Soviet Union. In Ukraine, Embassy of God undertakes a wide array of charitable activities, feeding thousands of people a month at soup kitchens and running treatment centers for alcohol and drug addiction. But it has also thrived because Mr. Adelaja has tapped into a desire of people in formerly Communist countries to learn entrepreneurial skills and make money. Mr. Adelaja did not study in the United States, but says he has learned from the teachings of American pastors. His views sometimes reflect the so-called prosperity gospel — a belief among some strains of evangelical Christianity that God wants the faithful to attain material wealth. On a recent Saturday night here, Mr. Adelaja conducted a seminar with a few dozen people in a church annex. Reading from an iPad, he recited passages from the Bible and discussed how Christian principles could assist in business. Mr. Adelaja and a parishioner, Ishtvan Birov, 35 , bantered about how to innovate in life, personally and professionally. The conversation veered from Jesus to Steve Jobs , the Apple chief executive, back to Jesus again. "Apple takes a model and keeps improving on it," Mr. Birov said. Mr. Adelaja responded, "That is the principle of God — to always keep making it better." He added, "God is strategy, God is strategic thinking."

"We are always thinking, how can we make the Bible still relevant? The same values, the same product. But not doing it in the Orthodox old style," Sunday Adelaja said.
TT Owonubi

Fela Lives Through Seun Kuti In Brooklyn, New York

On Friday, I braved the sweltering heat in New York to attend the Seun Kuti/Faaji Agba concert in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. I had to, out of a sense of patriotism and because I had told the whole world I was going to an owambe in Brooklyn. Sitting in the second row less than fifteen feet from the stage, I felt the energy of the opening group, Faaji Agba. There was no way one could tell that they were all more than twice my age, with 84 year old Fatai Rolling Dollar crooning "if you marry a Nigerian lady, make you give am money, if you don't give her money, she go run away". However, it was when Seun Kuti got on stage that I really felt the vibe of the 5,000 strong capacity crowd gyrating to the familiar afro-beats. With "Fela Lives" tattooed to his back, Seun seemed to be channeling his father as he opened his set with Zombie, the hit song Fela recorded in the 70 s, lampooning the military. He had the crowd in his palm at "hello New York". Seun got political, ripping into the US for its involvement in Libya, arguing that the power was with the people and they could depose their leader themselves. Then he went after the pharmaceutical and tobacco industries and the side effects of their products, making a case for the legalization of marijuana. Seun Kuti and Egypt 80 , the band he inherited upon his father' s death, thoroughly entertained the crowd, leaving them hungry for more. Fortunately for those in New York, they will be able to get a second helping when the group performs again at S.O.B's located at 204 Varick Street, New York City on Wednesday, July 27 th, 2011 .
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Hip Hop or not: I’m a woman – Sasha

Her real name is Antonia Yetunde Alabi but maybe First Lady of Nigeria's hip hop will ring more of a bell. Sasha is a law graduate who ventured into music more than eight years ago and now holds both local and international awards to her credit. Her single Adara which she released in 2008 stamped her name hard to the pages of fame. The song in 2009 gave her the Best female artist award at the women in entertainment award ceremony held in England. She also took home the Channel O awards for the best female video awards before being pronounced as MTV base Africa best female artiste in 2010. In this interview, she speaks about her law degree, music career and the shocking consequences it could have on her love life.

You have a clothing line, how well is it doing?
Eclectic by Sasha is still on but I only attend to my clients just on one on one basis and it's going to be so for now. I'm still working on my retail collection that should be out before the end of this year. It will be a mini-launch because I have to focus on my album which is coming out at the same time. So that people can know where to buy ready-to-wear clothes and then they won't need to email or call me. For now, you place your order and it's custom made for you.

Tell us about this new album?
My new album is titled Sasha speaks. It's ready, I'm just waiting for an official date. It's not however going to be an album launch per say, but an album listening session. The album title explains it all. It is basically speaking about a lot of issues and nothing specific. For example on the Lagos stereotype where they play songs and people think all these Lagos girls are materialist or wayward. I tried to counter that in my songs as I speak on how I live and enjoy Lagos and not be way ward. You can be a giddy babe and be just cool.

Will you tag yourself a tomboy?
No o! I know I started off as a tom boy because a lot of things that my female friends will do were not interesting to me except for maybe shopping ( laughs). I probably started of as a tom boy because I was a bit more brazen, adventurous and outspoken but I don't really think I am anymore. I'm a woman now I' ve grown over the years; that I am feisty doesn't mean that I'm manly

But do you think your fans know this?
Well I feel there is a lot of work to be done where communicating artiste are in respect to the Nigerian audience. Some people understand, some people don't get it. That is why people in the industry need to bridge a lot of such communication gaps. Because for instance when you hear hip hop, rap, you' re thinking, 2pac, Biggy or people getting shot and so your orientation of what a hip hop artiste is will be founded by these false illusions. For me, I call myself a poet, a motivational speaker. People say when they see me on stage I look so aggressive. I believe that the content of what you are saying matters. If you watch the Adara video, I wasn't aggressive there because of the message in the song. You have to communicate your message in your songs. The fact is that I might be aggressive when I'm on stage, but then, I try to communicate my message to the audience. I hate to be a tom boy.

Do you think this has discouraged male admirers?
Well I certainly hope not, because I'm an African woman and African women are the strong confident ones and this is exactly how we expect our men to be. But then I don't just come at you and dare you. I' m not that kind of person. If a man is confident in himself then whatever it is that I am doing should not be a deterant to whatever it is he feels about me. It should not be a problem. But I do get to hear people say ha! Sasha you have to calm down o! because you know you might be scaring men away but then I say what have I done to scare anyone. I mean this is what I do and so it depends really on the individual. It's not about age or about any thing. It's about the confidence of the person involved. I don't see why you should see my performances as a deterant to anything that you might have in mind.

What kind of a man will like to have?
God fearing. I know that sounds more like a cliche now you know let him be tall, dark and handsome but you know for real I want my man to be God fearing. The thing is when a man fears God then you should know that every thing else follows. I also want him to be someone that is very confident, hardworking and has ambitions.

And is there a man who fits that picture now in your life?
(laughs) I don't talk about my personal life if that's what you mean.

Ok tell us how you were able to combine law and music?
It wasn't easy for most parts but as much as it wasn't easy it was easy, I don't know if that makes sense but most of the time I was in school things were a bit slow and then when I come back on holidays that's when I have my shows, concerts and interviews with the media is easy to conduct. I really had to priortise. But then, law and a music career have a lot of familiarities. You have to have a great memory and you have to be hard working as well. These are the core requirements and I think that it made it easier for me.

Will you ever practice law?
For me personally I've never really wanted to be in the court room although there are some parts of law in the advanced stages that are interesting to me such such as Mediation. Some people don't like to go court and so when there are issues they call in mediators to try and settle issues without necessarily going to court. I also like company secretary or corporate secretary where you could give or have legal advice. There are a lot of other things that could be done with law that you don't have to be in court to do. I like settling arguments but I don't think I'll love to do that in court.
TT Owonubi


This competition is the first of its kind ever to take place in Nigeria. It is a celebration of the total woman….the true Nigerian woman…truly strong….truly feminine. It is one competition with three winners…no 2nd place! The competition consists of the following three categories of winners:

• FACE OF SLEEK: applauding authentic Nigerian beauty, good mannered, well spoken, eloquence and poise. Whilst we honor all we will single one out. She will be the Sleek Ambassador. Her prizes will include a brand new car and a Sponsored trip to the UK for the London Fashion Week. She will be styled for the year with Sleek and S.Studio products. Quite frankly she will get the exposure of a life time.

• S. STUDIO WOMAN: applauding the working woman, it is open to any woman who works in the corporate world or runs her own business. It is the ultimate tribute to the woman's all important roles at work and at home. Kudos to every woman who works and run a home as well. Whilst we honor all we will single one out (with the most remarkable story for balancing work and home) she will represent all the remarkable women out there. Her prizes include an exotic holiday for two to Seychelles as well as Sleek, Style Star and S. Studio products for one year.

• STYLE STAR: applauding the young academic. Sleek is looking for a student whose academic style shines like a star. Someone who excels in the Sciences or in the Arts. She will represent all those out there who burn the midnight lamp to ace their exams. We are honoring those who know that passing exams is still about what you have in your brains. Kudos to all those who pass exams based on merit. Whilst we honor all, one will be selected (with the most outstanding academic record based on mental capabilities). Sleek will give her a full scholarship in any Nigerian University, an internship in the top organization for her chosen field and style her for one year with Sleek, Style Star and products.

HOW TO REGISTER To participate all you need to do is to spend N5,000 buying a Sleek Makeover Voucher and you get a registration form for free!!! The Sleek Makeover Voucher entitles you to a professional makeover at any Sleek Studio Nationwide (Bridal, Daytime, Nighttime or Runway…your choice) Sleek Makeover Vouchers can be bought at any Sleek Studio Nationwide or call 08029429215 and once payment is made at Sleek Studio Zenith bank account number 1012704946 , you will be registered online. Visit for full listing of Sleek Studios. Contestants are to follow instructions and register on Sleek Facebook and Twitter groups
TT Owonubi

Da Brat Gets Sexy For Vibe MON,

Da Brat tat tat, who's known for her trademark braids and tomboyish style, shows off her feminine side in a new shoot for In the interview that accompanies the shoot, Da Brat reveals her girly side is second nature and she loves Vicky Secrets and lace like the rest of us girlie girls. Here are a few excerpts:

On transitioning into a "sex symbol" I'm such a f*cking lady. I loved to get glammed up. I love manis and pedis. I like to go to Vicky Secrets and La Perla because I like lace and bikinis. I'm such a P. Y.T. (Pretty Young Thug)

On the type of clothes she likes to wear to look sexy It depends on the look and how I'm feeling that day.

On her favorite body part I don't have just one. I love all parts of my body! But on a man, I love the Adonis line. It's just so sexy!

Love it!
TT Owonubi

50 Cent Responds to Bill O’Reilly’s FOX News Invitation

Last week, FOX News anchors Bill O'Reilly and Laura Ingraham had an on-air conversation once again about Chris Brown and the public's acceptance of him after such a controversial two years of the singer's professional and personal history. The pair discussed not only Chris, but rapper 50 Cent who took to Twitter to defend Chris Brown against Fox News recent attacks. Before the segment was over, Bill made the statement that he would love to have 50 Cent and Chris Brown on his show (So he could chastise them like Lupe Fiasco) which prompted 50 Cent to respond via twitter:

"People are so book smart its amazing they don't have common sense. Bill O'Reilly's views are [a] representation of some one's grand fathers. I don't mean this in a disrespectful way but there is a huge age difference between him and the average hip hop consumer. Anyway thanks for the invite to your show old billy bobb when we become powerful enough to change the world in conversation Ill stop by lol. Now I'm gonna offer a definition of a BITCH. Bill O' reilly can understand in 2004 when andrea mackris accused you of sexual harassment. If it wasn't representation of your lust and you didn't do anything wrong. You encountered a (BI*CH) LMAO. Why stop by the news? My tweets are national news. I get world wide coverage from my cell phone SUCKER oh I'm sorry I used the S word LMAO. Laura ingrahams I had know idea who you were on fox news after a little research. I'm impressed you seem to be very smart there no reason a good women like you isn't married . I want to date you. Laura listen baby I don't know if this helps me in any way but between me and you. I've been rumored to be pretty well endowed. Lol. On second thought after reading your anti homosexual I should call GLAD on your ASS Lol."

Laura replied 50 and Chris Brown below: 'Fiddy, as some now call him, I just call him quarter. 50 comes out and he slams me and that's fine. It's degrading and that's fine. It's the same degrading lyrics and degrading words that are used [in their lyrics]. He mad? **mocks Cam'Ron** It's a little issue with syntax and grammar but whatever, it's all disposable language. Again, they proved my point. It' s not just 'oh, it's music and what the kids listen to', it infuses how they deal with people and they can't answer an argument so they attack me and that's fine. – Laura

The bigger question is, can 50 handle Bill? That would be interesting to see.
TT Owonubi

Lauryn Hill Gives Birth To Sixth Child

After hiding her pregnancy for most of the year, songstress Lauryn Hill welcomed her sixth child, a healthy baby boy, this past Saturday (July 23 rd). A source tells Black Celeb Kids : "Mother and baby are fine," says the source, who adds that Hill and family "had a little scare because the baby came out the womb with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. All is well now and everyone is happy." Just last month, Lauryn finally revealed that she was pregnant during a show in Detroit after keeping her pregnant a secret for 7 months. Back in April, she told concertgoers: "I keep having these children. I don't know if I'm the most fertile woman in America. I've got five big children, you believe that? If you ask anybody I went to high school with, they'd be like puzzled… Wait till you hear the big secret though." After it was revealed that she was pregnant, her long- time boyfriend Rohan Marley, got caught up in some controversy after he took to Twitter to refute claims that he was the father of Lauryn's latest child. He tweeted, "Two Things, I'm not married and I don't have anyone expecting anything". Since then, Rohan has pulled himself together and is now saying the last child is his as well. After rumors circulated that he had dumped a pregnant Lauryn for a Brazillian model, he shot those rumors down by stating: "Ms. Hill is the mother of my children, whom I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for. I would never do that." Congrats on the new baby!
TT Owonubi

Monday, July 25, 2011

Miss Lacasera picks N1m prize money

After a keenly contested 24th edition of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant that saw Miss Nwando Ebeledike take home the Miss Lacasera crown, officials of classic beverages; makers of lacasera drinks have officially presented her the one million naira prize cheque.

The event was at a lavish ceremony at the company's Lagos office.

The over six feet tall, 21 year old who could not stop the smiles said "This is some thing that I will be eternally grateful for. I want to thank officials of classic beverages for seeing me worthy to be here today.

For me, this is another family that I will forever cherish and I plan to put my everything into it. I promise to make every body proud and I plan to wear this crown and sash as a worthy ambassador of this brand"

Mr. Prahlad Gangadharem the Chief Operating Officer of Classic beverages promised that the company would have many more years of representations at the MGBN pageants.

"When we search for a queen, we look for both brains and beauty. It's just one of our many ways of giving back to the society"

He was joined by Benson Abraham and Dave Van Rensburg; both senior executives of the company for the presentations.

Miss Nwado said "I can't just say thank you to Lacasera enough. I hope I can give back to them what they have given to me."
TT Owonubi

Maltina Dance-All Season Five debuts

Like a yearly ritual, the much anticipated family dance reality show, Maltina Dance-All Season Five is set to storm living rooms soon.

This was revealed at a press conference held at the Nigerian Breweries spot bar, Iganmu Lagos.

Speaking on behalf of the management, Corporate Affairs Adviser of NBL Mr. Ageni Yusuf said this year's competition is going to be the biggest held, as the competition would witness tremendous improvements.

He said that the winning family will go home with a whooping grand prize of N5m, alongside a brand new family SUV jeep. While the first and second runner ups would go home with N1.m and N500 000 respectively.

Mr Yusuf said "If there's anything Nigerian Breweries is known for; it is that when we start a thing, we sustain it."

Aside grand prizes that will be won by the lucky families, other families would also win prizes like 2.5kv generator, 21 inch flat screen TV set, home theaters and lots of consolation prizes.

Interested families should either register on-line or at the various audition centers. Auditions schedule at designated centers are as follows: Abuja and Enugu-22nd/23rd July, Port-Harcourt-28th/29th July, Ibadan-29th/30th July and Ibadan/Benin-5th/6th August.
TT Owonubi

Flytime launches P-Square’s new album

He did it in style when he put together Whizkids most talked about album launch at the Eko Hotel last month.

And he is back again to provide the same platform for P-Square, Nigeria's most famous twins as they present in concert their fifth album.

The guy we are talking about here is called Cecil Hammond. As the CEO of high flying entertainment and management company Flytime, he is fast becoming the most sought after person in the industry for his magical touch to successful concerts.

Apart from the Rhythm Unplugged concerts which he has established as the most successful and consistent concert in the land, he has a finger in almost every successfully packaged events in the country.

Come July 31th he brings to bear once again, his wealth of experience as he teams up with management of P-Square to present the singing duo in a concert.

The very successful singing twin brothers of Peter and Paul will on that day drop their much anticipated fifth album which many believe will mark a watershed in their career which started over a decade ago.

The twins will certainly not be alone on stage, as some big boys and girls in the music circle have been pencilled down to trade tackles with them.

Although no list was made available to Sunday Entertainment there were strong indications that some members of the Mo'hit crew, Ice Prince, J Martins, Jessy Jagz, Seyi and Whizkid may be conscripted to add flavour to the night many have dubbed a night of the Invasion .

Unconfirmed report has it also that Basketmouth may be the guy controlling the microphone. .

The new work as usual will be marketed by their former business partner T-Joe and Obaino while Abhu Venture completes the pack.
TT Owonubi

Sunday, July 24, 2011

DON JAZZY Beat Competition

It's no secret that Africa's Number 1 Producer DON JAZZY is one of the most humble superstars from the continent. 2011 has been a very good year for the C. E.O of Mohits Records. He recently finalized a record deal alongside D'Banj with Kanye West's " G.O.O.D Music " brand. A few days ago, he earned his 1st major production credit on the track "Lift Off" which will appear on Jay-Z and Kanye West's "Watch The Throne" joint album (Beyonce was also featured on the track). Earlier today (Saturday), from his New York base, the Super-Producer spent a few minutes creating a hiphop beat. Out of the kindness of his heart, Don Jazzy has decided to put the beat titled " ENIGMA " up for FREE DOWNLOAD to all up & coming rappers/ artistes and fans alike. If you feel you can murder this beat or you know someone who can, please DOWNLOAD it when you visit & get rolling! As soon as you're done recording on this FREE BEAT below, please email it to DONJAZZY@NOTJUSTOK. COM . Be sure to attach the email in mp3 format for quick and easy screening. The notjustOk Team and Don Jazzy will pick out the TOP FIVE (5) entries and present them to you so you can cast your votes in an OPEN poll!

CASH PRIZE: The winner of the competition gets $2,000 ( TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS) CASH from DON JAZZY! In addition, DON JAZZY says: " If your version is too badt, who knows? I can put it on D'Banj' s album. IDJA ".
TT Owonubi

Rihanna Named Vogue Italia's Woman of the Year

Woman of the Year According to the magazine: "Rihanna, once a rising star of the R&B scene, is currently the undisputed best contender to the role of queen of pop."
TT Owonubi

Neighbors Say Chris Brown Is Out of Control

Tenants at the singer's California condo complain about his rowdy behavior. According to the other residents of his West Hollywood condo, Chris Brown has been a very naughty neighbor. Members of the community want to chuck Brown the dueces after he has allegedly parked his pricey rides in handicapped spaces, blasted loud music day and night and raced dogs down the hallway. Breezy's lawyer Mark Geragos tells TMZ that although his client has been parking in handicapped spaces, the spaces actually belong to Brown under the deed of his condo. Geragos said that Brezzy was in court with the building owners trying to resolve the parking space issue. But there's no word on a resolution for the other complaints.   Brown has reportedly only lived on the property for a few months, but he's apparently making himself at home. Earlier this week residents complained when someone scratched "C.B." on the elevator door.
TT Owonubi

Amy Winehouse Dead

Amy Winehouse Dead At 27

Singer Amy Winehouse was found dead at her apartment in London Saturday at the  age of 27.

According to CNN, her Her death came less than two months after her latest release from a rehabilitation program and weeks following a disastrous performance where she was booed off a Belgrade, Serbia, stage by disappointed fans.

Policeso far have  called the death "unexplained."

Winehouse spokesman Chris Goodman confirmed her death stating:

"Everyone who is involved with Amy is shocked and devastatedd.  Our thoughts are with her family and friends. The family will issue a statement when ready."

R.I.P.  Amy Winehouse
TT Owonubi

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Norway attacks death toll rises to 91

Police said they were questioning a Christian fundamentalist Saturday over twin attacks on a youth camp and the government headquarters that killed 91 people in Norway's deadliest post-war tragedy.

As harrowing testimony emerged from the holiday island where scores of youngsters were mown down by a gunman dressed as a policeman, Norway's premier said the country would emerge stronger from the "cruel act of violence".

"Never since the Second World War has our country been hit by a crime on this scale," Jens Stoltenberg told journalists in a press conference as police searched for more bodies on the idyllic Utoeya island.

While there was no official confirmation of the suspect's identity, he was widely named by the local media as Anders Behring Breivik.

According to information the suspect posted online, he is an "ethnic" Norwegian and a "Christian fundamentalist," police spokesman Roger Andersen said, adding his political opinions leaned "to the right".

Police commissioner Sveinung Sponheim confirmed that the suspect was a 32-year-old Norwegian who had posted anti-Muslim rhetoric online.

Norwegian media reported that the blond-haired Breivik described himself on his Facebook page as "conservative", "Christian", and interested in hunting and computer games like World of Warcraft and Modern Warfare 2.

The attacks on Friday afternoon were western Europe's deadliest since the 2004 Madrid bombings.

While there had been initial fears they might have been an act of revenge over Norway's participation in the campaigns in Afghanistan and Libya, the focus shifted when it emerged the suspect was a native Norwegian.

Speaking alongside the prime minister, Justice Minister Knut Storberget said there was no reason to raise the threat level.

Police lifted an advisory that had urged residents to stay home while a spokesman for the Oslo municipality said there was "no reason to ask people not to go into the city or not to go about their normal business."

Seven of the victims were killed in a massive explosion which ripped through government buildings, including Stoltenberg's office and the finance ministry, in downtown Oslo.

But it is thought that the bomber then caught a ferry to nearby Utoeya wearing a police uniform.

According to witness testimony, he claimed to be investigating the bomb attack and began opening fire with an automatic weapon after beckoning youngsters towards him.

Witnesses described scenes of panic and horror among the 560 people attending the youth camp. Some who tried to swim to safety were even shot in the water, according to witnesses.

Among the wounded was Adrian Pracon, who was shot in the left shoulder as the gunman opened fire.

Speaking to Australia's ABC network from hospital, he said the scene on the island was like a "Nazi movie".

"He was shooting people at close range and starting to shoot at us. He stood first 10 metres from me and shooting at people in the water," he said.

"He had an M16, it did look like a machine gun. When I saw him from the side yelling that he was about to kill us, he looked like he was taken from a Nazi movie or something.

"He started shooting at these people, so I laid down and acted as if I was dead. He stood maybe two metres away from me. I could hear him breathing. I could feel the heat of the machine gun.

"He tried everyone, he kicked them to see if they were alive, or he just shot them.

Stine Haheim, a Labour party lawmaker who was on the island at the time of the shooting, said that she was among a group of people who had fled to the shores of the island as they heard the gunfire.

"Then the policeman who was not a policeman pulled out a machinegun and started shooting a lot of people," she said.

"We are devastated by the tragic outcome. We have to hope that those who are missing will turn out okay," she told the BBC.

Norwegian police said they feared there could also be explosives on the island and officers were combing the island. Their updated death toll on the island released on Saturday morning stood at 84.

Stoltenberg had been due to give a speech on Saturday to the 560 people attending the youth camp on the island, organised by the ruling Labour party.

"Utoeya is a place I have visited every summer since 1974. I have known joy, commitment and safety there. Now the place has been through brutal violence and a paradise for youth has been turned into hell in a few hours," he said.

The prime minister said Norway, one of Europe's most peaceful countries, would not be intimidated.

"The message to whoever attacked us, the message from all of Norway is that you will not destroy us, you will not destroy our democracy and our ideals for a better world," he said.

There was widespread international condemnation with US President Barack Obama saying the attacks were "a reminder that the entire international community has a stake in preventing this kind of terror from occurring."

The Norwegian capital is a well-known symbol of international peace efforts and home to the Nobel Peace Prize.
TT Owonubi

Lara George embarks on US music tour

Gospel singer, Lara George has every reason to hold on tight to main stream gospel singing and most importantly, her God as recent events unfold.

She disclosed to Showtime that her music career was moving on to new levels as she is billed for a music tour of the United States.

According, to the ebony skinned Ijoba Orun crooner "I've been busy promoting my second album, but that has to make way for my tour of the US. My shows will take me to Houston, Baultimore, Chicago, and Atlanta and I'd be away for about five to six weeks."

Lara affirmed that the tour would spotlights just on her saying. "I won't be having any other artiste or gospel singer on my train. It's strictly going to be a Lara George thing.

I'm trying to get the American people to familiarize themselves with my music and hopefully widen my audience a bit. After my tour I'd be definitely going back to the studios to start on new set of songs but I'll leave the rest of the details for now as a surprise."

Lara George had jumped into the music scene back in the days when she appeared with the group Kush and did Lets live together. Her last album titled Koma Si was released under Soforte entertainment, a company run by her husband, Gbenga George.
TT Owonubi

Yeka, Naomi get smart with Sony Internet TV

In a bid to redefine entertainment in Nigeria, leading global electronic giant, Sony Gulf, branded its product with entertainment stars, Yeka-Onka and Naomi. The 25 BRAVIA TV models has 20 of the products as internet-enabled TVs, Showtime gathered.

This is in harmony with Sony's global Television Redefined proposition which is based on the need for Television to adapt itself to complement the increasing variety of hi-tech entertainment options for the home.

According to Sony Gulf Managing Director, Osamu Miura, the product is aimed at redefining home entertainment to meet the needs of today's contemporary and savvy consumer because the 2011 Bravia LCD/led tv series offers smarter, sophisticated and more social entertainment that redefines the television experience.
TT Owonubi

Omawumi Magbele and Tosin Yusuf christens daughter Emmanuella Kamillah

Omawunmi gave birth last month, June in the United states to her daughter with the naming ceremony taking place seven days after, Friday june 24 , 2011 . In the tradition of the baby daddy, Tosin Yusuf she was named on the seventh day. Tosin and Omawumi called her Emmanuella Kamillah Yusuf. ' Emmauella' means God with me while 'Kamillah' means perfection. A gig on her return to Nigeria is been planned by Tosin, sources inform.
TT Owonubi

In other news; Woman Kicked Off Flight, Falsely Accused Of Not Wearing Underwear

Woman Escorted Off Plane For Allegedly Not Wearing Panties

A New York City woman has filed a lawsuit against JetBlue Airlines after she was kicked off her flight and questioned about whether or not she was wearing panties.

Malinda Knowles, 27, claims that during a pre flight walk through, a JetBlue supervisor put a walkie talkie between her legs to see if she was wearing underpants.

"He said, 'I don't want to see your panties or anything but do you have any on?'" Knowles recalled yesterday."I didn't want to show him anything. He wanted me to basically show him my crotch. I was completely humiliated. It was vulgar. It was macho. It was rude."

According to Knowles, she was escorted off the plane and forced to prove that she was wearing shorts under her baggy shirt. After the confirmation, she returned to the plane only to be told the pilot would not fly with her on the plane.

"He said, 'The captain is refusing to fly you today. We need to remove you from the flight,'" said Knowles.

She was forced to take a later flight which delayed her departure by four hours.

"I really feel like the guy just wanted to demean me in some way," she said.

Knowles is seeking unspecified damages in the civil suit which accuses the airline worker of assault and battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
TT Owonubi


CAPital C.E.O, Clarence Peters The Capital Hill Music Viral Series is a give-back-to- community-initiative from one of Nigeria's most successful music video production franchise, Capital Dreams Pictures. Headed by the talented video director, the series will showcase upcoming talents who have shown promise in their little endeavours. The first installment features upcoming acts  Phyno (who handles production), Bossta , Baron G , Big Maxx and female emcee ZEE . All five acts show promise although much work is needed. Zee on the other hand, not a total newbie, shows character and poise as she takes the last verse of a bumpy track.
TT Owonubi

Beyonce Talks Babies

In the past Beyonce said that she'd like to have children by the time she turned 30 . But with her 30 th birthday fast approaching Beyonce is rethinking her plans. Now she wants to have babies before she hits 40 . She tells Access Hollywood, "Before I hit the age of 40 , I'd love to have some children. I would love to direct, continue to learn videos and maybe by then a film, a short film… I love documentaries. "I just hope that I'm happy and into my children and well-adjusted and still making music, if that makes me happy at that time." By then Jay Z will be like 55 years old...pity him naw
TT Owonubi

UK deports 61 Nigerians

The UK on Thursday deported  61 Nigerians, including three minors. The deportees were flown into Nigeria in the early hours of the day in a chattered aircraft. They also included 47 males and 11 females who were received and screened at the cargo terminal of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport by the officials from the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS). An immigration source, who pleaded anonymity, said they were deported for immigration related offences. Some of the deportees who spoke with NAN alleged that most of them were picked up by the police in Britain and found out that their visa's had expired.
TT Owonubi

Friday, July 22, 2011

BET Plans Big For Aaliyah Remembrance

Next month marks the 10 th anniversary of Aaliyah's untimely death and BET plans to air a special tribute to the singer to honor her life.    

The singer died in a tragic plane crash on August 25 , 2001 , shocking thousands of fans, but few have forgotten her since. From Tiffany Evans and The- Dream paying musical tributes to Drake penning love letters, Aaliyah lives on in memory. Yesterday, BET tweeted: "W/ the 10 th anniv of Aaliyah's passing approaching, we're airing Romeo Must Die today at 8P/7C. Stay tuned for a tribute special next month!"
TT Owonubi


US/Jamaican born pop singer Sean Kingston will be performing in a live concert in Eastern Africa, Uganda on  Friday, September 16 , 2011 . The concert which will take place in the country's capital Kampala dubbed by organizers as the 'concert of the year' will be the first performance by of the 21 -year-old since he stepped out of the hospital following a Jet-ski accident on Sunday, May 30 , 2011 . The concert which was initially billed to hold on July 29 , 2011 was indefinitely postponed as a result of the singers accident but a miraculous comeback and soon afterwards was discharged from the hospital and was greeted with a welcome-back party by friends and family. ' We are happy to confirm that Sean Kingston will be in performing in Kampala, we have been working on this booking for some time and I am now happy to confirm that the contractual obligations and deposits have been handled. We are excited to bring an A-list superstar like Sean to Uganda, his music is so popular over here in Uganda and we are looking forward to making it an unforgettable event ',  promoter of the Kampala concert,  Aly Allibhai . Kingston who is a nephew to imprisoned reggae singer Buju Banton is also expected to perform in Kigali, Rwanda on September 17 . In related news, Sean Kingston has met with investigators from the  Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission who have begun to look into his recent jet ski accident. He will be questioned about his accident and the details surrounding it.
TT Owonubi


American R&B singer-songwriter and record producer R. Kelly has been hospitalized, following an emergency throat surgery at the  Chicago's Northwestern Memorial Hospital , yesterday. According to the three-time Grammy Awards winner' s publicist  Allan Mayer , on Tuesday, July 19 , 2011 , doctors drained an abscess on one of Kelly's tonsils. He will be 'laid up indefinitely' at the hospital. Mayer also says Kelly had complained of throat pain which led to have a check up. He was immediately rushed to the hospital afterward the illness was diagnosed. Multi-talented Kelly has released 11 solo albums in his 19 - year music career.
TT Owonubi

50 Cent Hosts Press Conference In Morocco

50 Cent took his talents overseas this week and hosted a press conference in Morroco.

While there he spoke on the possibility of a new album and his hopes to help Africa through the famine.

Somalia is currently experiencing its worst famine in 20 years.

50 previously said he wants to feed 1 billion people in Africa in the next five years.
TT Owonubi

Love Makes Queen Latifah shed some weight?

Queen Latifah isn't giving up her fight against fat… and the way we hear tell it's all part of a battle to win back her beloved. According to National Enquirer reports: Queen Latifah has cut out junk food and started exercising in order to win back her girlfriend – and she has "Big gest Loser" guru Jillian Michaels to thank. The "Chicago" star, 41 , and her partner, personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins, are patching up their differences after nearly splitting over Latifah's poor eating habits, say sources. Astonishingly, it took Jillian to turn Latifah's life around – with a heartfelt conversation that brought the Golden Globe winner to tears. As The ENQUIRER reported exclusively, the actress and her galpal Jeanette were battling over the Queen's junk food binges, drinking and smoking. "Latifah is tough as nails and is as stubborn as a mule – once her mind is set, it takes a lot to change it," revealed an insider. But the "Biggest Loser" star gave a big dose of tough love to her pal Latifah, who is hoping to start a family with Jeanette through adoption, surrogate birth or one of them carrying the baby. "Jillian told her if she is planning to raise children, it is her responsibility to be a good role model," said the insider. "She also reminded Latifah that if she continued down the junk food, cigar-chomping highway, there was a possibility that she wouldn't be around to see her kids graduate high school." After the dramatic heart-to-heart, a tearful Latifah vowed to Jeanette to change her ways, confided the insider. "And Jeanette promised Latifah she'll do whatever it takes to help her." Jillian's advice has already worked wonders. The couple, who began dating in 2003 , were spotted smiling and working out together near their home over the Fourth of July weekend. We can't say we blame her. We saw the pictures of Jeanette at Pharrell's event in NYC and she is one bangin C.M.
TT Owonubi

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bangers: Lisa Raye Sexes Up The Cover Of Kontrol Magazine

Lisa Raye
This is exactly how we like to rise and shine… Check out Lisa Raye bringing her many talents to the cover of the July/August issue of Kontrol Magazine which has also been deemed the “Romance Issue”
The romance issue will dig deep into the life of VH1’s hit series “Single Ladies” co-star Lisa Raye McCoy, vocalist Amerie, singer Tiffany Evans, choreographer/actor Darrin Henson, and former 3LW member Adrienne Bailon.
This issue highlights VH1’s hit series “Single Ladies” co-star LisaRaye McCoy and the transitioning from her romance game playing character “Keisha Greene” to real life LisaRaye McCoy

Sacred Lashes boss- Lola Maja's new bundle of joy

Top make up artist and Sacred lashes boss - Lola Maja Okojevoh is all joy as she has just had a new bundle of joy - A baby Boy . Both mother and baby are good and are expected back home soon.