Friday, August 15, 2014

Tears.. Let it roll

Photo Credit: Reuters

Been a while I posted on here... but its been a tad-busy.. Well, I could not help but write this because my heart aches for what is going wrong. What happened to us all? I mean the whole of humanity has gone topsy-turvy.

So much suffferings, in Borno - my native Nigeria, in Palestine.. yet still some selfish and retarded comments on these global issues are still being posted on several social media sites... Warring in the name of religion, oppression and maiming of defenceless individuals in the name of equity which is clouded by religion? What happened to us all? Being keyboard warriors to prove your intellectual capacity and opinions that would create no resolutions to these issues is nothing but FOOLISH.

I am typing this and the tune "wild horses" plays on ... a line says "Faith has been broken, tears must be cried ...let's do some living after we die" ... Many have died in the name of religion.. kids have been maimed in the name of oppression and justification of who is right and wrong in many global conflictts. Can we at least do some living and not let them die in vain?  Can we stop being smart and highly opinionated without any evidential arts to create a resolution to these issues? Their memories and vanities that came with their living should not remain what the world seems to want it to be - vanities.

My heart does sincerely ache.. and every single day. What has happened to us all?!