Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It only gets better.....

 Its been very difficult through the past few months, new job, new city, culture shock... but what can I say... living the jand dream like most people back home would call it. Its been exciting but really been an educational journey thus far. I can for sure say I have surprised myself, done things that I would not have considered previously... I will term these misdemnors as developing the professional in me... more like expanding my horizons etc...

Not to bore you or make you seem jealous with these nice pictures... but c'est la vie... thats been my life over this past few quarters. For those of my followers who have been mailing me asking for my return to blogging and writing, I quite appreciate the support... @TT_SOURCE will not die... been in hibernation mode, trying to cope with working, schooling and all the madness therein... Love y'all to bits....

Projects in the works... New look also... lol.. BE VERY AFRAID!!!


  1. Nice one, brother. Soar higher!

  2. Nice...am jelox sha *lashes*