Saturday, July 5, 2014

Where is our Humanity

You have possibly seen the images, read several news on wars and killings, adoption of children in Nigeria by terrorists, human rights violations in China, Egypt and Syria. Have you however heard shallow statements from individuals and groups such as the BNP iterating opinions with headlines like "Syria, not our war" citing economic reasons?

It is quite obvious that the world has lost its humanity. Three teenagers were murdered in Israel and the response from the Israeli government was a massive attack on teenage Palestine youth leading to the murder of sixteen year old Mohammed Abu Khdeir, whose body after autopsy revealed ninety percent burns, as well as incarceration of many others for protesting against human rights abuse (two wrongs dont make a right).

We wake up in our comfortable beds and all we think of is how fun the next friday outing is going to be; we think of our designer shoes and flashy gadgets and cannot empathise with the world around us. Some individuals from what I describe as gutters of mouths make statements like "They are muslims - its not our business" - really!! Is that how shallow you are? Religious sentiments for a humane cause?


Think on these things - these pictures - They are people around the world; they need our help; in Syria, Palestine, Nigeria etc. You do not necessarily have to go on a plane and become the superhero of the day but you can at least empathise with the world - sign petitions, that beggar on the street - do not just walk by, stop and give that last pound, dollar or at least speak to them like another human being.

We are humans and should start acting that way - Peace!

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