Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lauryn Hill Sued by Stylist

The fashion consultant says L-Boogie skipped out on the bill!

Lauryn Hill sued by Stylist
Though we may have side-eyed some of Lauryn Hill's recent fashion choices, one stylist claims the singer never paid for the fancy duds! Fashion consultant Via Davia Vintage filed a lawsuit in L.A. Superior Court, claiming Hill kept some of her eccentric fits back in 2007 without paying a dime.

Allegedly, Hill was only supposed to use the clothes for her European tour, but she kept several items for over three months and was reluctant to return many of the pieces.

Vintage’s lawsuit states she provided Hill "with an entire wardrobe of high fashion items," and the singer agreed to pay a fixed weekly fee, but the angry consultant says Hill paid a small fraction of the cost and only returned 30% of the wardrobe.

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