Monday, September 19, 2011

Diddy to Release Book About Women's Derrières

Sean "Diddy" Combs is so enamored with women's backsides that he's decided to release a book entirely devoted to these fine assets. The rapper has teamed up with Interscope Records chairman Jimmy Iovineand fashion photographer Raphael Mazzucco for the 240-page "CULO by Mazzucco." The book will be a photo collection of women's butts from around the world.

"Raphael is a true artist," Diddy says. "He relies on instinct- capturing a raw, natural sense of beauty through his lens in 'CULO by Mazzucco' that celebrates the female form. His work is passionate and powerful."

The book is just one of the record label's plans for business expansion, one that not only involves publishing, but software and headphones as well.

"We at Interscope put projects out with anyone we believe has a great idea and is a true talent, whether it's a musician, photographer, software developer, or technology innovator," Jimmy Iovine says. "Raphael fits perfectly into what we do. Interscope Records has always been a heat-seeking missile when it comes to shifts in popular culture, whether inciting them or reacting to them swiftly. The impetus for this book is a little of both."

"CULO by Mazzucco" will be available November 22th.

So what do you think of this project? Is it degrading or will you be placing a pre-order on the book asap?

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