Monday, July 11, 2011

Flooding in Lagos: Message from the Commissioner for Environment

The kind of rain we witnessed in Lagos yesterday goodness! So many parts of Lagos were flooded. So many people were not able to sleep in their homes last night. The above pics were taken by individuals in different parts of Lagos State to show exactly what happened today.

Meanwhile, here's a message from the Lagos State Commissioner for Environment, Mr Tunji Bello, concerning the downpour yesterday.
Dear Lagosians, please bear with us. Today's downpour has been heavier than normal as the state government had earlier warned. It has been raining since 5am in many areas and it hasn't stopped. The water level has risen incredibly so that the channels that are meant to discharge the water from the roads and drainages are completely locked because of the high tide and because both the Atlantic Ocean and the Lagoon that receive water from our channels have risen more than usual. Please be calm and do not panic. Once the rains subside, the water on the roads would gradually disappear. Our men are on the field working to manage this situation. Please endeavour to remain indoors as much as possible until the rain stops. Thank you for your understanding.

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