Friday, July 8, 2011


Ara and her husband at their wedding ceremony in 2009 It's over; all over between drummer girl Ara and her prince charming Nurudeen ! The lovebirds, who made us joyous as they told their love story shortly before tying the knot in June 2009 , have been separated since January this year. And Ara, who announced the separation this week, says there's no going back. Sources say the marriage is in the process of annulment, and that both parties 'have moved on'. ' Ara is back in Ajao estate with her family ' one insider tells us. ' While her former husband has also started another life '. Our source says the reason for the break, is 'complicated'. ' But I believe any man that treats his wife the way he treated her, is not ready to make that marriage work '. In a statement issued by BlackHouse Media , on behalf of the musician, Ara says  ' We've been separated since January ', the musician says. ' But because I do not want rumours to start flying, and I think, out of respect, all my friends and fans need to know what's happening to me, I think it's right to set the records straight once and for all on this. We're no longer together and we're both happy. We've both moved on '. ' I'm single again. But I will not be searching for now '. ' I've taken this decision very painfully; and it's particularly a tough and sensitive time for me and my son. And I plead with my friends and fans to put us in their prayers at this period '. Ara got married to Nurudeen, a Lagos Prince on June 4 , 2009 at the Oshodi/Isolo registry in Lagos. The pair had been dating for a while and had just returned from the US where they hibernated after Ara 'escaped' from her controversial Atunda Records deal. They have a baby together.

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