Wednesday, January 4, 2012

#Occupy Nigeria

Arise o' compatriots, Nigeria's call obey, to serve our father land with love and strength and faith... Those are lines from the first stanza of the Nigerian National Anthem, suffice to say the expectation of the majority of Nigerians who voted the present administration of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ), has been cut short.

Mr. President took the oath of office, swearing to defend the peace and unity of the people of Nigeria but he has failed woefully. With the number of deaths skyrocketing as a result of the insecurity in the nation, a failed educational system with universities shutdown for God knows how long, introduction of cashless economy policy with stiff penalty to defaulters who are largely an illiterate society, poor infrastructure, little or no power supply and lately fuel subsidy removal, the government of GEJ which is just in its first year has FAILED, to say the least....

With little or no concern for the plea of the electorate, the government has continued to push Nigerians to the wall and I encourage all Nigerians to join the #OccupyNigeria protest and fight back.

If GEJ and his cabal cannot govern the nation, they should all put pen to paper and resign or we will make them do it. His group of advisers including members of the FEC that have chosen to mete out more frustration on the plight of the average Nigerian should be made to leave office whether voluntarily or by force.

The issues that affect our nation are corruption and un-accounted expenses on luxury travels of those we elected and not fuel subsidy removal which is actually enveloped as tax to the Nigerian people as explained by reasonable sources.

We will not keep quiet. We want every Nigerian in every country to speak up and fight against the PDP led cabal that wants to finally consume our country, Nigeria. God Bless the good people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Owonubi Tobi (Occupy Nigeria Protester)

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