Monday, January 9, 2012

#OccupyNigeria Protesters Killed by Police in Ogba (Warning: Graphic photos)

A protester, who has been identified as Ademola Aderinde, (pictured above being molested by the police) was this morning allegedly shot dead by Nigerian police at the Ogba area of Lagos State. 

Another one was killed by a stray bullet after policemen in an attempt to disperse a group of young people who had gathered at the junction of their street near Yaya Abatan in the Ogba area to show their support for the labour strike action, fired shots in the air and on the ground and in the process, stray bullets hit 4 bystanders, killing one instantly.

Continue to see what later became of the guy in the green T shirt and the one killed by stray bullet.
*Warning* Graphic photos...


Why use live ammunition on innocent people, Nigerian police? I hope their killers are brought to book. RIP to the young men.

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