Saturday, August 31, 2013


So I booked a flight and was delayed (more like i missed my flight) and I'm at a coffee shop in Dubai using free wi-fi and typing this...

I'm impressed by the airport facilities.. My first time here in the UAE and I can say I am more than impressed. As a Naija boy who likes "osho free", I am presently downloading season two of my favorite TV series "Scandals"... lolz... Only if Lagos airport could have free wi-fi... hahahaha... Dreams do come true and I believe one day it will for my beloved country - Nigeria (turns eyes)...

But come to think of it, "free internet" in Naija....  lol.. servers will blow... In another retrospect, when you flight leaves you could be very frustrating... Extra amount to pay (Trust me, i didn't pay any extra after showing my naija wayray small), trying to meet new schedules, lots of energy wasted. It feels the same way when your friends "leave you behind" in life's journey (or do they?)... Truth is nobody is running a race.. we are all running at our own pace... Don't let anyone make you feel like you are struggling with him/her to attain a position. Run life's race at your own pace and most importantly, run with God.

I see a starbucks shop here.. gotta go and get myself some coffee... Cheers readers..

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