Monday, August 12, 2013

So I Became A Teacher...

My mum while growing up was a teacher. She still works presently in the education line but as a high ranked staff and she loves her job.

However, I detested everything about the job; low salaries, annoying kids.. I often wondered what made her stay.

Prior to completing my NYSC and during my service year, I took up a teaching job. I didn't like it from the beginning but as my bible would say, "whatever your hands findeth to do, do it to the best of your ability" (not exact quotes, let's call it TT's version.. Lol).

I was trained the military way and I had attended military schools in Lagos. I tried using military techniques to ensure discipline, it worked! (The kids feared their maths teacher).. They were however reading to pass instead of reading to know.. I have however learned to be a better teacher.. To be the best that I can be.. I have learned to love this job, love the kids and sincerely care about them as my own kids... The military approached worked, but for a while... Teaching is just more than a discipline, its a social service.

Many children go through so much that shouldn't even be their burden at their level and stage. In my two and half years as a teacher, I counselled students on issues from pre-marital sex, alcoholism, cultism, child-labour, abuse and often more than necessary - children struggling with financial burdens.

It is truly a cruel world out there and we should protect our children as a society. So many ills out there. The children are the next generation. Its easy to father a child but not easy to train one. Please, please and please, be responsible and not bring into this world children you will not be able to take care of. Call this a 2-pence article but I write this with a sorrowful heart.

To the teachers, God bless you as you train these kids to the best of your abilities. You could be the only love in this world the children will know.


  1. Teachers have the greatest influence on children. They spend the longest time with them each day,all through their growing years. This is why we must celebrate them,and not look down at them because of their low salaries. I bet it was a great experience for you?

  2. It was... I thank God for teaching me a lot through the experience.

  3. Beautiful... BRAVO