Monday, August 19, 2013

Let's Talk About Him

He's just been awesome. When I was sick He came and gave me health. He was strength to my weak bones. When I was in trouble, I ran to no one but Him. No one understood me like He did. When I was frustrated, He was my pillar, my rock!

When I felt unhappiness, He was my joy. The merry-ness of my heart was as a result of His influence in my life. When I felt all alone, He was my burden-bearer. When I mourned, He alone comforted me from the depth of His heart. In times of my need, He did supply all, according to His riches in glory.

He is the son of God, the risen Jesus who came and died for you and me. I will tell of His love. I will tell of His wonders. He can be all this and more if you let Him in. Just say this short prayer. "Jesus, I acknowledge that I have sinned, please forgive me of all - I believe you are the son of God who came and died for me so that I may live, please come into my life and renew me. Thank you because you have answered - In Jesus name I prayed".

If you said this prayer, join a bible believing church. I trust that the God of wonders would start His wonders in you today. Cheers! :)

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