Monday, August 19, 2013

So I Took The HIV Test...

For a few months now I had been strong. Tests here and there showed a large percentage of typhoid infection (I Lived in Akure for one year prior to this infection and while there, I cooked and did drink water from the well - albeit boiled water).

Long and short of the issue was I was diagnosed with a very significant amount of Typhoid salmonella infection.

I had treated this for over 6 months with the illness making its comeback usually after a month of relief and I had spent a lot of money on hospitals and drugs. Long and short of it was that I was tired. It seemed the illness has developed resistance to anti-biotics as I learned it usually did (especially the salmonella strain). However, my last set of tests with the doctor was the funny one. Not so funny shaaa...

The doctor began with questions like "are you sexually active?", "When last did you take an HIV test?", "Have you ever treated an STD"... In my mind, my eyes were rolling and cursing her for thinking such evil thoughts towards me.. I was like "I came here for a typhoid treatment and you're here talking gibberish about HIV".

"Emi, fine boy no pimple, HIV positive?". Of course I know HIV "no dey show for face", but I was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that I wasn't positive, or was I? The mind games had started.. My intelligence made me start "googling" symptoms of HIV, and many other not-so-silly things that I should have known prior to the doctor's questions..

The doctor asked me one last question - "will you be willing to take any test". I heaved finally said yes - just to prove to her for thinking I was positive that I could never be... I wanted to laugh at her when the result came out...I wanted to say "shame on you for thinking such of me (all due respect to HIV patients)".. I wanted to...

The results came out and I was HIV ......
Was I devastated? Was I happy? Was I moody? Was I broken? You'll never know.

All you'll know is I took my first HIV test and I know my status. Take yours today. HIV is real, ignorance is no excuse. Know you status today.


  1. Lol... did mine about 3-5months ago, doubt i wlda eva done t doe, bt dey whr having free tests done at my office and i told a friend n she cldnt believe i had neva done t. Neways forget d result, bt no mata hw sure u are, tz one of dose tests u can neva b 100% sure abt. God dey shaa... wink