Tuesday, August 13, 2013

If Every Man.... (Floetry)

If every man would treat his woman right
If every man would love her with all his might
If every man would try or strive to get it right
If every man....

Remember one day you'll have daughters too
Do you want them played around like a pool table's cue ball?
Treat every woman, lady or girl
The way you'll want your woman, sister or mother treated

Oh if every man would protect the women around him from the wolves that pretend to be lambs only to devour

If every man would stop laughing at cheap jokes when his friends come around and talk about how they played a lady who could turn out to be his sister, lover or friend

I guess not every man will, I know not every man will
But I guess its okay to write this to let every man know its his duty to protect every woman..

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