Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mary J. Blige Sued for Skipping Concert Date

Promoter claims MJB pocketed $145k but never performed.

Mary J. Blige
With so many outstanding debts hanging in the balance, the last thing Mary J. Blige needs right now is another lawsuit. A promotional company filed legal documents against the Queen of Hip Hop Soul for allegedly pocketing over $100,000 in show money and never performing.

Blige was booked to sing in Dallas last year and abruptly pulled out days in advance. Vision Entertainment Worldwide claims they paid the 42-year-old $145,000 to contract her for the Dec. 9 event. Blige promoted the appearance, then bailed in lieu of a Dec. 8 Brooklyn gig with the Rolling Stones.

Despite walking from the contract, VEW says the Grammy winner never gave the money back, which she denies. "Mary J. did not breach any contract for a Dallas concert last December," a rep said. "Any claims to the contrary is false."

The company wants a minimum of $145,000 to settle the discrepancy, but they may want to get in line behind all of her other debtors. Aside from VEW's allegations, Blige owes the IRS millions and has been sued for defaulting on a couple of bank loans.

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