Sunday, June 9, 2013

Daystar: SPIRITUAL WARFARE by Kenny Folarin

 Revelation 12: 7-12

Even though the word “warfare” is not a word people like to hear, we are all involved in warfare. In our text, there was a war in heaven but the devil could not prevail and he and his angels were cast down to earth. There is no middle line; we either belong to God’s kingdom or the devil’s kingdom. The good news is that God’s power is superior to the devil’s power. The devil is out to kill, to steal and to destroy (John 10:10). He takes pleasure when humans are in trouble. He is always out to destroy because he knows he has a short time (Revelation 12: 12). He engineers battles and difficulties for humans. We must always remember that we are called into spiritual warfare because the devil is always looking for whom he will devour (Ephesians 6:10-13).

God instructed Daniel to pray for the people of Israel. Right from the very first day he prayed, the prayers were answered but the prince of Persia withstood the angel bringing the answer to his prayers for twenty-one days until angel Michael intervened (Daniel 10: 1-21). Even today, there are times people pray and the answer is delayed because the devil regularly interferes in man’s affairs.

He always tries to interfere in the things God is doing in a believer’s life. Job is another person the Bible records that the devil interfered in his life for no reason at all. In one day, Job lost everything he had. Even when Jesus came on the earth, He was always antagonised by the religious leaders of His time until they crucified Him. The devil is afraid of you because he knows that God has already given you victory and he cannot stop you experiencing the enlargement God has already given you. The devil is on a rampage because he knows that he has a very short time so we hear news about wars and conflicts all over the world.

We need to be battle conscious and to know that we have won the battle even before we started fighting. The victory we have is through our Lord Jesus Christ (1Corinthians 15:57). No human being can confront the devil with his or her own strength. This victory is already credited to our account by Jesus Christ and we have to always stand on that victory whenever we have to deal with the devil. Jesus has already paid the price. Whenever the devil shows up, confront him from the standpoint of victory and not from that of defeat. We are not fighting because we are afraid of the devil; rather we are already winners even from the very beginning. Walk in the reality of the victory Christ has purchased for you (Colossians 2: 13-15 TM). God has finished the work so walk in that victory. The devil cannot stop what God has spoken about you.

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