Thursday, April 25, 2013

Worries?? Musings from my Country by Owonubi Tobi

I am proudly Nigerian, mid 20's, very smart and hardworking. I have dreams, aspirations, hopes, beliefs that someday everything will be fine, get better, evolve into something great... TRUE.

How long do we hope against hope? Last week a video on "Fuelling Poverty" by Ishaya Bako, a brilliant Nigerian filmmaker went viral after the NBC banned it from hitting public stations. The truth is that piece of documentary revealed bitter truths about us as a Nation. For how long would we continue to murmur and suffer... For how long would we continue to queue up at embassies to different countries... running away just to meet economic ends?

Jobs aren't available.. Pension scams for those that have served dutifully have made our aged ones in dire need of want... Poverty sincerely fueled by the spend thrift attitude of the government who promotes corruption and steals from us knowing fully well that we cannot do anything about it.

Yesterday 185 people (estimated figure - possibly more) were killed in Borno state. Boko Haram becoming an issue - playing politics with insecurity and proposing amnesty to a faceless group that kills people without batting an eye.

Which way Nigeria?  One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity.... 

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