Monday, April 22, 2013


James 2: 14 – 18

Some people are so heavenly minded that they are of no earthly use. However, when you truly understand the Scriptures and if you are truly heavenly minded, you will be of earthly use. As you read the New Testament, you will see that your spirituality will always move you to impact on your environment. The core of Christ’s message always addressed people’s thinking and lives and the need to repent from dead works and sinful living. Christ expressed a sense of urgency about bringing heaven on earth. Whatever you cannot find in heaven, should not be found on earth. If a person is truly godly, it will move them to touch people in a very special way. Religion that is interested in the state of man’s soul and spirit but not in his physical condition is useless religion (James 1: 26-27; 2: 14-17 AMP & MSG).
Heaven does not recognise the form of Christianity which does not move you to help someone who is hungry or in need. If you are spiritual, you will be practical. Faith without corresponding good works is dead. Some of the most seemingly pious people and leaders of Jesus’ day were the most uncaring (Luke 10: 25-37). They had forgotten what godliness was all about and had taken it into a vague and superstitious dimension. Their followers were also affected as they began to see church as the four walls of a building where they have an awesome experience but after getting home, they continue with their normal lives while ignoring those in need in the community. After Jesus went to heaven, his disciples did not have any doubt about what they were supposed to do. As soon as He left and the power of the Holy Spirit came on them, they ensured that no one in the church and the community went to bed hungry. They sold their lands and properties to feed the needy, God gave them favour with all the people and the Church grew (Acts 2: 44).
God has given us a template that can transform any society if only we will use it. Jesus’ disciples had a culture of solving basic, practical problems for people in their society. Our assignment is not only to meet the spiritual needs of people. The least we can do is to be sensitive to the people around us and to look for opportunities to meet the basic needs in their lives. As long as we are in this city, no one should go to bed hungry. Once we help to solve a basic problem like hunger, God gives us the grace to do much more in people’s lives (Acts 4: 32-35). The purpose of God’s anointing is not only for financial breakthroughs but for us to be free from selfishness and self-centredness because God’s anointing and greed do not work together. No matter how poor you may think you are, you have something to give out but until you break away from selfishness, you will remain at your current level. Begin to recognise people’s needs and meet those needs from a basic level. Start from where you are!

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