According to BBC News 24 report: “The BBC understands that one of the attackers may be of Nigerian origin.”
Names have been mentioned but we are not publishing the rumoured names until they are confirmed.
His background or motivation to take part in what has been considered by the UK Police as a terror attack cannot be ascertained at this moment but we shall keep you updated on the details of the story as we get them.
A man was killed yesterday afternoon in Woolwich, South London by two black men wielding machetes.
Both attackers were said to have waited gangster-style around the victim until law enforcement agents arrived the scene. A shootout ensued and a female police officer reportedly shot the attackers.
According to an unconfirmed report, “Two black men in a blue Vauxhall car rammed into the soldier on John Wilson Street, then jumped out of their car and started attacking him with meat cleavers.”
One of thee attackers was caught on camera trying to justify the attack saying he “apologises that women have to witness this today. But in our land our women have to see the same….”
Watch the chilling video below. Viewers discretion is advised.