Monday, July 16, 2012

Adele Is Highest-Paid British Celebrity Under 30, Earning 22.5Million In 2011

SINGER Adele has been named the highest-paid British celebrity under the age of 30, earning 22.5million last year at just 24.

And Robert Pattinson's 17million from vampire hit Twilight makes the 26-year-old the second highest-earningyoung Brit.

A world Top 10 compiled by Forbes magazine also put Adele in sixth, with Pattinson joint ninth with Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner, 20.

Six of the Top 10 are women, with singer Taylor Swift, 22, top with earnings of 36.6million. She narrowly beat Justin Bieber, 18, who earned 35.4million.

Forbes' Dorothy Pomerantz said: "We're seeing this confluence of talented young female stars. They have such distinct personalities and sounds, they can co-exist."

TOP 10:

1. Taylor Swift, 22, 36.6m

2. Justin Bieber, 18, 35.4m

3. Rihanna, 24, 34m

4. Lady Gaga, 26, 33.4m

5.Katy Perry, 27, 29m

6. Adele, 24, 22.5m

7. Kristen Stewart, 22, 22.2m

8.Lil Wayne, 29, 17.4m

9. Robert Pattinson, 26, 17m;

10. Taylor Lautner, 20, 17m.

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