Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Terrorism: What Is The African Government Doing?

Yesterday, I was in a talk with a new "friend", a Law student at the University where I'm presently studying. He is Tanzanian but has lived in the UK (from the way he talks - I believe), all his life.

Its "un-popular" news that a Kenyan shopping mall was attacked in Nairobi, leaving scores dead and many un-accounted for. The Kenyan government claims to be in control of the Westgate Shopping Centre - however, there may be fear of some hostages still being kept by the Al-shabab movement.

Going back to my talk with this bright young man (obviously ignorant of how Africa as a whole is run by its independent governments), He states, "These "islamists" are f**cking nuts"... He asks, "what is the Kenyan government doing about it? So many lives lost" (this was during the live broadcast on what was going on at the westgate mall). He also asks about the Boko Haram in my country if it still goes on and I sigh before I even attempt to answer any of them.

Its generally saddening that scours of people are being murdered in cold blood and the presidents (at least the president of Nigeria), can be making amusing joke offers to Kenya to help them fight terror when less than a fortnight to the Kenyan attacks (in fact less than a few hours), nine artisans (official number *sigh*) were killed in Gudu District of abuja and some terrorist attacks recently without the President acting "presidential" - with him even jetting off to the New York Exchange to ring closing bells for the American stock market while his country was on fire.

I don't blame my learned Tanzanian friend for his vexed mood and his cursing and I join him using foul words in referring to the governing team of my nation and many other african nations as a f*cking nut-head colloquy of imbeciles!

Still we continue to ask what are the African Governments doing? At least my African government! What can we as a people do? We put these retards in power (if you voted against them, well done, if you did for them it remains your un-reserved rights and if you didn't vote at all you are a major part of the bull-crap that is making our system fail).

For people like me, lets continue to write and speak up. Lets continue to interact with brilliant Africans in the diaspora and try as much as possible to be the change or create the atmosphere that will bring about change in our countries, albeit continent.

*ignore the funny face on the captioned picture, just providing a "calmer" ambience to the article*


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