Friday, September 20, 2013

So I Heard I Got Married!

I heard I have done court wedding. Lmao. The way people talk about you ehn, u wonder what prompts such gist!.

Anyway, I am very single, not even engaged but SEARCHING.. Lol, so ladies send your interest emails for me to consider... Hehehehhe... I'm fine like that!

My specs? Short (not too short), yellow pepper (don't blame my vanity)... Lovely smile, infectious laugh, "chatty", God fearing (lol, I had to throw that in somewhere - a praying wife makes a winning husband), educated and many other positives...

This is funny as we love to have all the positives listed on our potential "spouses", but we don't prepare for the negatives.

Anyway, I'm blogging from my mobile as me and my new landlord haven't finished our "fight" on broadband payments et all... Its all good.. Wishing y'all a fab day.

I promise to get you the latest and top on fashion and infotainment when our services fully return. Thanks y'all! Peace out!

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