Saturday, July 6, 2013

See Photos Of How Nigerian Prisoners Sleep

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Whilst the prisons should be a correctional facility, where people are rehabilitated while being remanded for their offences, it has somewhat become the opposite in Nigeria. It is like the place where you go to that you may or may not return. People thrown into prisons join the multitude of people, guilty people, innocent people who have found themselves in the spot with little or no help forthcoming.

The deplorable state of our prisons have also heightened corruption around the police stations, where criminals would rather part with huge sums of money rather than stay behind those musty, wee-wee smelling bars.

The number of awaiting trial inmates in different prisons is alarming. Some people have spent eight years waiting for trial. These are factors that the government should look into. The current state of the prisons is really saddening.

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