Friday, July 5, 2013

Prescription Via BBM and Emails

One of the main ills of the generation today, succinctly - myself as an example is being too e-conversant and internet savvy.

Online shopping, online banking, online relationships, virtual friendships, web-cam sex, twitter churches and what haven't we heard..

A new add to this line of internet craze is the online drug prescription or better still medical counselling via blackberry messenger and emails. We feel a bit down and we send mails to our "medical expert" friends, doctors on bbm/ pharmacists on bbm, I'd like to call them, and let them know symptoms of how we feel and happily get prescriptions or suggestions on what to do so as to feel better.

This fad could be helpful in times of emergency and for lack of availability of doctors and medical experts within reach in our country. However the ills from this could be devastating. Although with years of wealth of experience, doctors could determine the cause of ill health on an individual by just listening to your description of "how you feel", we should note that "tests" are more than important in delivery of judgement on an individual case and having a medical record showing the history of drugs being used in treating whatever illness a patient suffers from is important to consequent treatments to prevent adverse drug reaction or drug abuse.

I am guilty of the e-trend even as far as medicals are concerned because I particularly "hate" hospitals and the time we "waste" there. However, our health is more important than the fast lane the present world is moving at. Take time to visit your doctor and stop self treatment or bbm prescriptions.. We could mar or make our life with it. Cheers.

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