Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Witness informed that rapper Ikechukwu got into a fight with bouncer at popular bar and night spot Rehab after the MAMA awards.

The rapper who opened the set for the 2010 MAMAs with Eldee didn’t attend the ‘official’ afterparty at Tribeca and chose to party at Rehab. Another source informs he went in company of rapper Sauce kid and they were trying to get bottle of drinks into the club but a bouncer stopped them.

Ikechukwu then got into an argument, insisting he was taking the drink into the club with the bouncer resolved on making sure it doesn’t happen. A fight between the rapper and bouncer ensued.

The embattled rapper then took his disgust to Twitter, writing: “If u party at rehab pls don’t talk to me. That club is dead to me. A bouncer put his hands on me for what ????? FUCK REHAB aNd all its fucking people ”

Then minutes after, he said “I stOpped going to rehab cos not only does the club just suck as far as space is concerned but it always has one funny smell. Then I just can’t stand the people running the club. Feel among dey vex them. If I no gree be ur friend no be by force na. Ah jo oo “ via Twitter.

An apology then followed two hours later.  “Just wanna apologize to my fans for bringing myself so low yesterday. This is not the kind of character I portray or expect anyone else to. People will always test u. Show strength with restraint. God bless”


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